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 Triple Whammy II

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PostSubject: Triple Whammy II   Mon 24 Feb - 11:51:36

Triple Whammy

The planet Zemenaricis was about to be consumed by a tendril of Hive Fleet Tobias and Overlord Khenhrydil ordered a taskforce to retrieve five artefacts from the planet which had once been an important sector base for the long defunct Prelle Empire. The Necron Battlecruiser Pheballeron was delayed in its arrival and was forced to send a large number of small search and destroy units simultaneously to locate the targets.

Lord Aklion led 15 warriors supported by the Annihilation Barges NNV Explosive Effort on the left flank, the NNV Strident in the centre and the NNV Liquidator on the right. The enemy attacked in strength, gargoyles on their right with two squads of termagants, to the rear a Hive tyrant, warriors, a venomthrope and heavy support.

The gargoyles took heavy losses and the tesla fire of the barges caused some supplementary damage wounding several of the larger creatures. The Liquidator in particular advanced forward on the right and did good work. The hive tyrant approached our left under fire forcing the Strident to move in support of the Explosive Effort.

The gargoyle remnants crashed into our left hand warriors which held until the second wave of termagants arrived and destroyed them. The Hive tyrant knocked out the destructor systems on the Explosive Effort before destroying it in assault. The tyrant then destroyed the Strident too though it was wounded, not least after twice suffering some psychic problems.

The enemy had siezed the objective and destroyed Aklion and his warriors in assault too though they paid a heavy price. The Liquidator continued to pour fire into them but despite taking heavy losses the battle ended 6-0 with the enemy force still perhaps one third intact. With only the Liquidator escaping, our losses were 82%.

Meanwhile Overlord Drelvelna led 20 warriors and the Monolith NNV Executioner. He found no objectives in his sector but stumbled on another horde. Flanking the monolith the troops faced squads of gene stealers across a wide front, two accompanied by lictors. In the centre flickering eerily in and out of existence, a Deathleaper.

We opened fire securing first blood, a rare success, killing the right hand lictor. The Executioner used its dimensional gateway with success to take out several enemy gene stealers from the central squad and inflicted losses on the other squads too. The enemy had a surprise in store in the shape of a mawlock which arrived in the middle of Drelvelna’s squad on the high ground to the left.

The mawlock knocked out the lord and tore out the heart of his squad though fortunately all but three reanimated. The subsequent assault though quickly destroyed the warriors and the Mawlock’s assault then destroyed the Executioner.

The enemy warlord did damage assaulting the remaining squad on the right, but when the depleted right hand gene stealers arrived it was all over, the whole Necron force wiped out. Enemy losses were probably a third including the whole of one gene stealer squad. The score 1-5.

The third force led by Lord Nemrakh saw him at the head of nine immortals on the right, with ten immortals holding an objective behind him in the centre. On the left he had a tomb spyder armed with a particle beamer and on the far left five tomb blades with tesla carbines.

The enemy attacked in the centre with a Carnifax facing our left and a Prime. Hormagaunts were in the middle with warriors and termagants on our right. The tomb blades attacked the advancing enemy HQ but did little, ending up assaulted and easily destroyed by it.

They did drag it away from the main force but the synapse failure hoped for did not materialise. The tomb spyder’s shots were particularly disappointing, as was its instant destruction when assaulted by the hormagaunts. The hormagaunts were almost destroyed by the steady volleys of our warriors on the high ground at the rear which reduced them to just one by the time thy assaulted, allowing the warriors to win the combat.

The immortals on the right had suffered more problems, breaking under assault from the warriors and termagants before rallying and advancing again, destroying the warriors before falling to the termagant horde and venomthrope. The enemy had taken one objective with their venomthrope supported termagants and their HQ moved up to assault our doughty warriors who held a second. Our warriors cut down the carnifax and wounded the prime before it finally assaulted.

Incredibly they then held their own against the fearsome beast and the combat remained deadlocked as the battle ended having suffered 30% losses. The enemy were down to four termagants and the venomthrope plus the wounded Prime, a loss rate of perhaps two thirds, our survivors amounted to around 82%. The score though – 1-6.

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Triple Whammy II
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