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 Intimate Encounter

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PostSubject: Intimate Encounter   Tue 23 Jun - 13:46:23

Intimate Encounter

Sub Lord Vlakaak led a patrol into the ruins of Manaswaz VII searching for a weapon system control nodule abandoned in an earlier encounter between elements of the fourteenth Assault Engineers division and the Tyranid invaders.

He was part of a 247 strong patrol consisting a lone immortal on the right, a Pretorian escorting him armed with a void blade and particle caster combination and equipped with a nebuloscope. To the rear on the left a single deathmark and in the centre, two blades with Nebuloscopes, shield vanes and gauss blasters, and a wraith.

Vlakaak had a dispersion shield and staff of light, wore weave armour and was a pariah. Advancing none of the possible hiding places for the objective that were in the Necron deployment zone proved fruitful, but our forces opened fire on gene stealers that were advancing whilst a concealed brood lord and warriors hung back.

Our forces now were attacked with a gene stealer pair and the brood lord attacking our Noble and praetorian on the left and the warriors firing from deep. We managed to wound a warrior and then took out a gene stealer for first blood.

Our Noble and Pretorian were engaged in single combat and the noble eventually fell but both gene stealers were taken down and our fire also wounded another gene stealer. A third was injured in a fall. Meanwhile our wraith was contesting the objective deep on the left.

The brood lord psychically disrupted one of our blades and then destroyed the praetorian whilst a gene stealer eventually bested our deathmark. The wraith was wounded and then the other tomb blade fell, followed by the other as the brood lord caught up with it.

Our wounded wraith held out however and the immortal, isolated on the right also survived the action with neither side achieving the objective. We were awarded 15 renown points as a result. Losses were 190 out of 247, the enemy lost three gene stealers and all three warriors were wounded.

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Intimate Encounter
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