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 Tau Thrashed

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PostSubject: Tau Thrashed   Tue 5 May - 13:17:37

Tau Trashed

Overlord Meguluk led the 55th Attack Decurion against Tau intruders on the planetoid code named Despair. He led nine immortals with tesla carbines on the right, two warrior squads, one close by, the other more central, eight tomb blades, also with tesla carbines in the centre with praetorians to the left. On the extreme left in ruins, five wraiths. In reserve, the Night Scythe NNV Unwavering Loyalty with ten deathmarks aboard.

The Tau had two squads of fire warriors on the right with Aun Va and his bodyguards. Close by, a riptide and further towards the centre three broadsides. In the centre, a piranha lay concealed and on the enemy right were two squads of crisis battle suits and some pathfinders.

The Riptide had an early weapons problem and though the fire warriors advanced and laid down heavy fire our troops stood up to the attack well taking few losses. Our counter fire from warriors took out a few pathfinders and fire warriors, but the tomb blades failed to injure the broadsides. The score was one all early on.

As the Praetorians and wraiths had closed with the enemy they were now well in range and the praetorians, not part of the Decurion had lost about half their number as they tried to get to assault range. Warrior fire decimated the pathfinders and the wraiths finished the sole survivor in assault for first blood.

The Unwavering Loyalty had meanwhile arrived on the right and dropped its cargo infront of the fire warriors. The deathmarks and immortals plus the tesla destructors of the transport opened fire at close range with disappointing results. The immortals then assaulted. Meanwhile our right hand warriors had taken another objective but were severely depleted. Never the less, they continued exchanging fire with the broadsides, even injuring one.

The left hand warriors meanwhile destroyed the last crisis suit in the ruins ahead of the praetorians, whilst the wraiths assaulted and destroyed the intact unit that marked the edge of the enemy right. We picked up three points to the enemy’s two this turn to take a narrow lead.

The piranha now fired, moving into the open and the broadsides reduced, now to two moved towards another objective. The riptide assaulted the immortals and deathmarks engaging both units. The praetorians warriors and wraiths meanwhile moved right towards the remaining enemy and the tomb blades assaulted the rear fire warriors, by- passing the broadsides.

Aun Va and his unit were taking heavy losses to our assault but holding as they were stubborn. This turn was another tie objective wise despite the piranha exploding under assault of our wraiths and our slaying of the last fire warrior, their sergeant.

Our central warriors despite going to ground were being whittled away by the broadsides but eventually aided by the fire from the night scythe the broadsides fell. Our deathmarks and immortals were also being reduced slowly, especially by the riptide, but at last we broke through to Aun Va and destroyed him, this scored four points for us and effectively ended the contest: We had deathmarks fighting the riptide, just one tomb blade left fighting the fire warrior second squad, but the wraiths immortals and our overlord were all ready to reinforce. Even our last praetorian was about to arrive and we had the left hand warrior squad also inbound, fully intact.

With a six – one score in the final turn the final score was 11-5. Our losses were six immortals, eight warriors (all from the same unit) seven out of eight tomb blades, four deathmarks and nine praetorians. We had lost no units, two wraiths were wounded. Rallied strength was 810, a loss rate of around 45%. The Tau, down to just their wounded Riptide and half a unit of fire warriors had suffered losses estimated at over 80%.


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Tau Thrashed
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