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 Hive Horror

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PostSubject: Hive Horror   Wed 19 Mar - 17:05:12

Hive Horror

Three overlords lead small reconnaissance forces on Vexamil 178 where Tyranid masses were, well, massing. Overlord Steinerk led two minimal squads of gauss blaster equipped immortals with seven deathmarks in reserve aboard the Night Scythe NNV Tireless, total force strength 498.

Overlord Mecraniv led ten flayed ones and two squads of eight immortals, one unit with tesla carbines instead, total strength 492, and Overlord Epravla led ten flayed ones with thirteen warriors split into two squads with the Annihilation Barge NNV Devoted Service. His force was 499 strong.

It was a disaster: The Tyranids seized both objectives early drawing our immortals’ fire with their flyer, which shot down the Tireless as soon as it appeared. The deathmarks were forced to assault the enemy venomthrope which was shielding its troops effectively and the immortals were drawn in to assault too to avoid the flyer and zoanthrope’s attacks.

The enemy suffered minimal losses in destroying Steinerk and his force, the overlord falling in single combat with the enemy warlord. 0-4.

Mecraniv was also poor, the flayed ones put up some resistance but the rest was a feeble effort. The enemy seized their objective and withdrew with it, several times the Necron forces breaking in unsuccessful assaults. 0-5.

Epravla did a little better: The Devoted Service though disabled early killed the enemy warlord and a unit of enemy troops were destroyed by a solo assault by our the Overlord, however he then fell in single combat with a monstrous creature without even using his mindshackle scarabs. He also failed to use his warlord trait which would have helped. Rubbish. 1-5.


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Hive Horror
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