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 Triple Tussle

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PostSubject: Triple Tussle   Tue 4 Feb - 17:45:16

Triple Tussle

Overlord Nedbrellian led a small force to the wastelands of Threnzia to intercept a tendril of Hive Fleet Tobias, however on arrival he discovered that the hated Blood Angels were attempting to seize objectives left by an unknown extinct race that contained bio engineered weapons specifically designed for use against both Tyranids and Necrons.

Forced to change tack unexpectedly, his force had to leave early without a full complement of immortals and cryptek support. Crucially the Monolith NNV Stupendous did not arrive in time to join his force either, so it was with a force just 748 strong that he arrived and deployed, nine gauss armed immortals with him on the right of the Doomsday Ark NNV Cutting Edge and ten tesla armed immortals to the left.

To the left of the three Necron units the Tyranids arrived: Termagants; warriors; a venomthrope; hive tyrant and a Haruspex. The enemy comprised several units of troops led by a librarian supported by two vindicators. Amongst the enemy troops at least one sergeant, one priest and a number of melta equipped marines. We held two objectives and the enemy one and we advanced seizing two more immediately.

The overlord headed towards the last on the right and we opened fire. With close to no effect, including a wild miss by the Cutting Edge. The enemy return fire damaged the Cutting Edge, which was immobilised. Our reserves failed to appear and the Cutting Edge’s second shot failed to penetrate the closing Vindicator’s shields.

The enemy right did take serious damage from our troops’ fire and they failed to assault our Overlord and his immortals, now holding the right hand objective. Meanwhile a gunship appeared and engaged. The leading vindicator was torn to bits by the Haruspex for first blood, but the Cutting Edge also exploded under attack shortly afterwards.

The termagants assaulted the enemy left and a monstrous tyranid flyer appeared in support. Our night scythe the NNV Advantage appeared and engaged the gunship but failed to damage it although its tesla arcing took out a few marines. A second enemy flier appeared and shot down the Advantage which exploded crashing amongst some advancing marines. Nedbrellian’s troops were wiped out by fire from the gunship leaving him to head towards his remaining troops.

These immortals had been assaulted by enemy marines though only a few had made it through to them. The termagants were engaged in a royal struggle with multiple units and their Hive tyrant defeated at least one enemy champion. The Haruspex had attacked and destroyed the second Vindicator which became the fourth vehicle to explode and now it joined the assault on the left, just in time as the termagants were wiped out.

The enemy fliers were largely unchallenged and were reaping a toll of our ground forces. The venomthrope and many Tyranid warriors fell to their fire. Some warriors had joined the assault to support our struggle on the right as did Nedbrellian, but the warriors needed no aid destroying the last few marines.

The Haruspex and tyrant on the left had destroyed the enemy units there including their warlord, but the enemy fliers destroyed the last warriors after resisting assault by them and our last few immortals were cut down, leaving just Nedbrellian, who was also wounded.

Apart from our warlord, the Tyrant and monstrous Haruspex had survived, and the Tyranids’ flyer held linebreaker. With no troops available to hold objectives on either side the only scores were secondary objectives, all of which we had achieved.

Our losses were total apart from the warlord, just below 80%. The Tyranids’ losses were estimated at 40%, the Angels with just two Storm Talons, one damaged remaining had probably suffered around 80% losses. The score 3-0 to our makeshift alliance with all objectives unclaimed.


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Triple Tussle
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