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 Time for a bit of Sun, Sand and more Sand

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Time for a bit of Sun, Sand and more Sand Empty
PostSubject: Time for a bit of Sun, Sand and more Sand   Time for a bit of Sun, Sand and more Sand EmptyMon 9 Nov - 12:10:40

Time for a bit of Sun, Sand and… More Sand

The Hoffman Corporation, ship construction a speciality have recently suffered an unfortunate inundation problem, specifically their Drydock plant on the planet Alas in the Dionaris system once noted for its commanding views of the rolling dunes of this desert world is now more commanded by the very same dunescape which has rolled over and indeed into it and life for its employees has now become a bit of a beach.

Our mission, should we choose to accept 15,000 smackers on offer, is to recover the security database from the installation, that will hopefully throw light on how it has come to a sandy end despite the latest bucket and spade auto defence systems. The system is only a couple of jumps distant, so reasonable chances of us arriving alive and well despite our rubbish navigator, so with war in progress in the Melite system we decide it’s as good an option as any.

Despite tempting fate in the previous paragraph we actually do manage the two jumps safely especially as one of the jumps was already pre-programmed in our nav computer. From orbit our scans reveal an enormous amount of information about the planet surface below, temperature, composition, life signs, seventeen terrbytes of information are hoovered up by our sophisticated sensor array in the first few nanoseconds, however all the results are sifted and assembled through our advanced crew interface systems that translates billions of data bits into a form that we can assimilate, so it arrives on our screens as the following detailed report: Hot and Sandy.

So fully briefed, we descended into the atmosphere heading for the plant coordinates. Sure enough a number of semi buried structures soon crawled across our detector readout screens and we flew in to hover over the centre of the complex, turning our landing jets onto the landing pad that we knew lay beneath the tonnes of yellow brown sand.

Having blasted it clear we descended and landed on the pad. We tooled up with weapons and breathers, Corbyn wearing a vac suit and headed into the complex into the main production area. Power was still on though door systems were not entirely reliable, Sar failed to tap into the computer system at the workers keying in point, burning out his datapad in the attempt.

We forced open the door to production area A noting on the status board that the plant had an impressively low number of lost time accidents recently although this was matched by a disappointingly low production number, well below the quota target with in round figures, absolutely no production of any kind of late.

There was no sound but the ping of our motion detectors as they scanned the large production area beyond. At least there should have been no sound but that, sadly owing to administrative oversight and poor logistics, we had no such devices, and the only noise was Thud saying ‘Did you see that?’ Unfortunately no one did and we advanced into the room, some more stealthily than others, warily scanning the room over the sites of our various weapons.

Some sort of machinery was still running, mindlessly attempting to assemble non-existent items that should have need coming down the production line. Several catwalks crossed the room and Perci* and Thud split up taking two of them covered by Corbyn and his laser rifle.

*Or the Amazing Perci as he like to be known

That was when it happened: Three giant wasps appeared without so much as a warning buzz and attacked, Corbyn going down stung in the face without even a twitch of his trigger finger. Perci shot and killed the wasp that had attacked me, had he not been shuffling his ever ready pack of cards he might have saved Corbyn the free venom sample. Thud blew another away Skarl surviving a sting better than the fragile navigator. Magnum force – classic!

Sar managed to quickly stabilise Corbyn with his mental powers and he demonstrated that he was feeling much better by instantly shooting the last wasp comprehensively dead. We resumed our advance along the catwalks, at least Thud and Perci did, the rest remaining behind to cover. So with Perci flitting almost invisibly in the shadows it was Thud standing on the exposed catwalk who faced an instant life of death decision when a uniformed man emerged from a door at the far end.

He could see that there were half a dozen or more figures moving around in the room beyond. Thud hesitated and opened a dialogue with the figure, eliminating whatever advantage of surprise we may or may not have had. In those next thirty seconds the other group emerged from the room, seven of them, well-armed and armoured with uniforms bearing the logo of a fire breathing zebra.

Thud had a brief discussion in which it was established that our new friends were also searching for the security tapes although they were not inclined to reveal on whose behalf. They clearly were not going to go for the old ‘We didn’t see you and you didn’t see us’ approach, and bearing in mind they could only see Thud they were (almost certainly rightly) confident in their superiority, especially their heavily armoured leader.

Corbyn didn’t like the way the conversation was going and shot the leader neatly through his armoured helmet* causing the six lackeys to immediately throw down their weapons and surrender. At least that way it played out in Corbyn’s head probably, still sloshing with wasp venom. In reality his burst of fire went high over the commander’s shoulder.

*He’s got a nasty streak that Corbyn

The enemy, for such they were now if they weren’t already, scattered and returned fire gunning down the exposed Thud even though he got a grenade away killing one. Sar killed another with a surprisingly accurate shot and Skarl psychically lifted one off the catwalk and dropped him to the shop floor where he landed with a nasty crunch of splintering bone.

Corbyn shouted a fake commlink message calling at least four other assault teams in to support us, whether it was this or the sudden reduction in their numbers from seven to four the three remaining troops broke and fled pursued by more shots, however, their commander was made of sterner stuff: His fire dropped Sar as he ran forward to administer first aid to Thud.

Skarl failed to affect the leader with her psychic power but now Corbyn took a chunk out of his shoulder with a better placed laser burst. Perci sneaking up on the commander tried to finish him with his swordstick wand thing but failed finding himself looking down the barrel of his opponent’s pistol.

Perci dived beyond him into the chamber beyond looking for cover. The enemy leader followed him in and Perci now tried to cut a deal, concerned that blessed as he is with a delicate physique for which a poorly manicured hangnail means certain death, it was unlikely to survive the kind of ventilation about to be inserted into his chest by some heavy duty energy bolts.

Unbelievably some would say as if by magic, the pair of them reached an accord: The enemy leader sheathed both pistols and emerged back into the production area where Sar was healing Thud and Corbyn had just taken off his vac suit that had encumbered him unduly in the fight. Our opponent seemed quite reasonable, agreeing to send his departed men back to their pick-up point and Thud was assigned to watch him in case of accidents.

He confirmed that they had only searched this wing with the R & D, accounts and Human resource wings as yet untouched. He would not reveal his name or employer. We headed out intending to return to the ship to blast another door clear to continue the search. As we approached the ship however, three more soldiers appeared right in front of us, monoblades drawn and ready to do some serious skull cracking.

This they did dropping our prisoner in a frenzied attack but Thud shot the one attacking Corbyn after Perci failed to connect with the same opponent, Corbyn swung his own monoblade killing a second. At this point a funny thing happened: The third attacker detonated a grenade. Skarl teleported out of the blast zone just in time but Corbyn fell again as did the delicate flower that is Perci. Our prisoner was killed, Thud swung at the suicidal attacker but missed and to add insult to injury, he teleported away as swiftly as he had come.

So we are in sorry shape with Perci and Corbyn badly hurt as we regain our ship and our prisoner who had been quite nice really, a decomposing corpse.* Three more wings to search and at least four hostiles, one a strong psyker with clearly fanatical tendencies on the loose out there.

*In a cruel GM friendly ploy these mercenary types decompose instantly together with all assorted goodies once killed in a ploy designed to remove evidence of their black operations but obviously really to p*ss players off by removing any decent loot.

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Time for a bit of Sun, Sand and more Sand
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