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 Horde Pays Dearly For Victory

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PostSubject: Horde Pays Dearly For Victory   Tue 19 May - 17:12:19

Horde Pays Dearly For Victory
Overlord Astorkhria led his 10th Defence Decurion against Tyranid raiders on Ekria V. The enemy had an Exocrine on the right with warriors, a venomthrope hiding at the rear, two Hive Tyrants with Biovores between them, a Tervigon facing our left and a unit of twenty gargoyles across their entire front.

In reserve, the hive mind had a Hive Crone and two ripper squads plus three Mucolid spores. Facing this Astorkhria took the centre right with ten immortals, to his right a squad of warriors. On his left, a Tomb spyder with scarabs infront and to the right with six wraiths in a line to the left. Behind, another warrior squad and on the far left, nine tomb blades, like the immortals armed with gauss blasters. In reserve was a third squad of warriors and a large unit of flayed ones.

The enemy advanced their gargoyles and a broad front the Tervigon birthing just four termagants, the only ones it would spawn during the battle. The Hive Tyrants both flew forward relying on their flight to protect them. Three of the six objectives had skyfire nexus centres but only one in our zone, and that held by the wraiths. The Tomb Spyder’s gloom prism saved it from psychic attack and one gargoyle actually fell claiming the central objective owing to difficult terrain.

The right hand tyrant killed four out of five scarabs but the tomb blades did better absorbing a lot of fire before losing just one bike. The exocrine concentrated all its fire on a lone warrior on our right but failed to kill it, however, the Tyranids scored three points for the objective in their deployment zone, the central objective taken by the gargoyles and a third point for all objectives identified.

We moved the tomb blades to benefit from the skyfire nexus on our left front and advanced the wraiths and scarabs to assault. We could not damage the fliers despite plenty of shots but our wraiths and scarabs both assaulted successfully and though the scarabs took wounds all but two gargoyles fell, two having also fallen to our right hand warrior squad’s fire before the assault.

We scored just one point of a possible three for controlling three objectives, the three in our deployment zone, but our other objectives were unrealistic/ unachievable and continued to be so for the rest of the engagement, as to be fair, were many of the Tyranids. Between us we drew destroy vehicles and buildings, I drew benefit from failed fear tests when they are basically fearless, they drew kill psykers, we both drew the highly unlikely ‘control all six objectives.’

Enemy reserves now arrived, a ripper swarm dropping on the central objective that again was one of their priorities, the Hive crone approaching our tomb blades on our left. A Mucolid spore landing on the left mis-happed and arrived far to the North East whilst another landed close to our left.

The Tomb Spyder was hit by a vector strike and wounded but the tomb blades resisted well again, but they did take a lot of fire and eventually three went down. Our left hand warriors meanwhile broke under fire, narrowly avoiding being routed. The tomb Spyder now fell under fire from a Hive Tyrant for first blood and the Tervigon joined the assault on the wraiths, who now destroyed the gargoyles aided by the scarabs.

Two more points to the enemy, First Blood and a repeat of an objective that they already held, so now 1-5 tactically. Our warriors regrouped successfully and the reserve warriors arrived whilst the flayed ones appeared distantly on our right flank where they would fail to do anything. The Tervigon was wounded by our wraiths but our immortals and warriors especially on the left were taking losses. Our tomb blades moved deep to take the enemy left objective that also supported skyfire systems but their fire continued to do little against the enemy Crone.

Another Mucolid spore arrived in the centre and our warriors were reduced to sixteen from the original thirty including just two survivors on the left hand squad. The mucolid spore on the left assaulted the tomb blades but was destroyed by devastating overwatch, whilst the Tervigon fell in assault against the still intact wraiths, though two were wounded by now and its parting shot was to kill the last scarab.* The immortals and overlord attacked and assaulted the rippers but could not finish them off, they lost one immortal in the process.

*Possibly illegally on reflection as it was not in base contact

The advancing right hand warriors killed an enemy warrior as the flayed ones closed uselessly and snapshots from our left hand warrior teams failed to injure the tyrant or crone. The tomb blades however did wound and ground the left hand hive tyrant. The wraiths meanwhile destroyed the Biovores in assault, gaining linebreaker as they consolidated.

The action broke off: One Hive Tyrant was wounded and grounded, the ripper swarm in the centre was depleted and the warriors had lost a third of their number. The other Hive Tyrant, Exocrine, Hive Crone, termagants, Venomthrope and two Mucolid spores were undamaged. Another ripper squad was yet to commit from reserve. They had lost their Biovores, Tervigon, gargoyles and one mucolid spore. Estimated losses were 35%.

The Necrons had lost four immortals, fourteen warriors, five tomb blades, six scarabs (including one additional birthed during the action), and the tomb Spyder. This represented 511 from a total deployment of 1515. Unusually the Tyranids had lost more units than us and loss rates were very similar. Only our poor choice of objectives had hampered our strategic result. Better than our usual performance against these creatures despite the 2-5 result. Had time not run out, who knows…?


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Horde Pays Dearly For Victory
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