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 The Other Side Issue 259

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The Other Side Issue 259 Empty
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Fanzine of the Eternal Champions and Extreme Prejudice
Incorporating In Extremis Issue 259

Battered Friends Escape With Draw

Friends of Khorne 1 Eternals 1

Creoch won the toss and elected to receive as 28,000 largely hostile fans watched the league kick off under threatening skies. Annoyingly the Friends defended perfectly, instantly sapping the energy from our attack. The ball fell short on our left and ghoul Amyra picked it up successfully.

Lose Possession Early
Creoch had invested in extra training and a bribe with the Eternals still short with injured Wight Strax unavailable for this game after pre-season injury. We started slowly, but Zash then scored a KO against the chaos horde. The Minotaur however broke through to Amyra and downed her despite good defending by Slasher who got his warrior down.

Crowd Against Us
Okla the slayer the stalwart golem fell stunned and wolf Ray Fin Ren was knocked out. Desperately trying to recover the situation, fellow wolf Zash failed a dodge as he tried a blitz for a turnover. The ball was dropped again this time into the crowd who threw it deep into our half.

Warrior Away
Slasher Pendle got shoved into the crowd and the Friends recovered the ball with a warrior. Our defence was hopelessly out of position / completely absent depending on how harshly you wish to judge, having largely poured forward. The extent of the hopelessness of the position was demonstrated by a rare dodge attempt by a zombie that had the inevitable result.

With Friends Like These…
The chaos side also resorted to fouling with an unsuccessful attempt on Zash. We retaliated through Itria who was nearly sent off but saved by our bribery. Itria did reach the warrior on the line waiting to score but was blitzed down as it carried the ball in at the end of the half. 1-0 at the half then having failed to score on our drive. We were 1-0 up on casualties, the crowd having come to our aid on this at least.

Numbers In Our Favour
Our kick off and we faced just nine players as one of their knock outs failed to return and another player had been justifiably dismissed by the ref leaving them unable to fill the gaps with reserves. Ray did return for us however and we kicked off with the opposition lining up heavily against our left led by the Minotaur.

Minotaur Debacle
The high kick was caught and then disaster struck the enemy as their Minotaur failed an immediate blitz on a zombie and left the game injured. A close packed melee developed around the enemy warrior with the ball in the centre. A golem and ghoul fell, Nefacay left the field KO then the ball carrier fell to a wolf blitz and the ball bounced to Rimlat who brilliantly stood up to a couple of counter attacks.

Wolf Scores
He handed off to Zash who powered downfield to score bringing the scores level. Nefacay remained out of it and was replaced by Pore Killer and the heavens finally opened as we kicked off, facing just eight opposition players, four beastmen and four warriors. We added another casualty as wight She’Hem Maplin blitzed successfully.

We Recover, Too Late
As we went for the ball Zash was actually pushed into it by an enemy blitz at one point and the Friends recovered it and passed forward, extra arms countering the poor playing conditions. Okla put down the ball carrier but the opposition recovered again, only for Ray to seriously injure the ball carrier, but our opportunity for an equaliser was gone, ironically as Ray recovered the ball having already blocked.

Casualty Trouncing
A draw but 4-0 to us on casualties. Poor winnings but new assistant coach Les Rainier joins us together with cheerleader Nicria who strengthens the Ravers from the Grave. Creoch looked relatively happy at the post match press conference:

Coach Comment
‘Of course a win would have been ideal but we’ve come away to a hostile environment and come away with no injuries against a team with a fearsome reputation. Our zombies did great holding work throughout and everyone did well especially MVP Zash. A solid start to the league and a platform to build on with a crucial advance for Ray.’

Eternals Crush Human Waste

Eternals 2 Human Waste 1

25,000 fans packed Death Row to watch the second league match of the season. A full squad of 14 available with both wights fit. Unlike the previous game we had no inducements with the visitors bringing an apothecary,* extra training and babes to make up for their deficiencies.

*After some confusion

Solid Start
Human Waste brought 12 players with one player on injured reserve, Creoch played zombies Dredd, Slasher and Pore for the first drive, where we would receive after Creoch again won the toss. Rimlat on our left caught the high kick and Ray scored an early KO.

Ghoul Running
Rimlat dropped well back to allow the rest of the team room to work. Ray was forced to drop back to help him out when a lone lineman got close to him, but Rimlat put his marker down himself and broke forward down the left. The humans were well marked and their desperation was evident when their catcher was forced to take on a golem in the centre.

Zombie Recruit Denied
The humans failed the first of several dodges and Rimlat was able to make good time towards the end zone untroubled by any defenders, most of whom spent the drive face down in the dirt. The crowd knocked out one human and MVP Dredd scored a casualty, forcing use of the apothecary to save his life and denying us a new zombie.

Waste Dominated
It got still worse for the visitors who suffered a Golem inflicted KO and Ray scored another casualty. In response Dredd was KO. Rimlat decided to put them out of their misery and scored. (well to be fair the ref was about to blow for half time).

Waste Flash Of Brilliance
Second half and us to kick off, both knocked out players returned aided by the babes. Zombie Fect replaced the still dazed Dredd. The humans massed against our left and advanced but our defence were swamping the attack and Okla injured a third human. The humans dropped their thrower deep to our end zone and brilliantly managed to get the ball handed off and passed for an equaliser despite their depleted numbers.

Body Strewn Pitch
We substituted Pore with Itria before receiving again and Rimlat took the ball with some brilliant coaching by Creoch and his team. Now a phase of carnage that ended in our favour: Three knock outs in quick succession: We lost Fect but the catcher and a blitzer were knocked out by Itria and golem Skort Lifta, Okla scored his second casualty of the game.

Mass Move Down Flank
We broke downfield and the humans resorted to fouling, but the ref dismissed the offender who put the boot in on Amyra. Zash put another player into the crowd on the right where we were protecting our potential scorer, and the grateful crowd added another KO.

Humans Wasted
Rimlat scored bringing the knocked out humans back but with injuries and the send off Human Waste could only field a blitzer, the thrower, the catcher and just four linemen. Their apothecary had had to save the life of a second player who had suffered a near zombie experience.

Bloody Game
A generous donation by the sponsors now released bribery funds to both sides for what would prove to be the final drive. Neither side needed it and there was little time to get forward to score for either side. An amusing first roll fail by Waste as they skulled a one die block and then did the same on the reroll. Zash did later leave the field injured though not seriously, Amyra scored a KO and Itria’s unsuccessful foul ended the game.

Brilliant Result
A very satisfactory outcome and serious points on the board for the Eternals. Better winnings too and advances for Dredd and Okla. The final casualty score an incredible 6-1. The only downside; the spectacular against the odds score by the opposition. They did have a remarkable run of bad luck blocking and dodging; long may it continue!

Cup Latest

Little to report as Green Daze continue to evade their cup responsibilities. Their involvement in at least three fixtures is required before the draws can be made.


Our latest offers from the ICF:
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• The chaos wastes are at their best at the moment.
• Fantastic winter sport opportunities
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• Almost no risk involved*

So book today, none of that glacial slowness. This is the age for ice.

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• Very nearly no chance at all of being sold as sacrifices to ancient lizard man cults**


* Of coming back
** Full refund should this regrettably occur

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The Other Side Issue 259
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