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 The Other Side Issue 249

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The Other Side Issue 249 Empty
PostSubject: The Other Side Issue 249   The Other Side Issue 249 EmptyMon 4 Jan - 11:40:29

Fanzine of Extreme Prejudice
Produced by The Other Side Publications Issue 249

Extreme Debacle
Friends of Khorne 1
Extreme Prejudice 0

A poor performance once again marked by the lack of skills on both sides. With Extreme on the attack through the first half a pestigor was dispossessed close to the end zone and the enemy recovered and got the ball away to safety aided by an unfortunate call of ‘Illegal procedure’ by Hastican.

The referee would not accept that the call was in fact just Hastican swearing at the opposing coach and this certainly cost us a scoring opportunity just as much as the intercepted pass with which we tried to score.

Positional Play Poor
The first half saw seven knock outs, four suffered by us, two returned and all the Friends. With only nine players the Friends drove through our left flank despite an early turnover, Extreme unable to press the temporary advantage having set up too conservatively.

Pestigor Slain
A rotter fell a casualty in the final defence on the left and the enemy scored again. Still time to score but depleted we didn’t have the numbers to break through despite some good blocking and when Jags Toxic, our number 15 pestigor fell fatally injured and failed to regenerate it was all over.

Even a consolation pass was denied us by the blindingly sunny conditions that prevailed in the second half. Hastican’s comments afterwards were brief, but succinct: ‘Fatuous ingrates!’

Around The Leagues

• Defeat too for our last opponents Reptile Dysfunction, losing to devastating Dark Elves Niggling Nagarothians 1-0 and crushed 4-1 on casualties.

• Dark Elf coach demands star player points for successful fouls. The League may consider if the call attracts support.

• Officials’ guild demand parity with star player points for referees who successfully send-off players.

• No Star Player points for mere knock outs confirmed, only pussies KO!

Incorporated Chaos Force

• Welcomes the return of the league unfriendlies

• And looks forward to the return of the Chaos Cup for which they are favourites in the bidding for sponsorship rights

• The Supreme Achievement of any Team is the winning of the cup named for the greatest force in the universe

The ICF; The Chaos Cup: A Winning Combination
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The Other Side Issue 249
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