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 Triple Whammy

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PostSubject: Triple Whammy   Mon 6 Jul - 17:25:14

Triple Whammy
Three patrols on Gralima 74 encountered Tyranids amongst the ruins of Hive Juno. Nobles Hiblidia, Sibliva and Majort led forces 250, 235 and 249 strong against termagant hordes supported by warriors and an Alpha.

Hiblidia had a tomb blade, a wraith, an immortal and two praetorians, the tomb blade and praetorians in reserve, Sibliva had two lychguards atop a ruined command centre with two warriors, with three tomb blades and a praetorian in reserve. Majort tasked with recovering lost data crystal had nine warriors.

All three groups suffered heavy losses, only an immortal and the praetorian survived from the first encounter and they were routed. Despite the arrival from reserve of the three tomb blades and praetorian to relieve Sibliva they were also routed when the initial force was destroyed.

The third force recovered two of the five data crystals and withdrew with only two of the five objectives, the remainder being seized by the horde. In each case enemy losses were light.

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Triple Whammy
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