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End Game
So we re-emerged to find our patrons aboard the Spear of Truth in distress. Instantly we decided to assist. After all they were under attack by four frigates similar to ours, so what could possibly go wrong? We swung into action, our devastating fire creating very pretty light shows but not actually hitting very much. Meanwhile Thud, anxious for some close up action, possibly involving grenades, leapt aboard the stealth shuttle, intent on a board and bomb approach.*

*This time it’s personal

We quickly decided on a strategy that involved luring the enemy in close because we look so badly damaged and the plan was soon going to perfection, with large important looking chunks of the Maverick War Bastard’s superstructure being blown off with what a lesser crew might regard as alarming regularity. We continued to encourage our opponent closer by failing to inflict any damage on him in a dazzling display of coordinated strategy. Meanwhile boarding tubes were being launched against the Spirit of Truth as our opponents clearly felt the need for a little chat with our employers.

Catching on to our strategy, the Spear of Destiny also seemed to be making sure that its fire did little or no damage, but wait, now Thud was about to board the enemy ship and put its unsuspecting crew of twenty to the sword, or more likely grenade. He managed to enter the airlock but his plan to de pressurise the ship had a minor flaw: His grenades were not necessarily going to blast a hole in the hull, and certainly wouldn’t clear the whole ship for him. In a rare moment of considered reflection he decided to withdraw.

His decision was aided by our frantic calls for help: A minor flaw in our plan had become apparent in that our vessel was on the verge of disintegration. Despite my fantastic repair efforts I estimated two hours before the trusty War Bastard became little more than a hazard to navigation. As Thud returned the ship he had boarded exploded under the fire from the Spirit of Truth, though Thud claimed it was the grenades he left aboard her that did the job.

We were an estimated four hours from the nearest point of refuge using the shuttle and it only had two hours of life support. Our new plan was therefore to follow Thud’s original scheme and take another frigate. As we arrived at a target designated by the SOT, we couldn’t but help but noticing that it appeared to be in the process of evacuation. It was quickly apparent as we scanned the ship’s systems that she was on a self-destruct countdown.

In a moment of determination, clear sightedness and lunacy, I decided to disarm the self-destruct and headed to the engine core to sort it out, aided by Thud. Hmm, perhaps that should have been a clue as to the advisability of this course of action. Still hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Well it all goes well. At first. Then the ship blows up. Pretty sure it was Thud’s fault.

So Sar and SAM* now headed for the Spirit of Truth and attempted to board her, however, before they could they realised she was about to jump and they jumped with her, locked on to her hull. At this point things all became a little unfocussed, the spike in the spike drive possibly referring to illicit mind altering substances that had been used to infuse the GM’s biscuits.

*Where is Skarl?

Time appeared distorted and our heroes attempted to protect themselves with various psychic shenanigans* which didn’t seem effective. After some weeks, puzzling as they only had a few days supplies, the door opened and who should it be but yours truly, Corbyn and our mutual good friend the late Thud. In a lengthy surreal conversation everyone was eventually tempted out of the ship which it emerged, was held in the hand of a giant Skarl.

*Written of course by Terry Brooks

There were also thousands of other people all over the hull and thousands of other giants holding their own captive ships.* We floated dreamily about the place against a backdrop of psychedelic lightning. In this maze of confusion they opened the ships airlock and were sucked inside where they recovered and realised that only minutes had passed.

*Giants without number I guess

Searching the ship they discovered many labs containing artefacts that all appeared to originate on Earth, for example an oak tree. They also realised that the ship was still in the process of being secured by enemy marine boarding parties as pockets of resistance remained. They also shot a couple of scientists who were unlucky enough to stumble across them.

SAM decided to take advantage of the lab facilities to manufacture himself some nanites for the purpose of self-repair, a long held ambition. As usual, Sar took the more traditional mad scientist approach and decided to knock up a little something to poison the unfriendlies aboard using the ship’s air distribution system. Both were very successful, Sar managed to get slightly infested by some of the friendly nanites but his plan to infect hostile areas of the ship with the toxic plague he had created went really well.

There was another minor flaw however…*

*As always

The dynamic duo moved through the ship and had to pass through some of the infected areas so they took appropriate precautions. Although they did not specifically prepare for the eventuality the decision to bring a lot of weaponry* paid off as they quickly discovered that personnel in the affected areas were now homicidal maniac zombies, all too anxious to avenge their own deaths.

*Well as a team the one area where we do have a solid track record is always bringing a lot of unnecessarily heavy weaponry and explosives

A great deal of fighting went on, together with a modicum of telescopic polling, nanite healing and narrow escapes, as Sar and Sam left a trail of corpses* as they progressed towards the bridge. SAMs nanites saved his life several times but there was no such help for Sar, who eventually fell. Now I wasn’t there you understand, but sources close to Sar’s body have assured me that his death was nothing but heroic.

*Actually it was already a trail of corpses, but they were deader after SAM and Sar had passed by.

As was SAM’s decision to run like hell, trying to join up with the few survivors of the Spirit of Truth. Now the main problem with death by Maniacal homicidal zombie is the infection which has a tendency to turn one into a homicidal maniacal zombie. In Sar’s case the infection made no exception and Sar quickly became even more of a nightmare than he had been in life with a huge mutant claw and unfeasible number of hit points.

The only good news was that his nanite infestation was disagreeing with him and had a tendency to try and eat his vital organs at embarrassing moments. What was once Sar now pursued SAM to his pathetic group of survivors: Corporal Greg Stuyvesant and a couple of bio chemists Jim and Susan*

*Not a couple. Susan was in fact possibly the manliest member of the Spirit of Destiny’s crew.

The hopeless band of survivors engage the hideous nanite ridden monstrosity that was once our well-loved… our much respected…, our trusted comrade…, it’s difficult to find the right words, let me try again. Sar D’Tak, the hideous nanite ridden monstrosity that was once the bloke who travelled with us and liked killing people.
The unsung hero of the day was Greg, for it was a devastating almost Thud like hit from his laser rifle that finished it and our heroic band was down to one.* A Rimaldi ship took off the survivors and Sam returned to life at the factory whist Sar, Thud and I now wander the astral plane in a befuddled and confused state, closely resembling the confused and befuddled state in which we previously wandered the material plane. Ho Hum.

*Unless Skarl also survived somehow. I’m a little fuzzy about that.


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End GAme
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