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 Now We Are Seven

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PostSubject: Now We Are Seven   Tue 3 Jun - 14:08:41

Now we are Seven

The 777th Battle Group was tasked with destroying a Blood Angel incursion on Septimus Minor in the Zieben system. Overlord B’ Rynner led a 2000 strong detachment. Initial deployment was four wraiths, all operating alone, two to the west, one close to objective Alpha, two towards the rear on the eastern flank.

Three tomb blades also deployed singly, three line ahead to the west and two more centrally, again one forward and one to the rear. Objective Bravo located in a three storey building to the rear on the western flank was guarded by a tomb spyder and scarab squad with a lone destroyer atop the structure.

A second spyder lurked with its associated scarabs in ruins to the east of the position holding objective X-ray, also with a destroyer. Two more destroyers strengthened our centre, one close to objective Delta in the neutral zone. Objective Gamma lay deep in the enemy deployment zone in the west, whilst objective Epsilon was far to the east of our position.

This first use of an unbound force structure used seventeen units in our initial deployment including fifteen fast attack units; it was hoped that this would give the flexibility and speed expected to be required for this type of operation.

Initially deployed strength was 640 with three doom Scythes, the NNV Epic Encounter, NNV Death’s Dominion and NNV Explosive Power in reserve, together with the Night Scythes NNV Perilous and NNV Threatened Onslaught, both carrying full deathmark squads with a cryptek, the Overlord himself aboard the Perilous.

The action opened in darkness, a phalanx of three squads of assault marines forming the core of the enemy attack, each bolstered by priests. Our few pot shots from destroyers and tomb blades did nothing much and the enemy advanced towards the centre.

Initial objectives were to secure objective X-ray, infiltrate the enemy deployment zone with as many units as possible and destroy enemy units. We achieved the first and second, three tomb blades and a wraith entering the enemy zone, but not the third.

The enemy were looking to identify all objectives, take objective X ray and issue challenges, none of which they achieved as they attacked, however they did inflict losses on us securing first blood as they took out a destroyer. Their ambitious follow up assaults, hampered by difficult terrain in the centre failed. Unhelpfully, our right hand tomb spyder was injured birthing scarabs. The score at the end of the first phase therefore four – one.

Now we were targeted to secure objective Epsilon and a wraith was despatched for this purpose, plus objective Gamma in the enemy zone. The enemy were forced by B’ Rynner to abandon their target of objective X-ray but decided to target units instead, a costly error by the overlord.

Now a further problem: Of our five fliers, only the NNV Perilous arrived from reserve, deploying its passengers in the centre close to the right hand marines who had been advancing on objective X- ray. The deathmarks engaged the marines and wiped them out with no trouble, the Perilous firing on the central marines inflicting losses. The left hand marines were assaulted by a wraith and destroyer but the wraith was killed by overwatch.

More successful was the assault in the centre where scarabs, another wraith and destroyer attacked and broke the enemy who fled, sadly not far enough. The squad rallied however and we braced for the arrival of the Blood Angel reserves. These took the form of two squads of sanguinary guard, one led by the noted coward Commander Dante.

They deep struck, arriving to the west, close to our three tomb blades which they proceeded to destroy. Also to the east a Storm Raven appeared but it did little against our deathmarks.

With other losses inflicted on our single units we lost a lot of squads in this phase and at its end the enemy had scored five points as a result. We scored a point for our destruction of the marine squad bringing the score to five – six.

New objectives for the enemy were to seize objective Delta. Our new objective: kill enemy leaders by whatever means we could.

The good news was that our three doom scythes now arrived, attacking the sanguinary guard and unengaged marines attacking our left. The units took losses but all remained after the devastating volley of death rays and tesla fire. Our tomb spyder closed up to join the assaults, the left hand one smashed in but failed to wound.

The Storm Eagle was hit by a volley from the Perilous, but remained airborne until hit by a lucky shot from the deathmarks aided by the skyfire targeting system on Objective X-ray. Two vindicators appeared centrally to the north and a second Eagle zoomed on and destroyed the wraith that had reached objective Epsilon. The Vindicators fired on the deathmarks, inflicting heavy losses, but two thirds of the casualties reanimated thanks to B’ Rynner’s orb.

The assaults continued and we were losing them as Dante and his guard joined in, all the enemy ground units were therefore locked in combat at the end of the phase. Denied objective Epsilon, we had killed a sergeant in combat earning a victory point. The enemy had now identified all objectives and held objective Delta so the score was now six – eight. Our new objective: Take all objectives (easy). The enemy’s new objectives: seize objectives Alpha and Gamma.

Now the NNV Threatened Onslaught arrived at last and put down its passengers near the assaults in the Northwest quadrant. With no units available to target they deathmarked Dante himself. The doom scythes now engaged the two vindicators, and it took all three to destroy them both, one exploding, the other wrecked. Unfortunately this left just the Perilous to engage the Storm Eagle and it proved not to be enough.

Dante who had broken from his unit to assault a wraith alone now destroyed his opponent but the other two assaults continued though we were losing against the remnants of two sanguinary guard units and a marine squad on the left, our scarabs and the wounded tomb spyder on the right were slowly whittling down the marine squad there though.

Our new deathmarks squad were now shot up by the newly arrived enemy vindicator and their morale broke after taking heavy losses. Dante assaulted our deathmark squad in the centre which had been slowly advancing, but taking advantage of the deathmarking by the other unit, their overwatch fire slew the cowardly warlord.

Our tomb spyder engaged on the left now finally fell, releasing the three squad remnants, our scarabs and the wounded spyder though destroyed the other marine unit. The enemy storm eagle destroyed our tomb blade which had once again taken objective Epsilon, denying us again.

The enemy held objective Delta with their consolidation and their new objective was to consolidate with three of their units to hold the line – difficult with only five units left at this point. With our slaying of Dante the score was now seven – nine.

The Epic Encounter now shot down the enemy Storm Eagle and our rallied deathmarks, aided by the Perilous took out more guard in the area of Objective Alpha. The main deathmark squad took out the other sanguinary guard and the final two marines also fell to tesla fire from our returning doom scythes. The Threatened Onslaught destroyed the last vindicator.

Only two sanguinary guards were left, they moved to take objective Delta, held by our two remaining scarabs and the wounded spyder. As they were troops they took precedence in scoring so they not only denied the score to us but took it for the enemy. Although we had several units in the deployment zone for linebreaker this meant a final score as the engagement broke off of eight- ten.

The enemy had taken 96% casualties but won the battle. Our losses amounted to under 40%. Our rallied strength was 1211; Overlord B’ Rynner was wounded and still had two deathmark squads totalling nine of the elite snipers. Both crypteks had survived, as did the night scythes. Of the Doom Scythes, only the Death’s Dominion was slightly damaged.

One tomb spyder survived, albeit with just one wound, plus two scarabs, one wounded. All wraiths, tomb blades and destroyers were lost. A crushing defeat for the Imperium in terms of losses with Dante killed (yet again), but an interesting battle from a tactical / strategic viewpoint.

Had our scarabs assaulted and held the sanguinary guard, the final score might have been a nine all draw, but it would have been highly unlikely that the scarabs could have survived any assault. Had the engagement lasted just a little longer, the two imperial survivors would have needed a miracle to survive. Clearly the Emperor protects. Well two out of the forty plus Blood Angels any way.


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Now We Are Seven
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