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 The End

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: The End   Mon 9 Mar - 16:27:13

Having defeated a final alliance from the Tau Empire and the Dark Eldar, the Necrontyr activated their nemesis device.  All organic life on Eden Fall was exterminated in a mere flash of light.  Even an exterminatus of the Emperium could not match the destructive force of such a device.  

Following this, the Overlords of the Ogan Dynasty launched their projectile into the Eris Star.  Having seen their doom, the Imperial forces made full evacuation maneuvers to jump into the Warp - this system was lost to them and any other that would dare claim it for them selves.  The Device on Edan Fall activated in response to the projectile, linking the past present and future together.  Contact with the Eris star, then a chain reaction starting up a supernova.  To an observer from afar it would appear as if time a suddenly frozen and sound sucked out into the void.  

The Necron devices running in synchronicity then carried out their protocal, bringing what over the aeons has become known as the Hereticus Tenebrae.  Eris turning Black, ceased to exist - leaving nothing more than a Black Hole covering what was once the Eris system.  The Necrons ultimate act of spite - a firm message to all who would dare invade their space - None Shall have, None shall pass and None shall live.  What was ours will be again.

Imperial classification of the Eris System - Designation Ghost System.  System Wide Quarantine enacted.
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The End
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