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 Resurgent Tau

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PostSubject: Resurgent Tau   Mon 3 Mar - 14:06:15

Resurgent Tau

Overlord M’ Khrasis led a force of 27 warriors to intercept Tau forces attempting a scout probe in Sikellian 14. He led one squad, two crypteks led two others and a 4th was warriors only. M’Khrasis held back on the left as Tau fire warriors appeared in two large squads, the one on our left led by an aethereal. On the right a huge lumbering Riptide and a Piranha.

Our two right hand squads advanced as did the enemy, their longer range weapons inflicting losses on the central non officered squad. The right hand squad also suffered losses though the Riptides main weapon fire went wild.

M’Khrasis and his support moved centrally, continuing to avoid engaging and our foremost unit was destroyed. The right hand unit and cryptek destroyed the Piranha that had been damaged in the early exchanges of fire by a lucky shot.

But the right hand unit was exposed to fire from the Riptide and fire warriors which were also moving to our right. Only the cryptek survived by reanimating and M’Khrasis’ unit took heavy losses and was then reduced to just the overlord.

M’Khrasis and the cryptek assaulted the fire warriors and inflicted losses, then the riptide joined in but surprisingly failed to do much. Our last few warriors fell to the other fire warriors after resisting their fire well, our cryptek fell in the combat but reanimated.

Finally our overlord and cryptek fell again and only the cryptek reanimated to escape, the Tau victorious having lost only their vehicle and perhaps half of their warriors. The comparative loss rates 93% and perhaps 35%. The score 6 – 1 to the upstart newcomers.

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Resurgent Tau
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