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  A Bridge Too Far?

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 A Bridge Too Far? Empty
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A Bridge Too Far?

Having rested and recovered the savage wounds inflicted on me by Egbert, we prepared to investigate the noise of work going on beyond the boarded up doorway. I did now belatedly brief my colleagues about my ability to mimic other humanoids by arcane means. We agreed a safe word of ‘Croydon’ that I would use to identify myself if necessary. I made this point very strongly to Egbert in particular for obvious reasons.

The doughty fighter quickly broke through the boards revealing a ledge beyond leading to a poorly maintained and badly damaged construct that when viewed in poor light from a certain angle after a few drinks might be mistaken for a bridge. Before tackling the bridge a chasm in the floor had to be leapt which went without incident and after considerable debate Eldrakin started across the bridge with a rope whilst I prepared to cast levitate on him should he fall.

This he duly did and my spell saved his dwarven ass. With the spell now running the dwarf shuttled us across with the aid of the rope and the cliff wall that was close to the left hand side. Betty was his first passenger and she scouted ahead whilst this went on. On the far side four robed figures were involved with loading a crane that was lowering stuff into the darkness below.

Betty crept up to the cab and noted two heavily armoured crane operators within. They also noted her and, possibly upset at her lack of proper Personal Protective Equipment they attacked her. Meanwhile I slept three of the four loaders and the rest of the party charged forward, Egbert recklessly close to the ledge edge such was his desire to wet his blade on sleeping throats.

Betty had despatched one of her attackers and Varis now used his burning hands on the other whilst Eldrakin took the active loader and finished the flaming cab driver. The sleepers were finished by Egbert and Betty, Manuel having severe problems hitting anything either physically or with spells, how he manages to maintain his god status remains a mystery to us.

We stripped the bodies of their robes and masks for future disguise usage, there was little else worth having however. We rolled the bodies over the cliff edge, possibly unwisely as Varis scouted a pathway that followed a ledge down the cliff spiralling away into darkness. Egbert and Betty meanwhile could hear approaching footsteps from beyond double doors.

Egbert stayed behind as rearguard, oiling up the doorway area whilst Eldrakin hid himself on the crane cargo platform and Betty lowered away before running out and taking a flying leap to join him. I followed Varis with Manuel choosing the route option that did not involve a possible spectacular death plunge.

We scrambled down a damaged section of the cliff pathway and followed it round to a landing at the top of a final flight of stairs. In the columned hall below there were more humanoids in robes with cargo around the place, braziers and a huge pile of glittering purple crystals.

Distracted by falling bodies of their comrades, the attention of the enemy was on the descending crane platform and we attacked on several fronts. I used misty step to teleport behind a column that placed me in cover behind the hostile group. Unfortunately glancing over my shoulder I noticed a tableau very like the vision we had witnessed in the gem room: There was the powerful enemy mage in the centre of a rune encrusted circle of power directing a blast of energy towards a magical gate. Half a dozen or more formidable looking associates ringed their leader, channelling to him their focussed energies. This was probably why I was not instantly spotted.

Varis and Manuel opened the attack and unexpectedly Egbert arrived, rappelling down the cliff having left a couple more corpses behind him upstairs and a sea of flame. In the confusion Eldrakin emerged from his hiding place and Betty sneaked clear, swapping one hiding place for another near the tempting pile of power crystals. Egbert in his usual style had already killed two, windmilling amongst the hapless loaders, Betty shot one of the seven chanters.

I let off a firebolt but missed and suddenly was engulfed in darkness so do not see the next chanter fall as Manuel used a shatter spell successfully (for once). Varis used a gust of wind to try and disrupt the circle of power whilst Eldrakin and Egbert finished the loaders. The wind successfully held back and drove away two opponents, aiding in their eventual despatch.

Manuel now dispelled the darkness that has had me stumbling blindly about and so I was able to witness first hand Egbert’s remarkable reaction to the enemy leader. Now this isn’t the same one who he had battled and unsuccessfully tried to chase down, and whom I had been impersonating when he attacked me without hesitation or a second thought, but it was clearly by his appearance, demeanour, clothing, armour and equipment, at the very least the guy’s best friend.

So bearing in mind he had immediately tried his best to kill me in this guise when all I had done was shout at a few jackal creatures, whereas this guy was clearly hostile and presented a clear and present danger, what does our hero naturally do? Well of course he starts having a chat with him; asking him what he’s doing, how is he, what did he think of last night’s match, isn’t the weather terrible at the moment, how about we stop this nonsense and divvy up all these pretty crystals….?

Words fail me.

I hit the guy with some magic missiles, at this point he seemed a little puzzled at being engaged in dialogue and actually said he was freeing someone (or possibly thing) wrongfully imprisoned before issuing orders to his crew to take Egbert alive. Charming. Manuel was back to normal sending firebolts well wide but Betty remained deadly accurate from her vantage point near the crystals sheltered behind a low wall. I took out another with a ray of frost and Eldrakin laid into the others.

I was hit a couple of times by counterfire and Egbert found himself on the receiving end of a powerful surge of electrical energy from his new bestie. Mirror Imaged Varis engaged the leader who finally dropped Egbert before badly wounding our only healer too despite the trio of decoys.

But Varis managed a couple of telling spell hits inflicting serious wounds on the boss and a couple of firebolts from me soften him up further and finally Betty puts an arrow through his eye. Varis sets to healing and we have a good looting session. Eldrakin is slightly confused being unwounded and he and Varis celebrate by sharing some armour found in a mound of gelatinous material.

Eldrakin also gets some boots of Springing and leaping identified by Manuel as such, whilst I take the leader’s headband of Intellect which improves my mental powers. We also have an embarrassment of riches purple gem wise. One gate down, more to go?

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A Bridge Too Far?
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