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 Feeling The Need For Greed

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Feeling The Need For Greed

We rested up for some time, Eldrakin remaining alert on guard and Betty having set up one of her devilish tripwire traps in case the good dwarf should nod off. Egbert took a smoke on his newly acquired summoning pipe, recklessly endangering us as usual. But, nothing happened.

We waited, recovering our spells after some healing from Varis and some slept, lulled to sleep by the faint wailing and clanking of chains that came from beyond the magically barred gate. Zeus explained that he had long ago divided up his own essence to seal each gate, behind which lay a sin personified. Beyond this one: Greed.

The gem focus on the gate was home to this essence and when ready our pet god would reclaim it, boosting his strength but also unlocking the door. Wasn’t that what we had just prevented our late chanting friends from doing? Sometimes seems difficult to keep up. Zeus drew the crystal power back into himself and we proceeded.

The chamber beyond was large: Columns speared the darkness above, to the left stairs ascended to a platform with a golden wall forming a hefty parapet above two exits. On the right a mezzanine floor, ahead huge silver manacles still swayed slightly almost as if recently vacated by some impossibly huge creature. Several piles of crates could be seen both left and right and at the base of one of the pillars that formed a quartet in the centre of the room.

The golden wall had an embossed design of a giant fox massacring innocents. As Zeus sent his dancing lights forward a glint of gold came from the crates by the pillar, everything was silent except for the slight rattle of the swinging chains.

Eldrakin headed for the crates on the right and I followed, heading underneath the mezzanine whilst Betty headed for a column and shinned up it. Our speedy elf cleric boldly/ stupidly* raced up the stairs on the left to a pile of crates there. Egbert headed forward to the crates by the pillar.

*Delete as applicable

The crates turned out to be filled with gold coin of every denomination, in Eldrakin’s though, a silver sword with jet inlay; in the crate tackled by Varis, an adamantium shirt which he donned; in Egbert’s a raven shaped statuette. Egbert continued to the far wall getting a sense of scale from the ten foot long chains and manacles that would suit legs as chunky as a Robert Maxwell* sized human.

*Hey I have never claimed to be topical, Google him.

Eldrakin checking out the mezzanine could now see there is a bush of some sort growing on it. Varis headed along the other parapet behind the gold wall to check out more crates. Egbert and he could see a second staircase serving the far end of the platform.

Egbert was of the opinion that something once chained was loose in the room, I looked nervously upward at the darkness above and decided that now was the time to turn invisible. I did take the precaution of warning Egbert the trigger happy as I had visions of him hearing my unseen presence and taking a wild swing that with my luck would decapitate me instantly.

But actually it’s Varis who got attacked first. Sure enough it was huge and hideous: a giant humanoid with a great glowing orange eye that sent the unwary to sleep. For unwary read Egbert, Varis, Eldrakin and myself, as all of us were slept at various points during the engagement that followed. The creature absorbed tremendous amounts of damage whilst dealing it out in equal measure: Eldrakin and Egbert both fell and required lifesaving healing, Betty’s arrows peppered its back and Manuel and I hit it with firebolts and magic missiles.

Varis managed several serious wounds in between desperate bouts of healing and as if the creature was not enough, three times hordes of jackal creatures burst from the doors below, twice to be wiped out by Manuel’s shatter spells and the last group felled in single combat by the god who seemed quite empowered by his energy boost and demonstrated some wicked sword play.

At last Betty brought down the creature with a final arrow and a further mega healing bout took place.* Varis was quite preoccupied with cutting out the eye for use, medusa like, but sadly he kept falling asleep. Eldrakin tried to destroy it but Manuel the smoothie, enchanted the eye and melded it to one of Betty’s daggers.

*Eventually in the case of Eldrakin whose dead body failed to attract Varis’s attention for quite some time.

Eldrakin took the silver sword and I acquired the raven statuette which turns out to be a figurine of wondrous power, command word ‘Caw’. I name it Watson. Egbert and the dwarf meanwhile decide to trade their gem crystals for the copious amounts of gold lying about the place, stuffing their every possible orifice with golden booty. I opted to keep hold of mine to trade in on the surface.

Which is where we return, Manuel was able to teleport us back to the gem vision room and from there we exited the complex. I traded my gems for a handsome sum whilst Eldrakin and Varis made enquiries about removing their cursed items. They also tried some trickery flogging non magical items with a dash of Nystuls Magic Aura, unsuccessfully.

Eldrakin has been offered a quest in exchange for removal of his coin and whilst we ponder what to do (at least five sins left to deal with in the dungeon) he also orders some fitted plate armour at extortionate expense.


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Feeling The Need For Greed
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