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 Going Underground

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Going Underground
Well Kimbra is a lovely place to be sure not that they seem terribly hot on the Saints. I give thanks that the saints have preserved us especially from Dotti’s driving and even more thanks when we all receive 500 credits back pay and a day off to recover from our journey. We turn over our valuable information film and samples but receive no indication of a theatrical release date. Knowing our luck it will be straight to DVD.

The war meanwhile continues to go well: We are facing large numbers of mutants who are being used by the Hasturi as their vanguard and we have been forced to strategically withdraw from Argus, our original destination, as well as Herus. To be sure our skill and flair at strategic withdrawals is a fine thing to see and if there’s an army can do them better I’ll renounce the male sex for life.

We carry out some re-equipping from a quartermaster who seems unfamiliar with the concept of stocking weaponry that we might actually want to use and come away disappointed though apparently the flamethrowers we asked about are on order. Our next mission will be sewer patrol and the mutant hordes are infiltrating the city in increasing numbers and its one and a half million citizens need to sleep soundly in their beds whilst some lucky fellows trudge through s**t to keep them safe.

One man who will be keeping his dainty boots clean: Our esteemed corporal and sniper extraordinaire (so he tells us) Shafai is assigned special duties with old Ironfist herself. The saints alone know when we will see him again – rumours are he has been selected as part of a crack team carrying out counterstrike operations.

So one exited, four of us remain. For our new corporal, well did they turn to a wise head on young shoulders, a man of faith and fortitude, whose tactical acumen has proved its worth in the white hot heat of combat? Or did they choose to promote the Asiatic Version of Cecil B De Mille whose idea of strategy is bringing enough film for more than one retake?

You guessed it, so we descend a manhole* under command of Corporal Napa whose idea of command seems to consist of shouting ‘Action’. We make a sweep of the sewers in one of the central sectors and eventually are rewarded by an encounter with four giant boars. Dotti and Skank get mixed up in hand to claw combat Skank is badly wounded and like him, Dotti is affected by the venomous bites of the creatures.

*Not the good kind sadly

We see them off though, I kill two including one with almost my final shot after blowing a lot of ammo on burst fire. Skank however, badly wounded as he was has disappeared, and we realise that he has fallen through a sinkhole in the floor and vanished into the unknown depths below. There is nothing but the hiss of static when we try the comlink and then coming round the corner the unwelcome sight of an Eldrakin.

Assessing the situation coolly evaluating the relative strengths of our weaponry, powers, speed and resilience I quickly conclude that the strategic withdrawal approach has a lot going for it and I shout to my comrades to follow Skank down the hole. They need no second bidding and I hurl my grenade to cover the retreat before dropping into the unknown.

A rollicking ride downward but at an angle that prevents us reaching fatal speeds sees us arrive deep below the tunnels in a huge chamber. Our low light goggles reveal plenty of gnawed bones, this appears to be a place where many an unfortunate trooper has ended their existence as a main course for something with ferocious teeth. We re-establish contact with Skank who preceded us by only a minute or two and once again we are one big happy squad.

We become slightly less happy as we head towards a mysterious shimmering distortion that we can’t properly make out as it becomes clear that we are not alone. Suddenly the distortion resolves itself into a huge ship of indeterminate size; some say it is thousands of feet long; others scoff and say it’s much smaller, but it’s definitely big, and of unfamiliar, possibly alien design.

We consider asking the horde of eldrakin, boars and some sort of shumbling creatures that are approaching us rapidly, but quickly dismiss that option. The ship is hovering above the floor of the cavern but shows no sign of life, then Skank, our trusty psyker reaches out and touches the hull.

A voice booms out ‘Welcome blood of Anduri, I am Killbrakker, how may I be of assistance?’ Skank asks for help against the approaching horde and the ship responds reassuringly that it will be able to power up. In two minutes. Skank asks to board and the ship in its best flight attendant mode gives us a path of lights to follow to the entrance.

The horde is almost upon us when the ship finally announces power is available and Skank orders it to fire on the hostiles. (Skank wisely identifies us as friendlies first at my suggestion.) The fusillade of energy directed against our attackers also knocks us flat with the shockwave and Skank who alone of all of us seems to have a rapport with the vessel, is down and unconscious.

A robot medic of some sort beams down Go’ald style and attends to him and we are all beamed into the ship. After a trip of uncertain duration we arrive on the bridge. After extensive discussions with the ship’s AI we establish the following:

The ship is Terran and has been buried here for thousands of years after travelling here through a wormhole.

It is the ES Dauntless with a crew of six, all in stasis.

The ship sustained damage after arriving on a survey/mining mission. The crew in stasis are all dead.

The spike drive is at 50%, hydroponics 75%. There is much convenient corruption to data banks especially in areas like navigation.

Seismic disturbances brought on by the sink hole opening and possibly exacerbated by the ship’s weaponry display have caused significant damage to the surface above and the ship’s shields are currently holding back millions of tonnes of rock that would otherwise crush us all.

The shields will fail in around seven hours.

The ship has unlimited life support capacity, but no food aboard.

The ship is operated by a command psyker jacked in to the command chair, and lacks a navigator, Dotti is assigned this role by the ship.

The ship had recognised Skank by his DNA as a descendent of the original builders. Skank for some reason has identified himself to the ship as ‘Kingbollok.’

The ship can recharge fully in four hours via solar panels, given sufficient sunlight of course, currently in short supply.

Emerging from its underground tomb will devastate the city above.

The ship’s armoury contains some extra snazzy rifles and comet and dandelion suits. We are unable to enter the personal quarters of the six crew but there are four vacant quarters available.

The cargo holds contain mining equipment and a shuttlecraft.

It’s unclear whether the ship is a tiny cruiser or a huge frigate.

After much argument, it is 600’ long.

The hydroponics bay produces water and oxygen, but no food.

The ship is heavily armed including a fearsome void inverter, designed to create mini black holes aboard your favourite enemy craft and has extensive highly advanced stealth technology.

We work on communications and are soon monitoring extensive emergency and distress calls from the already stricken city above. Major earthquake damage has occurred and the Hasturian attack is developing. The city is being evacuated, a process that will take some hours.

We establish a link with Joker company and advise them that we are trying to deal with a nuclear device that will detonate in a few hours, We hope this will encourage the speed of the evacuation.

After a few hours with shields running dangerously low, Dotti pilots the ship as it breaks out. It appears that Dotti’s vehicle skills were better suited for space vessels as she makes a perfect job of it, taking us effortlessly into orbit leaving a crater several miles across into which a lot of Hasturians plunge.

The enemy ships fail to penetrate our cloaking screens and we head towards the sun to reenergise the ships power banks which are dangerously low. We then head to a primitive planet in the system to do a little hunting and gathering to resupply our fine new vessel.

Incredibly, Dotti shows the same skill with the shuttlecraft, just don’t ever let her near a ground vehicle again. Napa tries out one of the new rifles on the six legged cattle on the planet which we discover explode inconveniently when shot owing to the large methane sacs characteristic of these creatures.

My quick thinking again saves us as a stampede is diverted by my use of a flash bang grenade. We then resort to local hunting methods, using spears previously thrown at us by local irate citizens to bring down one of the creatures. Kingbollock and Dotti meanwhile have gathered local tubers and a rare celebratory feast is in prospect the saints be praised.

So the team is now in possession of a sexy piece of pre tech that will be the envy of a lot of people. Our heroic former selves have been destroyed trying to save the city of Kembra unsuccessfully and Corporal Shafai is our missing man. Do we try and find him? What do we do with our prize? Do we care about the war anymore? Is this a passport to riches or peril or both? Tune in next time the ES Dauntless voyages through stars without number…


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Going Underground
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