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 The Other Side Issue 252

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The Other Side Issue 252 Empty
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The Other Side
Incorporating In Extremis Issue 252
Fanzine of the Eternal Champions and Extreme Prejudice

Franchise Update

Following the last issue we have received a number of requests for news on other teams that were formerly part of the Fatlox franchise. Records are incomplete or sketchy, but for what it’s worth here is The Other Side’s understanding of the position regarding our other teams.

The Dead Ringers
After decamping to participate in the Sylvanian League they enjoyed considerable success, a few years ago they even sent a B team back for a series of exhibition matches here in Marienburg. However recently their fortunes have been in decline resulting in the dismissal of coach Terminor and his return to join the Eternals.

The Entropic Marauders
After the collapse of the Putri Dome owing to serious rot problems the team has failed to return to Marienburg after its world tour. The last report was a win in the Far Albion Cup when they beat Extreme in the final. It was this win that did so much damage to Extreme that they decided to return to Slaughter End with an all new line up. It is not known why coach Vagilex has left them to join Hastican at Extreme.

The Foretold
Travelling to Lustria on tour the Foretold under Coach Shooter they disappeared mysteriously and have not been heard of since. Did they see that coming? Who knows with lizard men?

The Talabac Tornados
Sadly the Tornados went bankrupt after Hurricane Eric struck Talabheim ironically demolishing Whirlwind Stadium. There is talk of reforming from time to time but it’s thought that there is little prospect at present.

Tombspawn United

The entire team was killed in an unfriendly against the Disciples of Destruction on tour in Brettonia and has not been reformed since. The fate of Coach Peter Graves is unknown.

The Vernaculan Renegades
Still holders of the Mountain Brew cup, they enjoyed success in Lustria but little has been heard since coach Mr Treacher retired to his home in Sandford Wells. They remain one of the top teams on the Dark Continent.

And now a welcome return for a couple of our regular features…

Anorak Corner
Some results you may have missed: Whilst TOS was on hiatus there was an exhibition tournament played, the results of which are summarised here with the aggregate score at the end:

The Dead Ringers
Casualties figure is on the right
Played 6 6
Won 3 4
Lost 1 2
Drew 2 0
7-4 14-12

Extreme Prejudice
Casualties figure is on the right
Played 7 7
Won 3 2
Lost 3 3
Drew 1 2
4-5 16-14

Our opponents were the Sideline Scuttlers, Draegon’s Despoilers, The Rat Pack, The Defilers, The Family Killers, Toby’s Tornados, Saladin’s Shining Princes and Gazrak Ore Crushers.

For comparison, Bloodbowl V so far:

The Eternal Champions
Casualties figure is on the right
Played 2 2
Won 2 2
Lost 0 0
Drew 0 0
4-0 8-2

Extreme Prejudice
Casualties figure is on the right
Played 3 3
Won 1 1
Lost 1 1
Drew 1 1
2-2 2-3

Grudge List
The Friends of Khorne
Reptile Dysfunction

The ICF:

Exclusive New Product Range

Do you have rooms in your house that are neat, tidy, sterile?

Do your days drift by unmarked by alarm or terror, constant stimulation, worry or paranoia?

Do you always know where everything is; have sufficient money for your needs; peace and quiet at home?

Do your days pass without you being derided, insulted, ignored, wound up or generally irritated?

Do you sleep well every night safe in the knowledge that you are in control and there are no surprises waiting for you in the small hours?

Are you unaware that you are out of touch, old fashioned, uncool, have no idea about what is going on whilst at the same time are totally responsible for all the ills of the world?

If you can answer yes to some or all of the above: You call that living?

You need a Teenager.

The ICF Teenager 2000TM series.*

The Ultimate in Life ExperienceTM.

Available in all shapes and sizes. All with the basic package but including special variations such as:

The Teenager Student
‘Look what we can do nowadays’
Keeps you grounded with an air of superiority that makes you feel you exist only on sufferance of their generation and its undoubted though as yet non existent achievements.

The Teenager in Love
‘You can’t possibly understand’
Mean, Moody, Magnificent and Misunderstood. At best you’ll be totally ignored, at worst Despised.

The Incorrigible Teenager
‘You said you wouldn’t be back ‘til 12’
Life’s a party and you are Principal financier and obstacle in chief.

The Rebel Teenager
‘I’m not making your mistakes’
You’re not cool: Look what you have personally done to the world. He or she will make you pay for your crimes

Part exchange available.**

*Instructions not included, some maintenance required
** Your money, equilibrium and sanity in exchange for the Teenager, Absolutely no refunds

Chaos: To Order
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The Other Side Issue 252
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