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 Tyrannic Trouncing

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PostSubject: Tyrannic Trouncing   Tue 22 Apr - 13:32:49

Tyrannic Trouncing

On the desert world of Myrinon the personal guard of Overlord Tracolis accompanied him on a mission to discover the extent of Tyranid presence. Arriving near the southern pole of the planet the Overlord quickly made contact with a Tyranid force.

Tracolis with ten tesla carbine armed immortals ranged on the left between the annihilation barges NNV Snapshot in the centre and NNV Warlord on the left. On the far right, the Ghost Ark Badge of Honour had nine warriors and a cryptek aboard. Between it and the centre, three tomb spyders and a screen of scarabs.

The closely packed Tyranid horde had a Tyrannofex in the centre with a flying hive tyrant, three teams of warriors and in the lead on the flanks, termagants. In the centre a venomthrope and facing our left an Exocrine. To the rear a heavy support group and overhead swooping a monstrous flyer, a hive crone.

The enemy advanced its fire cutting down immortals and wounding spyders and scarabs, the Snapshot took an early glancing hit. Our return fire in the dark missed the flyer altogether but a few termagants and spore mines fell to the Warlord and our immortals.

The Tyrannofex wiped out our scarabs for first blood as the sun rose and began to raise the temperature on this scorched planet. The hive tyrant further damaged the Snapshot as it flew closer and the spyders took fire from the other flyer as it headed towards the advancing Badge of Honour.

The tomb spyders assaulted the termagants on the right destroying them and the squad on the left was wiped out by the Warlord. The immortals and Tracolis assaulted the Tyrannofex but with little success. The Hive tyrant now wrecked the Snapshot and the first wave of warriors arriving to assist the Tyrannofex wiped out our immortals causing Tracolis to fall back.

Our wounded spyders were now destroyed in assault by the enemy’s warriors leaving us highly depleted, Tracolis belatedly called in his reserves.

The Night Scythe NNV Sure Hand arrived (late) on the right, deploying deathmarks against the warriors rallying from the destruction of the spyder force. The deathmarks and their cryptek destroyed the nearest warrior squad and the Badge of Honour destroyed the Venomthrope.

The Tyrannofex was now menacing the Warlord on the left and it was destroyed in assault by it, exploding. Also exploding, the Sure Hand, hit by another vector strike The Badge of Honour also took multiple hits and exploded, its surviving passengers cut down in a hail of fire from multiple opponents, mainly the flyer.

The deathmarks were assaulted and although they only lost narrowly, they broke and fled, and then failed to rally and were deservedly wiped out as they ran for their, well whatever it is you would call their lives.

Tracolis had assaulted the enemy warriors but although he inflicted some damage he fell at last. Then reanimated, only to be cut down again by fire from several nearly units. Total destruction for him and his force then, the desert sands drifting quickly over the scene of carnage. Enemy losses were both units of termagants, a unit of warriors and the venomthrope, barely 15%, a pathetic performance. 9-0.


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Tyrannic Trouncing
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