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 The Long And Winding Road

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The Long And Winding Road Empty
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The Long and Winding Road

We rested, though laurels were unavailable so we made do with what we could. The effect of the rest on Betty the Halfling was quite alarming as she began to talk as if she’d swallowed a great deal of helium. The rest of us were thankfully unaffected. We then had an irrational discussion about the route we should follow. Clearly my view was founded in logic and elemental evidence: We were seeking Manual, last seen on the third level, here was a stair descending which would take us towards that level.
A vote was proposed and again I was forced to assert the rational position that we could not progress through the complex taking vote on every decision, a leader was required. Egbert the misanthrope proposed Betty as the only figure he had a modicum of non-hatred for, and everyone else agreed.

We proceeded, not in the logical direction but at least we now had leadership. We found another arachnid and our Halfling, showing new found vigour and skill was largely responsible for its demise with some devastating sneak attacks. Having left it more battered than a Scottish Mars Bar the dwarf burned away more webs to clear our way. Quite how this could be Manuel’s route of course, was another matter.

After some more less than fruitful false starts we at last returned to the steps, encouraged by more giant spider infested rooms and descended at last to the next level, the Halfling showing a hitherto unexpected tendency to scout well infront, melting into the shadows effortlessly except when she forgot to shutter her lantern. The dwarf meanwhile sensed some dead end corridors might not be all they appeared and seemed to have developed a disturbing rock licking fetish.

I found a half buried satchel containing several polished stones, probably marker stones used by miners to indicate the true path. After this we started to notice such stones occasionally, perhaps left by the fabled Manuel for us to follow? I also started to mark occasional E symbols on walls using a piece of chalk found with the stones.
Now at the end of a long corridor our intrepid leader found a lit candle in a small brass holder. As the rest of the party approached an arrow clipped Eldrakin’s shoulder and I hit the deck to much illogical merriment. The Halfling found a kobold and sliced it with her rapier causing it to flee immediately.

I took the candle and we struck out into a maze of corridors coming across a tripwire that would have triggered a pivoted spike trap had we been insufficiently wary. Eldrakin dismantled it and we moved on, the dwarf continuing to sample the stonework regularly before we ran into another kobold which the dwarf gutted.
As we looped round never ending passage ways Egbert grew more and more confused, adding the dungeon designer to his long grudge list. We also heard scratching noises as something or things burrowed through rock somewhere beyond stony walls. More rock falls and patches of florescent moss punctuated our progress. Then a chamber opened up and the dwarf impatiently shoved the elf and Halfling into the room where a net dropped on all three of them.

Several kobolds appeared on the far side of the cavern and were immediately disconcerted when Egbert let out a fearsome battle cry. They only appeared disconcerted briefly however, as they then all fell asleep as I targeted them with a classic enchantment. Egbert then did bloody work with relish* as I helped the dwarf out of the net with a small fruit knife, the Halfling already having wriggled out through the mesh which had failed to anticipate a victim of her stature.

*I’m a mayo man myself

We went deeper and the Halfling found another tripwire with the same whiplash and smash style of trap, this time taking the hit. We rested up in another dead end corridor choked with rubble where we found more marker stones. The taste of magic was in the air here; I can sense that a spell has been deployed possibly causing the rockfall.

Egbert meanwhile has been gambling whilst I slept, winning purple crystals from his comrades. I am puzzled at this and play him at dice myself after waking. As I suspected, he is clearly cheating, but my cheating is superior and I end up in credit. I return my ill-gotten gains to him after proving my theory. He seems puzzled but grateful. Little does he realise that Embelis the Obscure has no truck with the lust for wealth that so corrupts the world of man.

Betty our leader has shown some unexpected wit setting up a tripwire alarm of our own to protect our resting place; clearly she has some talent, perhaps her unexpected election will prove a master stroke.

Eldrakin Stone Licker now tastes success locating a false wall by another stone, which seems too much of a coincidence to me. Given the complexity of the maze of corridors which Egbert continues to map manfully I continue with my chalk marks, discreet but unmistakeable, hopefully of use for our return.

Varis who has been having a quiet day usually on rearguard duty, now finds another tripwire trap or to be more accurate finds himself pulling a giant spiked barb from his chest. We now feel a breeze as we advance, and rounding a corner the dwarf finds a chamber containing two giant lizards. The armoured dwarf, no twinkle toes tries to sneak back but the reptiles have seen him and pursue into the corridor.

I used magic missiles to wound the first and the dwarf warrior’s axe did its deadly work, the second then also got a mouthful of magic missiles before it met the same fate. We entered the room beyond, spotting a bucket and bones scattered around the floor, we could also hear guttural voices from the next chamber and we charged in to surprise half a dozen more kobolds.

These were being slain so quickly and easily that I decided not to waste any enchantment on the pathetic creatures and back tracked to search the lizard cavern, finding a ten foot pole. When I returned the battle was all over. We rested up, the room is close to another set of stairs down, at last perhaps we might be closing in on the elusive quarry that is Manuel?

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The Long And Winding Road
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