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 The Fourth Reich

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The Fourth Reich

The fortified camp that was pallet had walls six pallets thick topped by guards armed with a range of weapons. Insignia appearing on various banners, armbands and now caught the eye; the familiar crooked cross symbol that signified the National Socialist Workers party of the long defunct third Reich.

Somewhat surprised at this development we allowed ourselves to be welcomed into the camp our passengers suitably grateful for our transportation services. Our host named Scooter showed us around and I took Davi to the medical centre where a well equipped hospital facility took him in.

Leaving Ivan there on guard I returned to the main compound and our vehicles. The journey passed through a main hall where trading apparently took place and a workshop area where large numbers of workers were preparing and packing weapons including large amounts of rocket propelled grenades.

The workers did not appear to be slave labour, however during our stay we witnessed at least two workers beaten to death by an officer named Dog Head. Meanwhile, when I arrived back at the van there was a commotion going on. Eddie having wisely booby trapped the van had been alerted to an interloper.

On investigation my companions had discovered a mysterious cone of blackness that turned out to contain some kind of weirded out psyker. Investigation could get little from him but I was I admit a little suspicious of him. However, after getting to know him a little better he wasn’t so bad, he actually made me feel quite good, bringing back memories of my younger days in my crack folk dancing team.

After dinner a number of us returned to the medical facility, my intention was to leave Krueger as overnight guard, we also took Davi’s daughter to visit. Ivan however seemed reluctant to be relieved, it seemed he good doctor was the doctor who put the doctr in indoctrination, and had been flogging NAZI ideology to my impressionable associate.

Davi was unconscious and would need a week to recover according to the doctor who had operated to clean up his wound. Unfortunately, after I had left with the recalcitrant Ivan, the doctor got to chatting with Krueger and seemed to freak him out causing him to flee.

He ran into the weapons handling room where the work of loading up crates of small arms continued apace, causing a commotion, and Officer Dog Head it appears threw him into a convenient vat of acid kept on site for instant body disposal, though this incident went unwitnessed by any of our group.

In the morning we engaged in some trading and I picked up quite a few useful, ahem, medical supplies handy to my trade. Eddie and Harley picked up some grating for windscreen protection.

Eddie also procured some medial supplies and equipment that would aid our maintenance of the injured Davi and we decided to leave as soon as possible. Scooter and his father, a senior officer, were hospitable enough, but they were at the end of the day, NAZIs.

They had taken over Pallet a few months before disappearing a few of the no doubt ideologically unsound citizens in a quiet coup. Pallet marked the frontier of the NAZI territory in this area, and zombies were not the main enemy as far as they were concerned. Communist forces controlled other towns whilst others remained neutral. Indeed they had been skirmishing with Communist forces in Nova Dimitrovsk shortly before we encountered them.

Having seen a map of the area we decided to head for Koslovo, another township nearby, but as we approached we could hear small arms fire. Approaching we could see groups in the town, on the hillsides around and also zombies. It was not clear to us who was fighting who, but the forces in the hills appeared best organised and armed.

Whilst debating via CB we were warned off by the hillside faction who appeared unhappy at our association with Pallet. Uncertain of who we were dealing with we decided that discretion was advisable, and we withdrew through judicious use of reverse gears.

We headed back towards the farm with a view to refuelling; our route would take us through the centre of Nova Dimitrovsk where the bridge lay beyond Celebration Square where we had met the Nazi scavengers. The square was a mass of swarming zombies but we were confident in our cow catchers and wound the windows up.

What we did not expect however was sniper fire as we crushed our way through. A shot nearly took me, smashing our windscreen, but our sharp eyes picked out the location of multiple snipers. I wounded one and took a second squarely in the forehead, clearing the clock tower and Petrova took out another one with the 0.5 calibres.

We pushed on, only to find communist tank traps blocking the bridge. We decided to turn and follow the river to the next bridge in the hope that no additional ambush lurked there…


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The Fourth Reich
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