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 Painting White

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Painting White   Wed 11 Mar - 13:30:06

I will post images when I next take some.  

Painting White has been a problem for me for some time and a lot of painters have probably experienced this too.

The problem with White is that it is a very harsh contrast to the rest of the model and jumps out.  Also when shading it, or highlighting, you often get a murky, black, dull grey look.  And finally, how do you highlight White?

Here are some tips that may help.

Step 1: Use another colour for your base coat.  I chose to paint my base in a blue grey - Astronomican Grey worked fine.  Produce this in two thin layers using Lhamian Medium.

Step 2:  Create your shade tones using colours.  I like to follow Joe Tomazowski's method of blue and purple washes.  Create a blue and a purple wash (1 part pain, 4 parts water).  Regal Blue and Lyche Purple work really well.  Splash the washes in random parts of the model being painted.  Don't worry too much about over covering the area, you can tidy it up later.  Now you have some colour shade you can add a black wash.  Add small amounts of Nuln Oil on top of the colour shade only, this will darken the shade without making a horrible murky mess.

Step 3:  Now tidy up the area with the original base colour of Astronomican Grey.  Again a thinned down layer with Lhamian Medium should be used.  Leave only the deepest recesses free from the base colour.  What you should see is the shaded region blending nicely with the base coat.

Step 4:  Add equal parts White Scar with the Astronomican Grey and Lhamian Medium and apply to the larger raised areas in a few thin layers.

Step 5:  On the most prominent raised areas apply a few thin layers of White Scar to make the White stand out.  You have now completed your white layer.  This takes a little practice to get right, but once you master it you will have people asking you how to do it.

Other colours you can use, are light blues, yellows and greens to add a reflection to it.  You can always fine tune your pallet by looking at various images on line and seeing how other artists have produced white.
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Painting White
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