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 New Blood, Old Problems

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New Blood, Old Problems
So we stayed on Brizeno for Scrap’s entombment and were joined by two new crewmembers, replacing Maverick and the Arch Duke. Perci De Melvil cuts a strange figure, a tall man heightened by his habit of wearing a top hat, his billowing cape making an impression, he also is in the habit of carrying a long slender wand. *

*His glamorous assistant has yet to be located.

The second figure is our new navigator, Corbyn Van Vibulent, a man of uncertain accent, he was found for us by the Arch Duke, but appears to hold him in little regard. Whilst ship repairs completed Skarl updated her business affairs and we received an invite from Anastacia who had as usual, a business proposition for us if we could just pop over to see her again.

So time to try out our new navigator’s skills. He was a little put off by Scrap’s unusual work station with its Ikea style furniture, bell and Loius XVI chair but he seemed to get over it and our first few jumps went very well.

We had loaded up a cargo of metal ingots which we traded for a profit on a tech level 2 world en route, and just as well we did as soon after entering Terra Prima space we were stopped by a patrol ship – of course you never meet one after failing a jump and need help, but hey.

We were boarded and searched for contraband which our previous cargo would have constituted as a non Terra Prima import, and we were given papers stamping us up as authorised to travel with a clean bill of health. Corbyn noted that our guests also installed a discreet tracking device during their search which we left active.

On reaching our destination it was to receive a recorded message directing us half a dozen jumps distant to the planet Yaksha in the Helga system. Not good. We had already had to sleep part of the crew to preserve life support and our upgraded nav systems are only effective when travelling routes they have previously recorded.
Our mission was to evacuate an associate of our employer; one Hanna Al Bint Doleh. Apparently some form of alien invasion had taken place leaving Hanna holed up to await rescue. Nothing like a damsel in distress.

We made a lot of successful jumps and a lot of unsuccessful jumps, and it was a fully sleeping crew apart from Corbyn in his space suit with our life support expended that arrived five months later. Our laser had also been damaged by our navigator’s Maverick like performance.

We enquired at the orbital station where we refuelled as to the situation on the planet below: It seemed they knew little; only that all life on the planet had ceased. We flew to the coordinates we had, passing over deserted cities, some of which still smouldered, but we could detect no evidence of any current threat. We hailed the farm compound that lay at the destination map reference and were surprised to receive an immediate reply.

We were advised that there were seven survivors holed up in quarantine/ siege conditions, and they seemed just as ignorant as to what had happened on the planet. Whatever it was it happened more than six months ago but seemed to be linked to a strange life form. We landed taking full biological containment precautions, Sar took full medical equipment to test for evidence of disease but found nothing of concern.

We explained to the lovely Hannah, resplendent in her full armour and double sawn off shotgun ensemble that most of her personnel would need to sleep once on board to conserve energy during the inevitably long trip back. She came up with the simple expedient of leaving all but one of her somewhat cowed and exhausted followers behind. It was obvious that she had spent her time underground in luxury whilst her entourage roughed it. Still at least the five she left behind were well rewarded for their loyalty.*

*We strongly suspect their reward was a generous amount of shotgun ammunition, personally administered at close range.

So only Lane Olsen her personal assistant needed to be slept, Hannah insisting on remaining awake. As we left our scans showed extensive underground tunnelling below the cities and our information from Hannah’s team revealed life forms similar genetically to the experimental prisoner creatures we had encountered on the Lab before its destruction. We noted with some nervousness that we weren’t a million miles from the planet of the Fish Sauce creature.*

*OK, so actually we were a lot further, but can I help it if language clichés have not kept up with the advances in transportation technology?

Unbelievably we returned in only about 7 weeks, demonstrating the excellence of the nav computer upgrades, we even managed a double jump at one point. So successful was Corbyn that he had plenty of spare time to clear out all the hat cleaning equipment and mirrors left in Scrap’s cabin that he had taken over.

Hanna meanwhile revealed that she was a specialist in eliminating unwanted rivals to persons of wealth and influence, doubtless achieved with the aid of her afore mentioned pair of sawn off lead propellers. Inexplicably, Thud totally failed to molest her in any way. Could it be that Thud has grown as a person, enjoying the unfamiliar sensation of learning through experience? Nah. We just think his mind was preoccupied with the large amount of screwing he has been doing.*

*Ok if you were there you would appreciate just how clever and witty that was. (Maybe)

We were paid our customary miserly sum by Anastacia and our debt was reduced, then, surprisingly she announced that she was waiving the remainder of our imaginary debt to her. Whilst suitably shocked she invited us to participate in the removal of a usurping despotic dictator whose war mongering was laying waste to an entire system in a pointless horrendous war. His name? Arch Duke Maverick the 1st of Brizeno, whose troops have invaded a neighbouring planet.

We held a team meeting on this one; Sar, who appears by default to have assumed command invited discussions and a vote. The vote initially was 3-1 in favour of accepting the commission, Corbyn in particular expressing the wish that any dictator should be destroyed. Newcomer Perci had no moral qualms as the only person who did not know the former Salakan Moreau. Sar sat on the fence but in a late change of heart Thud changed his vote and it was decided to decline this mission. At least for the moment.

We tried Jesus to see if he had any work for us. It was a less than satisfactory discussion: He seemed to have little faith in the continued regularity of our payments and was busy helping Arch Duke Maverick in his war, supplying weaponry amongst other things. It seems the Melite system just won’t go away. Next move therefore uncertain, Skarl needs more training and work opportunities are not giving us clear directions, at least, not in a direction we wish to follow.

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New Blood, Old Problems
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