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 The Ballad of Scrap Maverick, Hero of Brizeno

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The Ballad of Scrap Maverick, Hero of Brizeno Empty
PostSubject: The Ballad of Scrap Maverick, Hero of Brizeno   The Ballad of Scrap Maverick, Hero of Brizeno EmptyMon 5 Oct - 8:25:07

The Ballad of Scrap Maverick

Now Giles Johnson was a fighter
He fought hard with tooth and nail
But he had to keep things tighter
Or else he knew he’d fail
So he went for a new image
As he needed to improve
A name to match his visage
And a hat to make him smooth
From then on he was Maverick
To reflect his dash and dare
And Scrap because he’d slash and kick
To win a fight with flair

He commanded a small motley crew
Slaves to his command*
Even though they all knew
The efforts he’d demand

His skills of navigation must deserve a passing mention
Though a tendency for error was apparent
If they were lucky jumping they’d remain in this dimension
Relief to all around was then transparent

He blazed a murderous trail across ten sectors
His course picked out in pain and bleeding death
Destruction was left strewn along his vectors
His enemies deprived of their last breath

Till finally he came to bright Brizeno
His mission bring home Salakan to rule
And in the palace dungeons met his last foe
And died there ‘cos frankly Thud’s a fool

So now there’s a white Stetson feeling lonely
A navigator’s empty chair that idly spins
A great commander’s passed the one and only
Scrap Maverick, remembered for his sins.

*Poetic licence
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The Ballad of Scrap Maverick, Hero of Brizeno
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