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 Dramatis Personae

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Dramatis Personae   Sun 19 Apr - 12:25:00

Lord Paijn

A Dark Eldar Archon and rising in prominence and power rapidly, he now teeters on vying for the Overlordship of Vect himself.

Arrogant to the extreme, Lord Paijn is a megalomaniac beyond measure. He can do no worng, and all failings are a result of treachery, incompetence of his lieutenants or some other curse of fate - to which someone will die. His Kabal - the Dark Nadir - is growing in power an influence and he now has ties with a Haemonculi Coven; The Dark Sadists to which he delights in using for his pleasure.

Lord Paijn has many esetoric items, such as a Shadow Field, Armour of Misery, Huskblade, Soul Trap and A webway portable device. He has recently heard of the Lost Phoenix Prince on Betalis III and now seeks to find him, re-awaken him with a corrupted Blood Stone and use him for his own desires - most likely another link in his bid to become overlord of the Dark City.
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Dramatis Personae
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