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 Glorious Revenge

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PostSubject: Glorious Revenge   Tue 10 Feb - 14:14:54

Glorious Revenge

Lord Foblorn led the 1st Alamacrian Attack Decurion into the ruined city of Nyacon as the Eden Fall campaign approached a critical phase. This was the first deployment following wholesale upgrades of all Necron forces to meet the challenges presented by the younger races. Not so young perhaps, approaching Dark Eldar raiders to the North East who already held objectives six and five. Available to the East lay objective two, in Foblornís sector objectives one and four and north of it, as yet unclaimed, objective three.

The Lord led seven gauss blaster equipped immortals which held the south western objective, number four. Eight tesla carbine equipped immortals occupied the building in the centre where lay objective one. Behind it he positioned the CíTan shard of the Nightbringer and a Transcendent CíTan.

On the right, his third unit of eight Immortals, also equipped with gauss weaponry were strung out infront of five destroyers. Behind objective four to the south, five particle beamer equipped Tomb Blades. These also had shield vane and Nebuloscope upgrades.

The enemy had reavers in the centre, a ravager on their northern flank and raiders at the rear-centre and south. A beastmaster and his entourage were at the very rear and in reserve, a Void Raven bomber, Hellions and a Reaper. The attackers began by infiltrating mandrakes towards objective two which they were targeting early on.

The jetbikes felled a pair of immortals on our front line before they fell back in typical cowardly fashion, and the Ravager toppled a couple of the central immortals. The mandrakes took objective two for the first score but then broke as the fire from several units inflicted heavy losses on them. The tesla immortals took out a jet bike and the Praetorians advanced and took objective three. Together with objective four that we already held, this scored us an early lead with two points.

The enemy Void Raven was now the only reserve to arrive heading towards the centre where it engaged the Praetorians, as did the Ravager that arrived at considerable speed swinging round the northern flank. The enemy seized two objectives but the tomb blades and our southern forces wiped out the jet bikes, largely thanks to our nebuloscopes.

Our praetorians engaged the Ravager damaging it, and then wrecked it easily in assault. The two rearmost immortal units engaged the flier with snapshots but without success. The rallied mandrakes were reduced to one and our CíTans failed to inflict significant damage using anti matter meteors. However the Nightbringer did inflict losses on the beasts with its gaze of death.

Including first blood our score was three points restoring our lead to five three. The Dark ones now deep struck with Hellions to the south east. A Reaver emerged in the centre of the enemy line but well back. The Void Raven now bombed our central immortals, half of whom fell and the southern raider and its HQ passengers felled three tomb blades. The beasts and last mandrake assaulted our destroyers, the latter falling to overwatch, two destroyers, one wounded earlier, were lost to Hellionís fire before the assault.

The assault result was a tie with one wound each and our transcendent CíTan next joined our destroyers but with the same result, though we still had three destroyers and the enemy combatants were reduced to just the clawed fiend on one wound, a khymera and the Beastmaster. The Nightbringer failed to knock out the Reaper with a destroyer weapon and our immortalsí snapshots failed against the flier again.

Our easternmost immortals took objective two and killed three of the five hellions whose morale sadly held. Our tomb blades turbo-boosted north to take objective six which was one of our targets and take linebreaker too. With objective one scoring for us again we scored three unanswered points in this, the final turn.

The final score was therefore Eight Ė Three including two secondary objectives to us. We had lost 60% of our tomb blades, 40% of the destroyers with 40% more wounded, just over 30% of our immortals and a quarter of the Praetorians. Our Lord was undamaged, indeed at no point had he even fired a shot and his unit was also unscathed with the immortal losses split between the other two units.

Also untouched, the Nightbringer shard and our transcendent CíTan. Total losses were 327, about 22% of the original force of 1500. Whilst we had, unusually, lost no units, the enemy had lost their Ravager, Mandrakes and Reavers, however the Voidraven, Raiders and their passengers including the enemy warlord and his court were untouched.

The Hellions had lost 60% and the Beastmaster had lost most of his unit with just the Khymera and wounded clawed fiend left. Estimated enemy losses similar to ours, perhaps a little more, but not likely to be over 25%. Also unusually, we ended in possession of five objectives though ironically the one we missed was a scoring one.

Both sides resilient, not the bloodiest of engagements (Or possibly oiliest in our case?) the Dark Eldar failed to test our resolve in a disappointingly lacklustre display seemingly holding back as if fearful of our upgrades, but our new weapon systems failed to make the hoped for impact. The new Praetorians and Tomb Blades were a bright spot for us however and the hope is that we can continue to exploit changes to further advance the cause of the Necrontyr across a galaxy crying out for a return of the order that we bring.


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Glorious Revenge
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