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 Overwhelming Victory

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PostSubject: Overwhelming Victory   Tue 8 Apr - 13:43:40

Overwhelming Victory

Overlord Tamberan and Necrexis led an assault on the Dark Eldar raiding force that had entered the Intevruan system. Tamberan in overall command occupied ruined installations on the northern side of our position with ten tesla carbine equipped Immortals supported by a cryptek with an Eldritch lance. South of him a similar four storey ruin containing an objective was held by Necrexis with nine gauss blaster armed Immortals.

Between them, the Annihilation Barge NNV Blast Radius. Screening the southern flank, five wraiths toting whip coils and a screen of six Canoptek Scarabs protected the centre. Behind the southern ruins, a second Barge, the NNV Iron Will lurked.

The Dark Eldar had a Raider both north and south and kabalite warriors disembarked from one to occupy ruins containing an objective opposite ours. A Cronos parasite engine and Talos Payne engine made a deadly pairing in the centre. Beastmasters led a further unit including a Razorwing flock, Nightfiend and some khymera.

The enemy advanced towards the dawn their night vision having no trouble picking their targets against the brightening eastern sky whilst our systems were hampered. The fire was largely ineffectual however with the Wraiths and Scarabs suffering slightly.

We responded advancing our wraiths and scarabs and the Blast Radius moved forward at speed. She opened fire with snap shots and blew up the northern raider for first blood, wiping out 60% of her kabalite passengers. Much of our force remained out of range however with the darkness and enemy night shields.

The enemy now brought on another raider on our left flank making a pair, one loaded with wychs, the other grotesques and their warlord. To the north a unit of mandrakes appeared and took cover at once whilst the survivors of the northern raider also cowered from our fire.

Unfortunately whilst cowering, they warriors took out the Blast Radius which exploded. The beasts assaulted our scarabs and almost destroyed them, reducing them to just two. Our immortals began firing and damaged the parasite engine as it advanced through the central ruins and the Iron Will opened fire on the wychs’ transport damaging it.

All of our reserves had also arrived; the Night Scythe transports NNV Death Zone with a cargo of deathmarks to the south which immobilised the enemy HQ raider, and the NNV Blaze of Glory in the centre which damaged the parasite engine.

Our two crypteks and four pariahs tried to deep strike behind the enemy objective, but mis-happed, the veil of darkness bringing the squad down too far off course. Our wraiths though destroyed the wychs’ raider and half her passengers perished in the explosion, but so did one of our wraiths, reducing them to three.

The enemy now managed to pick off an immortal on our north flank and deep struck with a squad of scourge behind the northern ruins. The Beastmaster squad destroyed the scarabs and came on too. Meanwhile the parasite engine continued to head north and the payne engine turned south to attack our wraiths. A Razorwing appeared from the west, the enemy’s final reserve.

The enemy warlord and grotesques disembarked and our three wraiths were caught by all three enemy units in assault and destroyed. To the north though, the enemy beastmasters fell to our immortals’ overwatch and in combat lost all but the flock and nightfiend, though Tamberan was wounded and had failed miserably with his mindshackle scarabs, the remaining beasts’ morale broke and they fled.

The Night scythes now dropped their passengers: The Blaze of Glory landed a cryptek and fourteen warriors in the enemy deployment zone to add linebreaker. The Death zone turned sharply north and landed nine deathmarks and another cryptek near the centre of our position, and they turned to deathmark the enemy warlord and his unit.

The Iron Will closed on the disabled raider and destroyed it, whilst several scourge fell to the immortals’ fire. Our southern immortals, deathmarks and the deep striking pariahs and two crypteks poured fire in to the enemy HQ, its leadership crippled by the pariahs. The fire just managed to wipe out the two remaining grotesques and the warlord.

Both Night scythes then opened fire on the enemy Razorwing, destroying it, despite the fact that the Blaze of Glory could only fire snap shots. The warriors’ fire and that of the cryptek’s voltaic staff was 32 shots pouring into the ten warriors and their homunculi leader holding the enemy objective and it seems likely that the unit was destroyed.

The enemy had lost 60% of the northern Kabalite warriors, scourge and the wychs, had just one wound remaining on the parasite engine, had lost their warlord, grotesques, three raiders and Razorwing. The beasts had broken having lost around 70% of their strength and the remaining survivors were both wounded. The mandrakes had not engaged and were undamaged. The homunculi and his warriors had almost certainly been wiped out in our final volley. The payne engine was intact and held linebreaker with the wych survivors.

We had lost our wraiths, scarabs and the Blast Radius, apart from that our warlord was wounded and we had lost one immortal. Losses amounted to 422 of a force deployment of 2000 or 21%. Incredibly, nine of our units were undamaged. We held our objective and all secondary objectives were achieved. Dark Eldar losses were estimated at 80%. Score probably 6-1 therefore.

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Overwhelming Victory
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