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 The Other Side Issue 250

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The Other Side Issue 250 Empty
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Fanzine of the Eternal Champions Issue 250
Published By The Other Side Publications

The Eternals Are Back!
Eternal Champions 2
Reptile Dysfunction 0

Well the clues were all there: The delivery wagons packed with Mr Faggot’s brains had been rolling into Death Row for days; the wolf howls coming from the training pitch on Thursday nights; the mysterious disappearances of vagrants all over Marienburg and the cancellation of Constable Postlethwaite’s annual leave all added up to the return of matchday.

Not to be out done by the opening action across town at Slaughter End, a reinvigorated Coach Creoch unveiled an all new eleven for the game against the Lizard Men. who had already secured a draw against Extreme.

He Passes, He scores!
Winning the toss in front of 18,000 fans it was not all smooth sailing with two zombies injured including a miss next match for Nefacay. Amyra, one of two rookie ghouls was dispossessed, the ball bouncing to a pesky skink but via the crowd the ball ended up with wight She’ Hem Maplin who passed to Wolf Zash in the end zone who caught our opening score of Bloodbowl V.

Clumsy Lizards
One of two KO skinks returned for the opposition and we kicked off, but the lizard men, having suffered heavily at the claws and horns of chaos in their last match were playing four journeymen skinks out of five, and they now experienced severe ball handling problems largely as a result of these loners.

Thin Dead Line Holds
She’Hem now scored a casualty making the position even worse and with us also two short the second half was to start as a nine v nine affair. We managed to contain the enemy assault effectively despite the power of the saurus squad facing only one golem, Okla the Slayer. A wight, saurus and skink were all knocked out in fierce fighting and our last ditch werewolf defence stopped a skink that nearly broke through our right.

Pressure Plied On
As we powered up the right flank, Zash forced another saurus into the crowd who caused a casualty and wolf Ray Fin Ren recovered the ball and scored the second to clinch the result. Three two on casualties the final score and the injured Nefacay took MVP. Winnings were 50k but with a zombie missing Creoch was forced to purchase a replacement and Fect joined wearing number eleven.

Smug Coach
Creoch, talking exclusively to TOS afterwards was full of his old fire/ mindless optimism depending on your point of view. ‘Yes we’re back and putting down a marker for the rest of the league, whoever or whatever they are. We’ll take this fresh new squad and achieve the greatness we deserve.’

Dramatic Destruction in Drama At Death Row
Eternal Champions 2
Family Killers 0

Hardly a pause and a rookie Norse team rolled up the Reik and issued a challenge to the Eternals giving the crowd an unexpected bonus match. Another squad of eleven with two Ulf wereners, a berserker, thrower and two runners amongst their squad.

New Recruit
They won the toss and elected to receive and held the ball back with one of their runners, hoping to wear us down with their superior blocking skills. The tactic seemed to be working when zombie Slasher Pendle was knocked out, but then Zash killed an enemy lineman who Creoch raised to be our new number twelve.

Cool Ghoul
Then a stroke of luck as Rimlet received the ball as the runner was felled and another player ended up in the crowd. Rimlet went on to score and with knock outs and casualties the human team could only field eight against our full squad even though Slasher remained KO. Our new zombie set up against his former comrades on the scrimmage line further demoralising the Killers.

Ball handling problems compounded the position for the Norse and two more players were KO including a foul by Ray. Second half and our reception, facing only eight again. The humans blitzed but with little impact and again Amyra brought the ball forward, confident to come right up to the line in fact to assist in blocks.

Knackered Norse
Ray now scored a casualty and an Ulf werener was KO to another foul. Another KO foul by zombie Dredd resulted in a harsh sending off by the referee, but the humans were now down to just four. Zash killed a second player and then Rimlet too was sent off for fouling.

Result Wrapped Up
Another ghoulish score after the hapless killers were reduced to just one though we lost another player sent off. Ironically both sides now received bribe cash for the final drive, nine v four in our favour with several KOs failing to return. The eventual casualty score was 5-0 including three shared by our wolves and two slayings. Poor winnings though, just 20k.

Creoch was jubilant: ‘We and the fans have waited years for this: We have shown the pre dead and anyone else paying attention that Death Row is a fortress, that the Eternals are a force to be reckoned with, and we will not rest until silverware is ours.’

Around the Leagues

• More newcomers rumoured to be interested in the league

• Wood Elves the latest rumour for new team composition

• Said to be a skaven team in process of forming too.

Supporting the Champions eternally*

• Delivery, dead on time.
• Items of grave importance a speciality.
• All work undertaken swiftly and with style
• A package sent with us always terminates the way you’d want it to.
• We don’t bury you in paperwork (but we do bury non payers).
• We travel where wolves won’t, wight there where you need us.

Imperial Courier Franchises:
Service For Champions

*Contract exclusions and waivers apply Five year option to renew with 12 month review clauses.
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The Other Side Issue 250
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