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 A Religious Revelation

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A Religious Revelation
We moved on to explore the Chapel area next after further recuperation. The chapel had an altar bearing a golden eagle which immediately attracted the attention of dear old Betty, who cautiously advanced down one wall to scout ahead, or if one were cynical, looking for opportunities for enrichment.

Her increased wealth was to begin in a small and unexpected way and she suddenly found herself one arrow richer if only she could withdraw it from her collar bone. Her benefactors turned out to be skeletons, and none of them had the Manuel stamp of approval.

I threw a firebolt but it went wild and our fighters waded in. Manuel killed one with a magic missile and Betty and Eldrakin scored kills. Then Varis turned three and I killed the remaining one with a more accurate firebolt.

From there it was easy to finish off the cowering skeletons although Egbert managed to hit the golden eagle rather than his target with his tossed Warhammer. We discovered a lever behind the altar, and when thrown there was a distant rumbling of machinery. I deduced that this was the location of the armoury.

Meanwhile we asked Manuel about the chapel: When we asked to which god it was dedicated, he responded that it was dedicated to him. I asked him what name he was worshipped as, to which he replied ‘Zoos’. What a stupid name for a god, no wonder none of us had heard of it.*

*Possibly the god of children books, Dr Zeus?

We checked some other exits before focussing on our main objective. Eldrakin turned up some crates that despite his crate expectations turned out to contain only silk robes, albeit of fine quality. He and Egbert then had trouble breaking down a very heavily barred door, but eventually the dwarf was able to crawl through and help dismantle it from the other side.*

*available from all good magazine stockists

In the chamber beyond, below a vaulted ceiling there was a winged statue surrounded by a rune barrier on the floor similar to those we had seen on the far side of Manoos’s room. There was a dead kobold directly infront of it and several faded purple crystals. Egbert immediately went for the crystals, but as soon as he approached, the statue animated and attacked.

The statue absorbed tremendous damage from our fighters and Egbert too was soon looking badly injured. I did a near maximum damage with a fusillade of magic missiles, but it was our Halfling leader who struck the fatal blow, the stature disintegrating as an arrow from her passed through its head.*

*Definitely didn’t wing it

Examining the crystals they seemed unlike those we had previously seen; they resembled energy storage crystals that had been discharged or drained somehow. The inscription on the statue plinth was illegible after a thousand years of wear and Zewuel was no help with his selectively faulty memory in full effect.

I found some secret doors that led to another ransacked room with a bookcase. Examining it I discovered that it slid and with several helpers we pushed it aside to reveal the access to the armoury. A thorough search revealed quite a few weapons, I took a couple of daggers and found a wand. Many of the weapons appeared to be designed with receptacles to hold gem power cores and Egbert fitting some purple crystal into one managed to injure himself as it surged with power.

An adjacent chamber contained two sets of plate mail flanking double doors and armed with great swords. Egbert’s eyes lit up, but I restrained him, reminding him of the statue animation that resulted from his hasty advance last time. We formulated a cunning plan to minimise risk, but as so often, it went significantly awry on implementation.

The plan was for Suess and I to cast Mage hands and use them to wrap up one of the suits of mail using Egbert’s rope, we could then drag it to us in the hope that this might prevent one or both animating. If it did animate, I would levitate it to the ceiling leaving just one to deal with.

We successfully attached the rope. We dragged the suit towards us, surprisingly, it did not topple as expected. As expected once it got close, it animated and attacked, shrugging off the rope. The second one also advanced. Both Egbert and I were wounded and I teleported away using Misty step ending up behind the pair. Meanwhile Varis and Betty fled for some reason, leaving us with no healing available.

I then resorted to levitation to reduce the odds as planned, but the magical construct resisted my enchantment. Then Betty joined me arriving through another door. She and Varis had doubled back to the chapel reasoning possibly on the basis of divine inspiration,* that there was another connecting passage. There was, but a rock collapse meant that only the diminutive Halfling could get through quickly.

*Varis sits next to the GM and may have caught a glimpse/ had a good look at the map.

Flanked and outnumbered, we now finished off the suits which were somewhat damaged by Manzoos’s firebolt and my magic missiles which delivered the final coup de grace, but Egbert was still able to salvage some improved armour bits from the remains. Varis meanwhile declined my offer of a silver candelabra that I had found so I gave it to our leader. After doing his healing duty Varis went off for a sulk and came back with a bookend that was a representation of our host’s visage when put together.

The final problem* is the double doors that lie ahead – our godlike associate suggests that beyond lies the Hall of Trials. Just what we need.

*Sherlock Holmes reference
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A Religious Revelation
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