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 Monster Battering

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PostSubject: Monster Battering   Tue 5 May - 13:10:35

Monster Battering

The 614th Decurion led by Overlord Deregret was taken by surprise on Frenpayn 16. She led a squad of immortals with gauss blasters on the left hand side of the Necron position. To her right two more squads of troops, these both warriors, one occupying a ruin like the immortals the other in handy flamer template formation. Oops. Further right the Doomsday Ark NNV Certain Death, to her left, nine tomb blades with particle beamers, shield vanes and nebuloscopes.

In reserve, the doom scythes NNV Perpetual Flame and Impetuous, plus the Night Scythe NNV Combat Tested with eleven warriors aboard. The tyranid horde arrived just before dawn and included a pair of Zoanthropes, a venomthrope, a hive crone, a flying hive tyrant, two carnifaxes and a large number of hormagaunts.

The enemy advanced attacking under cover of darkness, the Hive crone flaming the central warrior squad, however it suffered little loss owing to the resilience of the Decurion. The Certain Death was damaged by psychic attack losing its quantum shielding though the living metal would restore a damaged hull point.

The immortals resisted attack from the carnifaxes strongly too and the tomb blades hit a carnifax and zoanthrope in response. A number of gargoyles in the vanguard of the enemy attack suffered heavy losses from our return fire. The enemy had achieved a victory point however with an easy objective score.

A mawlock now deep struck, injuring Deregret before it mis happed and disappeared into the distance. The Certain Death was now damaged as it was vector struck by the crone. Three tomb blades fell to psychic attack and the hive tyrant destroyed the Certain Death, wrecking it for first blood.

The gargoyles assaulted the tomb blades beginning a struggle that would last the remainder of the engagement. Our advancing warriors now cut down a zoanthrope on the enemy right our reserves arrived and engaged the Hive Tyrant that had overflown our immortals.

The Night Scythe dropped its passengers to seize our targeted objective and engaged the hive crone, supported by some snap shots from the ground, but we could only wound the two fliers. The score had moved now to 1-4 against us.

Ripper swarms dropped in to the enemy rear and the mawloc began to burrow again. A vector strike on the Combat Tested now destroyed it and both doom scythes were brought down by a combination of psychic, conventional fire and another vector strike attack supported by ground fire boosted by a skyfire nexus equipped objective.

Hormagaunts assaulted our two warrior squads who remained locked in combat in a war of attrition, as did were our blades which were blinded by gargoyle venom much of the time. The enemy seized more objectives and we could only reply with one score and the action broke off as a 2-6 defeat.

The overlord was wounded, we had lost all four vehicles including the three fliers, Two immortals had fallen together with seven of thirty one warriors. Six tomb blades
remained out of nine. Rallied force strength was 657 from an original 1496, a loss rate of over 56%. The enemy had suffered several wounds to the Hive Tyrant almost killing it and lost around half its gargoyles. The only unit loss was a zoanthrope, whilst a carnifax and the crone were wounded.

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Monster Battering
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