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 Evacuation Continues

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PostSubject: Evacuation Continues   Mon 8 Jun - 11:35:51

Evacuation Continues
Overlord Letralaba continued his evacuation of Peblius Major, with five critical canisters of Tyranid Psyker brain tissue amongst the material being sent offworld for further experimentation as the hordes continued to overrun the experimental research station established there. The 300th Decurion was entrusted with these canisters, but the transport due to collect them was brought down and the Overlord was forced to withdraw.

With Tyranid hordes sweeping across the plains and all escape routes cut off, the overlord was forced to call for evacuation by Night Scythes. His force was caught with its backs to the poisonous and acidic Ocean, the Sletenzee, making escape by air the only option.

Responding to his distress call, the 8365th Tactical Support wing was inbound, comprising the Scythes NNV Spiritual Hammer, Chosen, Determination and Immediate Readiness, and they were just minutes away when the Tyranid force caught up with the trapped Necrons.

The Overlord was accompanied by his personal guard of ten Lychguard with Hyperphase swords and dispersion Shields, they held one canister and occupied the centre left of the line. To his left, ten warriors with a second and four tomb blades, these equipped with gauss blasters, Nebuloscopes and shield vanes.

To his right, five immortals with a third canister and then ten more warriors with a fourth. On the far right, another five immortals carried the last. Five wraiths from the 998th Scout squadron, two with particle casters and three with whip coils were centre right. In reserve, five deathmarks, but the bad news was that only the Spiritual Hammer and Determination made it into the atmosphere. In all the force was 1149 strong, the two night scythes and deathmarks bringing it up to 1499.

More bad news, the 1578th Decurion expected to be available to support was intercepted by Blood Angels several miles to the East depriving Letralaba of seven more units, but at least they ensured that the Human mutants would not get close to the objectives.

The Tyranids had two Flying Hive Tyrants, plenty of Termagants and Hormagaunts, at least two squads of each, two zoanthropes, a warrior unit, a venomthrope and two carnifaxes. In reserve, two ripper swarms and a mucalid spore. Estimated total strength 1500. Massive reserves were close behind this scouting tendril, the Necrons had only minutes to escape.

With the Tyranids massing against our centre and right Letralaba pulled his forces back to the left whilst sending the wraiths forward in the centre where they occupied ruins and the tomb blades speeding forward on the left flank. The Tyranids engaged first as a result, their flying hive tyrants and carnifaxes killing two tomb blades and four wraiths. The wraiths were also crippled by a psychic attack that heavily hampered their combat efficiency (though not as much as having four of them destroyed).

Our Night Scythes then arrived from Reserve and picked up both squads of immortals and their canisters, plus the Spiritual Hammer shot down the closest Flying Hive Tyrant. The Determination and tomb blades killed a number of the termagants whilst our last wraith assaulted a carnifax and was destroyed without harming it.

The enemy now brought up reserves too, the mucalid spore appearing infront centre left and a ripper swarm close to our right. A tomb blade fell to psychic attack and the Determination was shot down by the enemy warlord. The Spiritual Hammer was glanced by a carnifax and withdrew temporarily after dropping an immortal squad on the right.

Our deathmarks now deep struck infront of the carnifax and badly wounded it, whilst warrior fire took out the mucalid spore and the ripper swarm also took some losses. Four termagants fell to the freshly dropped immortals and now our right hand warriors were hit by a psychic blast that killed six, causing them to break fleeing to a meltdown in the acid sea behind.

The fresh immortals now took a hail of fire but were unscathed until assaulted by rippers and hormagaunts who destroyed them easily. The deathmarks were assaulted by the wounded carnifax, but only lost one of their number. Fourth turn and the Spiritual Hammer returned and picked up a warrior squad and a third canister, she failed to wound the flying hive tyrant however.

The ripper swarm now had the abandoned objective left by our routed warriors and they destroyed it for 3-1. A ripper swarm meanwhile broke and fled under attack by our overlord but rallied quickly as the hive tyrant arrived. The tyrant now turned and shot down the Spiritual Hammer robbing us of the chance of returning any more reserves or picking up any more objectives.

The lychguard had been reduced to five by heavy enemy fire and were now assaulted by two squads of hormagaunts reducing them to two. The Carnifax had meanwhile whittled away at our deathmarks and now killed the final survivor. The Overlord and his entourage killed plenty of hormagaunts, but there were plenty of them.

The Carnifax joined the final assault together with a squad of termagants, whilst the Hive Tyrant had landed and was waiting patiently behind the combat. The Carnifax was slain by the war scythe of Letralaba but the hormagaunts held up well and with their reinforcement were able to finally overrun the beleaguered trio, leaving the final objective to the enemy. The second carnifax struck the final blow against our warlord.

With our warlord slain, the only available secondary objective, the score was three all, only the two evacuated troop units escaped for the Necrons, one of warriors and one of immortals, 215 points out of 1499, a loss rate of over 85%, nine of eleven units destroyed.

The enemy had some wounded rippers and had lost perhaps a third of their hormagaunts and termagants, plus the mucalid spore, one carnifax and hive tyrant. Their various thropes were undamaged as was their warlord and warriors.

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Evacuation Continues
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