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 Calamitous Kabul

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PostSubject: Calamitous Kabul   Mon 3 Mar - 14:07:32

Calamitous Kabul

Overlord Schwee Fenn led two squads of six immortals supported by five destroyers to recover Dark Eldar artefacts hidden in the forests of Abrecia III. He took the left the destroyers following the right hand squad.

Two Dark Eldar raiders appeared each loaded with Kabul warriors. The right hand squad took losses first as the closest Raider engaged, then Overlordís squad too, but our return fire on the right in particular was devastating, detonating the closer raider killing 60% of its passengers, who were then cut down by the gauss cannon fire of the destroyers.

The deeper raider now caused Fennís squad to break and flee but our destroyers arrived centrally seizing the relic in the centre and their fire immobilised the raider. Fenn rallied and began to regroup but the last surviving immortal of his squad was cut down before the other immortals wrecked the second raider.

The enemy crew including their archon emerged intact and engaged our destroyers, already falling back towards our positions. The archon assaulted and challenged Fenn but although he had problems hitting him he was extremely resilient to Fennís attack.

Our immortals and destroyers failed to make significant progress and when the action broke off we had three destroyers (one carrying the relic) and five immortals remaining locked in combat with about half of the Kabul warriors left. Our overlord had suffered two wounds. The victory was ours 1-0 on first blood alone. Our losses were 40% of the 494 deployed. Enemy losses were estimated at 70%. However, Fenn subsequently died of his wounds and the score was amended to 1-1, a draw as a result.

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Calamitous Kabul
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