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 DArkly Defeated

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PostSubject: DArkly Defeated   Mon 28 Jul - 16:00:47

Darkly Defeated

Dark Eldar Raiders sweeping through the Ekteccrian Nebula were ambushed by Taskforce Labrius in sector 78-901. Overlord Labrius had four squads of immortals and one of deathmarks, four with a cryptek attached. He took the right flank with tesla carbine armed weapons and his cryptek had an eldritch lance. Total force strength was 1945.

On the left the cryptek leading gauss blaster equipped immortals had a similar lance, on the inside left another tesla carbine equipped unit, no cryptek here. In reserve aboard the Night Scythe NNV Much Vaunted, a deathmark platoon led by a cryptek with an abyssal staff, whilst aboard the Night scythe NNV Divine Purpose, ten more immortals with gauss blasters led by a cryptek with a Voltaic staff. Also in reserve, the empty Night Scythe NNV Obsidian.

Three annihilation barges formed occupied the left, centre and right of the Necron position. From left to right, the NNV Imperious Challenge, NNV Chaos Master and NNV Undying Resolve. In the centre right rather than a second immortal squad, four wraiths with whip coils.

The enemy had three Raiders escorted by a Tantalus and Venom. Long range fire early from the Imperious Challenge and Eldritch Lances had little effect. The enemy swung their tantalus towards the immortals on the left and the Venom towards the centre left troops. Our immortals took some losses from enemy fire but the enemy had been forced b our opening fire to snapshoot so losses were acceptable.

The enemy took the central objective with a wych filled raider even though it was swarming with our wraiths. Labrius seized the objective on the right for an early two one lead.

The Much Vaunted now appeared from reserve attacking the Tantalus on the left, the Divine Purpose driving through the centre towards the trio of raiders. It engaged the raider to our left, wrecking it and wychs piled off into cover near the objective targeted by our left hand immortals.

The right and raider was making for our right and was engaged by the Undying Resolve and Labrius, but like the Tantalus proved highly resilient to our fire with its combination of Night Shields, Flicker fields and evasive action. Labrius assaulted and single handedly destroyed the raider, but this only released its homunculus and three Grotesques to attack. This move also meant that he could not seize his targeted objective.

The wraiths destroyed the central raider, only needing their hammer of wrath attacks to detonate it with the loss of 40% of its wych passengers.

The enemy now brought on jet bikes which turbo boosted through our centre, a Payne Engine on the left and Hellions all emerging via the webway portal deposited on the left by the enemy warlord. The central wychs attacked the Chaos Master with haywire grenades destroying her and the immortals on the left were under heavy onslaught from Hellions and wracks. The inner left immortals were attacked by a succubus and Incubi bodyguard that had been landed by the damaged venom which now withdrew.

The grotesques attacked Labrius, but one turned on its own under mindshackle scarab control. The enemy leader issued a challenge which was accepted by the cryptek. The cryptek had no chance, falling in the fight but reanimated.

The enemy had two objectives and the destruction of the Chaos Master had also scored them a victory point. We had first blood, but the score was now a discouraging 3-5. Our final reserves failed to arrive but the two scythes landed their passengers now: The Much Vaunted dropped her deathmarks behind the enemy warlord and his wracks. The Divine purpose dropped troops close to the tantalus towards the enemy rear.

The wracks were destroyed, but it took the combined efforts of the Imperious challenge, Much Vaunted and the deathmarks to do it. The Tantalus survived haywire attack from the cryptek led immortals. On the right the Venom was taken out by the Undying Resolve, but it had already done the damage with a victory point. The homunculus despatched the cryptek permanently but a grotesque fell too.

Centre left the immortals were almost gone but had killed two incubi. The enemy destroyed the left hand immortals and the hellions and others got amongst the deathmarks who had already lost their cryptek to unfortunate tesla arcing. The deathmarks took severe casualties but held. The wraiths broke the wychs who fled with just two survivors though they rallied.

The wychs and warlord joined the attack on the centre left immortals finishing them off; on the right the homunculi challenged Labrius and killed itself under the influence of his mindshackle scarabs.

The action broke off, we had suffered 740 losses: Two units of immortals plus 40% of Labriusí unit; Three crypteks; the Chaos Master and 80% of the deathmarks. The wraiths despite taking a lot of fire were all alive though one was wounded. The fliers and remaining barges were undamaged. These losses represented 38% of our force including three complete units.

The Dark ones had lost their three raiders and the venom, plus the wracks. One unit of wychs had taken heavy losses, the grotesques were down to two, one wounded, the incubi were down to one and the warlord himself had only one wound left. The enemy payne engine, jet bikes and one unit of wychs were fully intact and the hellions had only taken minor losses. The tantalus despite being heavily damaged had only taken minor damage, estimated enemy losses: 50%.

We had linebreaker but the enemy had also taken another objective making the final score 4-6. A poor tactical performance, both sides were still relatively strong when time expired.


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DArkly Defeated
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