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 The Other SIde Issue 248

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The Other SIde Issue 248 Empty
PostSubject: The Other SIde Issue 248   The Other SIde Issue 248 EmptyMon 4 Jan - 11:38:56

Fanzine of Extreme Prejudice
Produced by The Other Side Publications Issue 248

BloodBowl V: The League Awakens

Reptile Dysfunction 1
Extreme Prejudice 1

A new Season underway at last following the inexplicable delay of some years.* Extreme Prejudice took the first reception in an unfriendly against an unknown Lizard Man team. Both sides were fielding 11 debutants, but we have not even received details of the squads yet.**

*It seemed like 40,000
**Well actually we have, but we await translator Mr Morden’s return from holiday before we can even attempt to publish it

Hastican won the toss though it’s always debateable whether he called heads or tails, and elected to receive. The lizards had a kroxigor and a full six saurus linemen, plus four diminutive skinks. We lacked funds for a Beast and could only afford three Warriors plus four rotters and pestigora.

Opening Score
A good first half saw the Kroxigor and a saurus knocked out and another injured by our number ten warrior and we scored late on with our number three rotter shuffling over the line after taking over possession from a pestigor blitzed down midfield.

Riotous Scenes
Sadly this brought back the Kroxigor for a brief possession which went nowhere following a riot that took out half a dozen players as the 13,000 spectators went wild. We lost a pestigor KO after a foolish failed blitz and both sides played with nine players in the second half as our number one rotter was brutally murdered in an uncalled for show of brutality that was, admittedly, in the finest traditions of the game.

Elastic Line Snaps
The Extreme line was pushed back deep on the left and despite our best efforts a skink burst through the gaps left by the heavy duty blocking of the big lizards and scored the equaliser.

Heroic Defence
The final drive saw us attack on the right with a pestigor again dispossessed. The skinks scurried away with the ball to the reverse flank hoping to out distance our comparatively sluggish defence.* This time though a pestigor going for it pushed the ball carrier into the crowd who knocked him out and a second slink also went to the KO dug out after being fouled by three players.

*Sluggish despite the lack of a beast

Final Effort Fails
Not to be left out our promising number ten added a second casualty, ironically another saurus, our attacks on the fragile skinks generally disappointing. Despite our supporters being in the minority the throw in was kind to us and the kroxigor, who played well throughout could not reach the ball and a pestigor recovered and attempted a last gasp long pass to a rotter in the enemy end zone. He fumbled it, game over.

An exciting game, both sides had opportunities for a second score and the lack of skills added a frisson to the blocking in particular. Both coaches showed signs of ring rustiness with illegal procedures called against both sides.

Hastican gave his usual illuminating press conference afterwards, fortunately Mr Morden had just returned was able to translate as usual: ‘Threatened adjustments and fried onion marmalade enthroned in mighty completeness. Ray shone with shark fin royalty and ill organised solo careers fly through plagiarist feeble villains. In short but goodness and warmth, resurgent Faroe islands.’

Good winnings, but mostly spent on a replacement number one so a full squad looks a long way off.

Around The League

• Reports are reaching us that the TOSSA ceremony is being pencilled in for a date in March

• The early season date seems confusing but is in line with the traditional timing of the event

• Debut Dark Elf team the Niggling Nagarothians draw with Chaos team Friends of Khorne with last gasp equaliser.

• Chaos manage a disappointing 3-0 on casualties, disappointing because they had to rely on the crowd to inflict two.

• Mystery of rumoured fifth team to join league, early rumour of vampires involved as yet unconfirmed but seems unlikely.

• Reports are coming in of work going on behind the locked gates of death row. Could the Eternals be stirring too?

Incorporated Chaos Force

• Introducing Chaos Cuisine: The new gourmet range for the discerning chaotic palate

• The quarter pound Beard Burger: 100% Prime dwarf- Guaranteed

• Minute Minotaur steak

• Pizza Pestigora – justa lika Mamma used to make!

• Saurus Surprise*

• Beef str’ogre’nof

• Elf Fingers

• Kroxigor Kebab

• Skaven stew with Ratatouille

• On a diet? Try our Halfling Hot Pot – Just 50% of the calories

• For vegetarians – Treeman soufflé

• Skink Supreme

• Omelette+

• Curried Centaur

• For traditionalists – Orc & chips

• And For our Vampire friends: Stake and Kidney Pie

*If you don’t want to know the surprise, look away now*

*It’s troll

+No eggs involved – this is lightly sautéed young Brettonian

The ICF:  We’ll Soon Have You Gobblin’
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The Other SIde Issue 248
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