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 The Other SIde Issue 254

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The Other SIde Issue 254 Empty
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Fanzine of the Eternal Champions and Extreme Prejudice Issue 254

Killer Nigglers In Savage Slayage Spree

Extreme Prejudice 0
Niggling Nagarothians 2

With just eleven players available it was an induced team that played the return unfriendly against the Dark Elves and an impressive 38,000 were present, most eager to see the Dark Elf side get their revenge. We won the toss and received, Craytborlz O’ Fyrre the franchise wizard taking his place in the stands, a bevy of Bloodweiser babes on hand in the KO dugout.

The ball landed close to pestigor Vigrid and but incredibly the elves broke through to collect the ball and attempted to pass it back straight away. Vigrid would have none of it though and intercepted the pass brilliantly. We began to advance aided by a failed dodge blitz by an elf blitzer.

Possession Lost
Vigrid began to make headway on the left, meanwhile rotter Imrin Vhan failed our first foul attempt. Pestigor Maximillus was now KO downfield as the elves positioned for a score should they recover. Sure enough Vigrid now fell and the wych elf recovering passed deep but inaccurately.

Rotter Down
Warrior Cranial McCavity scored a KO but the ball was close to our end zone. Warrior Cheg attacked the elf closest to the ball but now another setback as Rotter Ibicore was brutally slain. Jet Habertwaite recovered the ball but there were opposition players all too close.

Premature Lightning Bolt
Crayteborlz decided to intervene and fired on the closest bringing him down but not putting him out. It’s unclear whether this was on his own initiative, either way it was a wizard wasted. This was demonstrated as the elves easily recovered the ball again. Cheg scored another KO and Jet made short work of the wych elf sending her to the casualty dugout on a stretcher.

Final Moments See Score
The ball ended up close to rotter Evil Blata but he was quickly KO and despite Warrior Shascue’s efforts the slippery elf eluded his tackle to score at the close of the half. Unfortunately this returned one of the KO Nigglers and their runner who had been shoved unceremoniously into the crowd only minutes earlier.

Riotous Beginning
We did actually outnumber the elves for the second half, ten players to their nine, the wych and two linemen unavailable. The crowd rioted briefly at our kick off losing some time. The ball landed close to the runner deep. The enemy luck seemed to be hitting a dodgy streak as a block against McCavity now failed. Vhan meanwhile failed with another foul.

Second Killing Stuns EP
Vigrid now fell and was fouled equally unsuccessfully but the runner at last gathered the ball. Gatchamee now fell going for it and Vigrid was fatally killed his regeneration failing completely. Jet managed another KO and Maximillus collected the ball but was exposed.

Games Death Throes
An exchange of knock outs including Maximillus and the runner recovered the ball and scored. Although we had scored another casualty via the crowd all four of his KO players now returned for the final drive and it was 9 v 10 again, but this time in his favour. A final round of blocking and fouling and that was it, a horrendous display.

More Bad News
Good winnings and increased fan factor, but with the squad down to nine a disastrous unfriendly. To add insult to (fatal) injury, the late Vigrid (possibly correctly) was awarded MVP. Pestigor Malekor was purchased after the game and Orblio the journeyman joined the squad.

Coach Verdict
Hastican commented after the game: ‘Many tabulations found wanting and excruciated in vast measure. Dappled sunlight hardly enlightened and despairing quantities of eight pieces. Quibbling niceness drastic and complete utterness.’ Strong words indeed from the dispirited coach who had been hoping to add a beast to his squad soon.

Chaos Bearded In Its Own Den

Eternal Champions 2
Friends of Khorne 0

Visiting the Friends of Khorne in their lair Creoch was surprised to see that the Chaos coach had dispensed with his famous beard. Still when had that ever had an influence on anything?* Winning the toss, Creoch elected to receive first against the slightly induced opposition.

*Coach Samson certainly has a view on this.

Bloodbath Predicted
22,000 fans roared their approval at kick off, mostly rooting for chaos. The chaos side set up very aggressively filling the scrimmage line with warriors and even a beast. The initial scrum was not very successful but our ghouls advanced with the ball on the left with the wolves in the vanguard.

Amyra switched to the right as the defence shifted but she was downed. Incredibly the ball bounced into the arms of Rimlat, the other ghoul. Rimlat was then felled but this time the ball fell to the escorting wight. The friends now got to the wight and again the ball bounced from one player to another, this time though it was a chaos beastman who grabbed it.

Crippled Wight
Zombie Nefacay decided foul measures were called for but with no result. Yet another failed block released wolf Ray Fin Rey to grab the ball and he took off to the left. Strax the wight was now badly injured and would see no more action this game, or the next for that matter.

Friends Held In Check
The werewolf got clear and hung around the line waiting to score as the Eternals did good work bogging the Friends down in the centre, He scored towards the end of the half. On the final short drive of the half Zash scored a KO and that was it.

Khorne Disciples Stutter Again
The second half and the Friends could only field ten players. Having rested one ghoul in the last drive we returned both for the second half. The kick was short and the home side advanced menacingly with a quick snap. Then a failed block against Nefacay for an early turnover.

Another Brutal Half
Zash stunned the ball carrier as he tried to penetrate our defence on the right, the ball was unhelpfully thrown back in closer to our end zone on the right by the partisan crowd. Ray Fin Ren was now KO leaving us two top players short now.

Another Classic Goal Hanging Score
Rimlat grabbed the ball and although hit was able to dodge his attacker. He blitzed away deep and held on much as Ray had in the first period to score late for two – nil. We lost Zombie Fect as a casualty but it was not serious.

Coach Pays Tribute
Coach Creoch summed up after the match: ‘This was an incredibly tight game with highly congested melees and our players showed a lot of fight winning personal battles all over the pitch. It was our success one on one in the heat of the action that won out for us in the end. A great effort by the whole team.’

Team Continues to Build
In a further statement he went on: ‘I am pleased to announce winnings that mean we can afford the electricity to animate my latest creation, Flesh Golem Skort Lifta, who’ll be joining Okla the Slayer in the centre of our line next match.’

TOS Says
This fourth unfriendly lifts the Eternals to three and one, a great start for them, but of course Death Row has had its fair share of false dawns in the past so we’ll have to wait and see. Meanwhile Extreme are really struggling at two one and one and a highly limited squad that will struggle to build a platform for the season to come given the current lack of funds in the Slaughter End War Chest.

Around The Leagues

• No News from the Family Killers

• No News from Reptile Dysfunction

• In fact, no news from anyone else, anywhere else

• Where are the new teams and coaches promised?

• Where is the league timetable?

• What’s going on?

• When’s it going on?

• It’s chaos out there

• So Not all bad then


Imperial Courier Franchises

Supporting the Champions eternally*

This week we’ve modified our adverts in line with the Empire’s plain-speaking and politeness campaign.

The ICF:
Please Buy our Goods and Services**
Pretty Please?

*Well for quite a reasonable period any way.

** You give us gold and we do things for you and or give you things in return.

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The Other SIde Issue 254
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