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 Wolf Bait

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PostSubject: Wolf Bait   Tue 23 Jun - 13:47:30

Wolf Bait

Overlord Xanakhyrs led the 89555th Decurion against Space wolves threatening the eastern continent on the Tomb world of Ghansikrian. He led two squads of warriors which led each flank, five immortals were centre right, three tomb blades centre left, all equipped with gauss blasters, nebuloscopes and shield vanes.

Behind the left, three destroyers, not part of the Decurion and in the centre a Transcendent CíTan. Xanakhrys himself was guarded by five lychguards with Hyperphase swords and dispersion shields and located in the centre.

Five more lychguards with war scythes were to his left and two squads of praetorians to his right, these latter equipped with particle casters and void blades and rods of covenant respectively. Both these squads were outside the Decurion but were led by crypteks armed with chronometrons.

The Night Shroud NNV Ingenious and five deathmarks were in reserve. Total force strength 2181.

The enemy had ten blood claws centre right of their formation, whilst left and centre left, two squads of ten grey hunters, ten wolf scouts also on the left, a dreadnaught, Bjorn the Fell handed centre right, two squads of five wolf guards, one to the rear on the right and one on the left, two squads of five terminators, both on the right, three swiftclaw bikes on the left, five wolves on the right, three squads of skyclaws, two five strong on the left and one ten strong centre rear.

There were also six long fangs at the rear on the enemy right and in command on that flank, Logan Grimnar himself. Ulrik the Slayer was with one unit of wolfguard, Arjac Rockfist and Njal Stormcaller led the terminator squads. Lukas the Trickster led the blood claws. In reserve, a stormwolf flier. Estimated enemy strength 2700- 2800.

We opened with a cautious advance opening our line to move up the destroyers and CíTan and allow the praetorians to edge forward too. The CíTan fired ineffectively on the enemy dreadnaught but our warriors had better luck cutting down four wolves causing the last to break and flee for first blood. Our destroyers cut down more than half of the blood claws.

Our ranks then took enemy fire but thanks to the strength of the Decurion and in some cases our crypteks, losses were light: The left hand warriors took no casualties at all, on the right just one fell even though then assaulted by the enemy bikes, one of which was wounded by their overwatch. Two tomb blades were destroyed however by the long fangs despite jinking and the ĎTan took a wound. A lone praetorian also fell centre right.

Total losses at the end of the first turn: 85 for us, and 102 for the enemy, hardly a bloodbath, but we had destroyed one unit. Both sides had one wounded unit.

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Wolf Bait
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