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 The Other Side Issue 253

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The Other Side Issue 253 Empty
PostSubject: The Other Side Issue 253   The Other Side Issue 253 EmptyWed 20 Jan - 12:00:40

Fanzine of the Eternal Champions and Extreme Prejudice. Issue 253

Eternals Can Only Niggle Niggling Dark Elves

Eternal Champions 1
Niggling Nagarothians 2

The Eternals met the Dark Elves infront of 24000 screaming fans, mainly hostile to the dead. Losing the toss the Nigglers pressed their advantage with a quick snap. Our opening defensive block was a spectacular double skull, sadly not the first of the day. The witch elf tried to get in position to shove Nefacay to the baying crowd.

Near Death Experience
The runner brought the ball upfield in the centre where our golem was being repeatedly battered down. Zash the werewolf then scored a casualty for us, inflicting a serious injury that the elf apothecary then almost compounded with some fatal surgery.

Casualty Exchange
Surely a case of medical malpractice deserving of going straight to gaol. Unfortunately ghoul Rimlat had also left the field injured though the injury, like all those we would suffer was minor.

Pesky Runner
Our attack on the runner was thwarted by him dumping off rather than taking any chances. The witch elf was able to hand off for a quick opening score. Nefacay and Dredd were now substituted with Fect and Pore Killer. Ghoul Amyra collected the ball as the waterworks opened and pouring rain began – rain that would mysteriously affect us more than the opposition.

Elves Monopolise Ball
We massed in the centre and went for some heavy blocking, another double skull this time for Zash. This left us with Amyra in the centre of a mass of players of both sides. Amyra was dropped and the ball rolled clear. The enemy grabbed it and passed the ball back away from our scrum of players.

Resources Sapped
She’Hem now scored a KO, but fellow wight Strax was himself KO and would take no further part in the game. In fierce exchanges Slasher Pendle forced another elf into the all too friendly crowd. MVP Zash was now also KO and would also not re appear. 1-0 down at the end of the half but more seriously key players out leaving us reliant on six zombies for the second period.

Our Second Drive
We received again and again started poorly with Ray Fin Ren our active werewolf failing a block with the ball loose deep on our right with Amyra nearby. With only ten players on the field we were looking for a miracle. Ray fortunately survived a disgraceful foul attempt (though admittedly we had started it in the first half).

Star Ghoul
Amyra ran through the centre but was well within range of slippery elf blitzes, however he managed to hold out despite two blocks thrown at him. Ray scored another casualty and then Amyra dodged away to equalise.

Crippled By Knock Outs

Critically no KO players returned for us and the elves had theirs mostly back. Ten against eleven for this possession and the ball fell short in the centre. Nefacay on the front line fell KO and although we got to the ball carrier again, again he dumped off to a nearly blitzer.

Arrogant Dark Elves
The enemy penetrated right to our line and halted awaiting the score whist Dredd and Itria left the field injured. Amyra scored a late casualty and then Ray blitzed down the blitzer on the line in a courageous stunning block.

Loose Ball
The ball via the crowd ended up midfield. Ray blitzed again falling valiantly this time at the second attempt allowing the enemy to run forward, hand off and score at the death.

Minimal Reward
A close run thing, we could have used some babes but our armour penetration was lacking and the elves’ ball handling remained remarkable despite the atrocious weather conditions. Very poor winnings too with both sides sharing a meagre 30,000. Advances for three of our players however.

Coach Comment
Creoch was crestfallen after the match, clearly disappointed by a poor performance both defensively, offensively and on the combat front, a 3-3 draw the casualty outcome. He promised revenge with dark mutterings about selective rain clouds and the availability of Bloodweiser Babes.

Around The Leagues

• Still no leagues to be around.
• Doubts growing over practicality of Bloodbowl V with only four coaches active
• Bloodbowl does not even have a competitive monopoly as some coaches diverted by more financially orientated competition.


Supporting the Champions eternally

• No skeletons in our cupboard.
• The service that gives you morgue than the rest.
• We promise that the last thing we would raise would be our fees.
• Long term preservation a speciality
• Where wolves are involved we are the only couriers who specialise.
• Fatality friendly staff
• Dead Accurate estimates guaranteed
• Wight on time deliveries
• All relations accommodated especially Mummies
• Sylvanian destinations a speciality

The ICF:
The Ghoulest Service Around
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The Other Side Issue 253
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