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 An Objective Discovered

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An Objective Discovered

We travelled deeper into the next level, following a maze of corridors until Eldrakin noticed a false section of wall. After admiring the craftsmanship he broke it down with his Warhammer, well I suppose it’s an improvement from licking it. Egbert meanwhile was studying his vocation as a cartographer, continually wandering away to see where the next bend in the corridor led. He’ll come to a sticky end that way, but he won’t be told.

Eventually the apparently minotaur free labyrinth (long may that continue) led to a chamber: Trembling with anticipation we entered, what mysteries lay ahead, what terrors, treasures, riddles, perhaps even Manuel? Although I had strenuously pointed out that he could not have come this way unless he was an expert in stucco plasterwork and had walled himself in after taking this route. But I was overruled by our helium filled leader gods bless her.

As Eldrakin searched for something to lick Egbert heard a noise coming from one of the room’s exits. The door was ajar and as is his custom he cautiously charged through it like an angry bull elephant.*

*Fortunately onlookers were able to distinguish him from such a beast by the fact that they rarely carry warhammers and clipboards and do not bellow catchy phrases like ‘I’m ready to die, are you?’ at the tops of their voices.

Filling the corridor beyond, an undead horde of skeletons which Egbert greeted with a killing blow. He was soon joined by Eldrakin, but the skeletons showed clinical accuracy with their counterstrikes wounding both our fighters. I sauntered up after having some difficulties lighting my pipe and I arrived just in time to be sprayed with a suspicious liquid by Varis. He later claimed it was holy water, but I don’t know, let’s just say I changed my tobacco before re-lighting my smoke.

Meanwhile the fight was not going as smoothly as expected and Egbert fell grievously wounded. Betty, ever the inspiring leader stopped to loot his body but barely had time before he was healed by Varis whose holy symbol was on overtime this day. We at last overcame the bony beasties, I assisted, barbequing one with a firebolt.

Varis and I sensed that the skeletons were magically animated, not necromancy but wizards’ work; they also failed to implode into purple crystal upon their destruction which suggested something out of the ordinary. Further on we encountered three more skeletons guarding a doorway warded with mysterious runes. Again and despite still being badly wounded, Egbert charged in to the attack and aided by another fire bolt and Betty’s sneaky combat skills the trio was despatched.

I was mystified by the runes and touched them with my ten foot pole with no result. Egbert of course then just strolled through them. He discovered a skeleton filled room beyond, some of which seemed to be in the process of animating. It may even be that these skeletons were somehow returning here to re energise after being slain by us.
This time Egbert did not attack and the skeletons didn’t react allowing us to cross to the other side and out through another rune door. Varis and Eldrakin attempted to destroy some of the etched runes but could make no impression. We moved on and down more steps and came to a library or at least a room with a strong book theme: every inch of the floor was covered with volumes of all shapes and sizes* and book packed shelving lined the walls.

*Well mainly book shaped if I’m honest

The room was magically lit and we heard a groan from a distant corner. Egbert in his typical conservative way dived in aiming for the table in the centre which in a break from the book theme also had some alchemical equipment on it. I investigated the noise and clearing a pile of mystical tomes uncovered no less a figure than Manuel the Wizard, our mysterious summoner, apparently a man prepared to take the phrase ‘buried in paperwork’ to new and more literal heights.

Having almost been crushed by the volume of volumes that had toppled onto him, he was perhaps understandably disorientated and confused, however eventually he explained that he had been waiting for us in this, his secure stronghold protected by his army of skeletal servants, after suspecting treachery and intrigue in the guild.
He wants us to find some sort of seals and ensure that they are still working, and talked darkly on conspiracies to drain the dungeon of its power, that given its purpose is probably a bad thing. It seemed he was older than he first appeared as he spoke of being present when the dungeon was formed or born or constructed or whatever. He needed us to help deal with the kobold infestation currently making life difficult and spoke of a pool of serenity and temple nearby.

In response to requests for guidance he agreed to accompany us but seems a bit vague about where anything is – how convenient. He did speak of an armoury as a good source of weapons, but he’s never found it. No sooner had we decided to try the pool of serenity first and Egbert was through the door and jumping into it.

The pool was only a few inches deep and the water was unrippled even by the burly maniac cavorting in it. The water gushing from the wall into the pool appeared not to affect its level, nor indeed did the water appear to have any true substance. It did however have a healing effect on the wounded Egbert, but we were interrupted by a bunch of kobolds bursting in, anxious to recast Egbert as Janet Leigh.

They moved so swiftly that they were able to attack him but then my sleep spell went off, dropping about five of them allowing the assassinations to begin, however more entered the room and the battle continued for some time before the lizards were all despatched although some fled. As usual Egbert was killed and healed again.

We decided to rest as I wished to recover my spell and Varis too had expended his energies, however, another horde of kobolds, this time led by a heavily armoured humanoid arrived and attacked. The kobolds proved flimsy as usual but the leader was another matter. The kobolds were almost all wiped out and I closed with the leader and used my thunderwave against him. Sadly this wounded Betty and Eldrakin more than him but he did decide to flee after killing me.

Varis saved my bacon and Egbert chased after the enemy boss as a couple of stragglers were mopped up. Another half dozen kobolds appeared to cover the leader’s retreat but Egbert tore through them and attacked him. Manuel also attempted to assist though his magic failed as often as it succeeded it seemed.

I hit the leader with three magic missiles but he still was able to take to his heels after downing Egbert, then I hit him with a ray of frost but he fired back with a shatter spell killing me and Egbert yet again. This time he got away as we healed up. We returned to Manuel’s room to rest this time, still gives me time to study the book I purloined there earlier.

Varis had also found a lever in the pool that Manuel believes is one of several that opens access to the armoury, so that may be progress. The big boss is clearly a formidable opponent who will require a lot of effort to kill, still I am now studying some second level spells and feel up to trying them out, so we’ll soon see who’s top wizard!*

*Probably Manuel

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An Objective Discovered
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