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 Fear the Reaper

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Fear the Reaper   Sun 30 Aug - 17:44:41

Urien Rakarth accompanied Haemonculus Lord Serpentor and Haemonculus Unicron upon the planet Duriel to collect some live samples of Tyranids for their workbenches. The brought with them 2 Talos, a Cronos, 3 units of Wracks and a unit of Grotesques, along with some Raiders to make sure the job was done quickly. The Mission (Fear the Reaper) was unique in that each Tyranid unit destroyed would become an objective for the battle. The Covenite Coterie would have plenty to choose from with several flying Hive Tyrants, some big flying Tyrnids, Zoanthropes, a big snake like monstrosity that attacks from beneath the surface and ripper swarms.

Despite reacting second, the Covens suffered no casualties in turn 1 and then claimed 1st blood by destroying a Zoanthrope. Turn 2 saw a unit of Wracks destroyed and one raider immobilalised. In return The flying hive tyrant took a wound from a lucky dark lance shot whilst the Talos and Cronos all engaged the snake like monstor that had deep struck. A swift round of combat saw it destroyed easily for no wounds suffered in return.

The next turn saw the tryanids deep strike further reinforcements with some very big spore looking things. The hive tyrants destroyed one raider whilst wrecking the other and a double torrent attack left the Haemonculus warlord with only one Wrack body guard and Uriens Grotesques one short. All units engaged the Tyranid warriors in assault and one of the hive tyrants that had landed. Meanwhile the smaller of the spores and the ripper swarms were engaged by the pain machines.

The next turn saw locked assaults continue and the last unit of Wracks disembark their immobilised raider and assault the hive tyrant. No assaults were resolved and continued into turn 5, although the 2 units destroyed were being held by the Tyranids.

The final turn saw the assaults all end in the covems favour. The hive tyrants destroyed by an instant death attack,, the warriors destroyed by the warlord and wracks, the rippers and zoanthrope destroyed by the talos and cronos. All obectives claimed and contested turning the battle into a 10-1 Victory (the Tyranids holding Linebreaker with the gigantic spore thingy.

The fate of the planet was left to the Craftworld Eldar to deal with.
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Fear the Reaper
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