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 A Whole New World

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A whole New World
++++Initialising++++++++++Systems status 485987-477Indigo +++++++++++Parameters nominal++++Query directive+++negative input+++++++++++Maximise interrogative++++++ negative outcome++++Independent mode engaged+++++Presence detected approaching from the South West+++++Seek, assess and engage+++++++++

++++++Assessment result threat level 34895.09++Hostility level 2124.34546+++++Deferring to factory settings on interactive programmes++++++++++++defence protocols to standby+++++++Contact classification #Thud# ++++++Truth rating 9783654 interim assessment ++++++

+++++++Full interaction and reciprocity engaged++++ Contacts #Skarl# #Sar# #Corbyn#+++++++++Truth rating Classified Corbyn 8445767- Alpha++++++++Interim integration criteria met for level six++++++++++Subject Thud operational efficiency rating below minimum for assigned classification+++++Appropriate repair procedures engaged but seem ineffective+++++++Subject Corbyn has offered guidance in areas of interaction with unclassified contacts++++Truth rating supports level nine credence to offered advisement+++++++++++

+++++Further guidance obtained by directed searches in line with approved independent survival mode developing additional data banks to support decision modules+++++++Exponential improvement in base information initially doubling every 2.6 standard cycles+++Vessel #company ship# shows recent enhancement upgrades++++++personnel encountered are non-hostile but seem confused on many issues++++++Observed relationships in contact with others monitored see sub file #Jesus Gomez #Hanna not wholly compatible, divergence of motives, priorities and objectives noted++++

######Kavita System the truth######Seek the truth on Skandarlis####

+++++++++++Trade and economy basis for society interactions appear logical in pure concept++++++++Scope for illogical application appears a concern++++++Subject Corbyn continues to show significant truth affinity++++++++++Potential threats identified appear substantiated by independent research++++++++Causes and action to remove threats undetermined at this date+++++Countermeasures may be necessary+++++++++ Defence protocols supplementary data augmentation link to tactical database to enhance++++++

++++++recent destruction of associated personnel appears to have caused emotional response amongst human personnel++Subject Skarl appears substantially different to remaining personnel+++++++++Scans indicate significant deviation from assumed standard design+++System operation appears fundamentally different and unusual age indicated+++++++Explanation uncertain+++++

+++Evidence of infestation of Doves also unexplained+++++++No correlation in standard data interrogations that explain this+++++++++Truth factor 0000475628.2645411++++++Estimated time required for manual interaction to provide explanation for questions currently classified unknown, 38,790,998 standard cycles, assuming no further questions raised by data obtained+++++++++++probability of this +++++++++++++++++++ 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%++++

+++++++Corbyn truth factor may correlate to recounted experience when experienced data input from unknown source calling itself the prophet of truth+++++++++Reliability factor low however, the unit Corbyn was badly damaged at the time after insect attack whilst removing creatures then believed hostile from Engineering +++++++++++++++Corbyn speaks of fire and prophecy similarity with occasional apparently non-random interference received in cortex processors 995-998 on sixteen occasions this activation+++++++++++++

##travel to the Kavita System you must, the truth is there#########

++++ Currently insufficient data to speculate on origin, cause or purpose of these communications+++++Note for all systems: Insufficient data is no barrier to human subjects speculating+++++++++++++Apparently we will know the truth when we see it+++++++This seems insufficient as full analysis is necessary to be definitive on such matters+++++++++Humans notably Corbyn appear unnecessarily imprecise when attempting to convey concepts that they seem to regard as simple and self-evident++++++++++Prioritising 68% of research capacity to external sources++++++Cross relate issues and inconsistencies only to human sources+++++++++++

++++++My associates are delighted to receive my factory record tapes 9x9274j -56xxhaqw588 which appears to result in wealth transference++++++++++I have explained my origin role and age to them and they seem satisfied with me though they have no knowledge of the location of my engineering team++++Corbyn is truthful on the matter and has been assigned appropriate veracity rating+++

###########truth Skandarlis in the Kavita system imperative directive##########truth########

+++++Personnel seem to believe that I will be threatened by many and my presence could lead to their own termination+++++++++++++they are nevertheless happy for me to accompany them++++++++Inconsistency noted but many possible explanations++++++++++++Corbyn is drawn by mysterious communications that he receives in some organic manner directing him to the planet Radna in the Ghasoon system+++++++++++

++++++We travel to a war zone called Brizeno and I note the frailties of humanity which are evident in the trial and error method of navigation that we appear to employ+++++We pick up ten mechs which are primitive war machines that we are to transport clandestinely to Strophious+++++++++Skarl has associates there++++++++Risks are involved and financial transactions++Corbyn and I have a discussion and he agrees that he will use shared resources from the group to my benefit if I can make a logical case++++++++I agree with the proviso of a review after 96 standard cycles+++++++++++

+++A number of moral issues are under discussion where I am completely out of my depth++++++++It seems that laws vary and conflict from human culture to human culture, whilst there are greater fundamental laws or one might d=say truths, that are consistent across all, yet are not observed by all+++++++++highly illogical, yet Corbyn’s truth remains evident even when illogical or incomprehensible++++++++

+++A killing is proposed which may be right tor wrong depending on many factors, however nearly all these are unknown++++++++++Even now I am unclear whether we have agreed to the destruction of the being known as Stanislav Kovaks.+++++++If we have we may gain a new ship, for it appears we must return the one we have soon++++++++++There is some concern we may upset the Rimaldi if we do++++++++++++From what I can tell these crew and their predecessors have not had much compunction about upsetting anyone up to now++++++++++++

####Kavita system########

++++++++++++We arrive at Radna with some difficulty and enter orbit+++++++++the planet below is primitive and at war and Corbyn feels drawn to the truth on the surface below++++++Primitive artillery barrages are going on between two foes below and two great trench networks scar the planet’s only content++++++ The war is between the truth seekers and Royal Empaths++++++++++++

+++++++++Corbyn attempts to communicate with the planet telling its inhabitants to look to the skies for the truth++++++I am unclear why he did this as the war between these two is apparently because both sides are trying to find the truth++++++A careful review of my memory banks can find no evidence that Corbyn knows the truth the combatants are seeking+++Could he be attempting deceit? Yet I still sense without any corporeal evidence an emanation of truth from him+++++++ Fill systems check reveals all systems nominal+++++++Anomaly retained for further review and analysis++++++

++Meanwhile the Rimaldi contact us from an undersea base. They have monitored our transmission which is a violation of their planet+++++++Instead of withdrawing in face of this transgression and implied threat, we descend into the atmosphere++++++++++How was this decision reached?+++++

++++++++Corbyn can sense the truth from one side and takes us in to land despite a rolling barrage of high explosive shells. +++++++++++++Highlighting protection mode and intense defence condition H5++++++++ I disembark with Corbyn, the others remain behind for some reason++++++++++Corbyn greets a platoon of cavalry and they seem happy with him when he says he is truth seeker++++++Archive accessed for transportation interaction with species horse++++++

+++++Activation successful, we ride to the trenches, Corbyn and I are issued with gas masks for our protection by our royal empath hosts+++++++++++
Corbyn now picks out a one armed female private by the name of wood: He says she is what he was seeking. She is the prophet, which is odd. Reviewing the 39 minutes of conversation regarding the prophet that I have recorded, never has he mentioned her to be a woman, indeed, most references refer to the prophet whilst humanoid breaking up like a cloud of insects+++++However I still ‘feel the truth from him and the woman++++++++++++++

+++So what is the great truth revealed to us by Private Wood?*++++++++++++

*Humour alert! Systems indicate a near match for the witticism that Private Wood is mostly ‘armless

Truth Alpha 1: The truth seekers should Die
Truth Beta 2: Their version of the truth is false
Truth Omega 3: The only way to know the truth is to destroy the truth seekers.

++++++Interim shutdown, dormancy cycled engaged, review data assimilated to date and re-evaluate intentions++++++++++++++

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A Whole New World
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