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 Unequal Skirmish

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PostSubject: Unequal Skirmish   Tue 19 May - 17:13:22

Unequal Skirmish
Overlord NíVhlick was assaulted by forces of the Imperium on his own tomb world of Hakliad. The enemy warlord Logan* on his chariot led the attack on the enemy left, with a dreadnaught named Bjorn Fellhand behind. The action took place in a constricted valley area that would prove a disadvantage to the Imperial Wolves as they had little room to manoeuvre their superior force.

* Cunningly disguised

On the enemy right, wolf scouts and terminator wolfguards escorting a rune priest. In the centre, a Razorback and three swiftclaw bikers. Across the front, Fenrisian wolves. Estimated enemy strength was close to 1400.
Against this NíVhlick led a squad of immortals on the left with three tomb blades on the extreme left; the Annihilation Barge NNV Daemon Slayer in the centre, a Triarch stalker to the rear on the right flank the wraiths with whip coils centre right with a unit of deathmarks behind and at the rear five Triarch Praetorians with rods of covenant. His strength was just 851.
The enemy advanced en masse and opened fire ineffectually, counter fire wiped out the wolves and scored some losses on the scouts. The enemy brought on reserves, a Landraider Redeemer and a Stormfang Gunship. The latter attacked the Daemon Slayer causing some damage, the enemy walker knocked out the weapon systems on the Stalker. Meanwhile the wraiths had begun an ineffective assault on Loganís Chariot.
The bikers now joined the assault on the wraiths where they were gradually whittled away by the wraiths, the terminators took a couple of losses from fire from the deathmarks and immortals and tomb blades, they then assaulted the tomb blades but failed to inflict loss. The skyclaws assaulted the deathmarks and the stalker and praetorians moved to support them.
The overlord and his immortals moved to support the tomb blades even as a wraith fell. The Overlord challenged the rune priest and was wounded in the contest which resulted in the immortals breaking. The tomb blades held however keeping the terminators locked in combat so the immortals could rally. Elsewhere the last swiftclaws fell to the wraiths and the praetorians wiped out the skyclaws. The Daemon Slayer shot down the enemy flier which had unwisely switched to hover.
The action broke off, NíVhlick had lost 60% of his immortals, a third of his tomb blades, 20% of the praetorians, 40% of the deathmarks and one wraith. The Stalker and annihilation barge were damaged and one of the remaining wraiths and the overlord were wounded. Total losses were about 20%, rallied strength was 679.
The enemy had lost four units, 40% of the wolfguard terminators and 40% of the wolf scouts. Estimated losses a little over a third.
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Unequal Skirmish
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