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 Monstrously Crushed

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PostSubject: Monstrously Crushed   Tue 7 Apr - 14:16:12

Monstrously Crushed

Overlord Lemensis and his 56th Attack regiment unexpectedly encountered a Tyranid force on Orvellica V. The Tyranids were a mass of seething flesh and tentacled horror, led by termagants with a hormagaunt on the left, flying hive tyrant at the rear, carnifaxes in the centre, and hive warriors and other hideous creatures on the right.

Lemensis had tomb blades on the left and based himself with immortals on the same side, a CíTan shard of the Deathbringer lay between the immortals and a similar squad of troops in the centre. Ten Praetorians were next with a smaller squad of the same Triarch forces on the far right. In reserve, the Night Scythe NNV Energised.

We advanced cutting down a number of termagants with fire from the tomb blades and CíTan on the left and scored as we took an objective. The CíTan was then attacked psychically but resisted it was then destroyed however by a barrage of fire from the carnifaxes and the Hive Tyrant for first blood.

A praetorian and tomb blade also fell, the tomb blades were then assaulted at long range and despite cutting down four attackers the creatures made it to them and a long combat began. The enemy scored three points taking an early lead.

The Energised now arrived on the right and badly wounded a warrior, two ripper swarms attacked our right hand objective held by the smaller praetorian squad. One misshaped returning to reserve but the other took the objective.

The Energised was engaged by the Hive Tyrant and took a glancing hit and the exocrine took out some advancing praetorians, the tomb blades continued to outgun the termagants but there were plenty of them, and the hormagaunt birthed the same number again during the action. The immortals in the centre took losses to the carnifaxes. Two unanswered points to the horde for a 1-5 lead.

The praetorians now destroyed the ripper swarm but there was another to be dealt with and they had lost several of their number. The Hive tyrant failed with a vector strike on the Energised as it swung across the battlefield to the left but the carnifaxes hit it again. The Praetorians failed to injure the Tyranifax they were in assault with having failed to assault themselves and Lemensis himself was wounded. Two more points to the enemy this turn, 1-7 the score now.

The combats continued with both units of praetorians locked in assasults were the tomb blades. The Hive crone finally appeared on our left killing immortals on the left, the central immortals were almost wiped out by the carnifaxes and some of the newly birthed termagants in the centre. The Energised was shot down; crashing to the south west and the action broke off with the Tyranids again scoring two points to our one for a final score of 2-9.

Lemensis was wounded, we had lost 75% of the immortals, half of the 8 tomb blades, 80% of the Praetorians, the CíTan and the Night Scythe. Our cryptek with the central immortals had survived. Rallied strength was 452, a loss rate of about 70%. The Tyranids had only lost two ripper swarms, a warrior and possibly half of their original termagants though probably made up by new arrivals. Estimated losses les than 15%.


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Monstrously Crushed
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