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 Cathedral City

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Cathedral City
A lot of research turned up very little but some heretical ravings talking about a coming events, messages in the stars or from the stars or some such. The late owner of the mansion we had successfully sacked had clearly been slipping into madness or communing with chaos or creatures of the warp. He had clearly been possessed by the daemonic or possibly faenomic hand that may have possessed him. He had expected some sort of elevation, to become a seer of seers whatever that means.

The writings talked of a knightly adversary and referred to Hecate’s champion. There is also mention of a cathedral of gold in some nearby system that I cannot possibly spell but begins with B, and also a Haematite cathedral, or is it the same place? I can’t tell.

My efforts to ingratiate myself with Pickaxe are not going well: He seems completely immune to my charms which is quite disheartening. He seems happier playing chess with the lump of muscle that is Unwin. Very odd.

A communication from Saladin orders us to follow the lead from the garbled logs to the cathedral of gold, this it is suggested is close to the source of the demon hand and is at least a tangible place that can be identified. It’s a four month trip in a ramshackle transport that passes without incident and we arrive to be greeted by the Abbott, Gerontus.

As usual we are operating outside the normal sensor spectrum so keeping a low profile though Saladin has briefed the old codger. The Gilded cathedral really is gold, but surprisingly does not smell of cheese and orbiting geo stationary mirrors focus the sun’s rays onto it to provide a fine spectacle worthy of the Emperor’s glory.

The habitable part of this world is otherwise in permanent darkness as the planets rotation is synchronised to create permanent light (boiling hot) and dark (habitable for the billion plus citizens) sides. The Abbott is hospitable enough and at Andal’s request shows us into the library, empty apart from a couple of student scholars.

We learn of a black sepulchre. Apparently a great weapon is stored in the cathedral for use only in times of direst need, but my attempt to slip into a restricted area is met with an apparently impenetrable force field. Our attempts to identify a suspicious feature beyond is unsuccessful.

Unwin, quite the scholar finds a paper in a book referring to the need to investigate a trio of possible bad types: Gustavus. Nikia and Corinath. All of the family Hecate? After consultations with the Abbott our next destination is the Haematite cathedral, an old fortified outpost a day’s travel distant on the coast that once protected against orcish attack.

We leave but as we begin to descend the steps of the cathedral we meet half a dozen chanting robed acolytes who sing a song mentioning three puppets and the sins of men. Then they attack us. Five are armed with flails but there is a leader type with a big ass staff. I pull my pistols and gun the nearest guy down, but then the leader demonstrates that he is a psyker.

He picks out Andal who starts praying uncontrollably but he also floats into the air and knocks down his own men as he struggles to control the fiendish energies of the warp. Unwin drops another minion and then I seriously wound the leader but he again hits Andal with his energies before we are victorious.

Andal emerges from a cloud of black feathers and we dust ourselves down, all of us injured by the psychic energy of the leader. Fortunately Saladin had the foresight to provide us with a medical servitor, which, though an older model proves quite efficient.

We take a ground car to visit our next objective after doing a little shopping for various bits and pieces of equipment and after a day’s journey find a battered building overlooking the sea. No sign of life but plenty of shadows and nooks and crannies where the bad guys can hide out.

We check out a large cave beyond a redundant water feature. Once screened by a waterfall, the cave is packed with tortured corpses, dead for some weeks. A bit of graffiti references Gustavus. We turn our attention to the house itself, a gothic mansion with tumbled down outbuildings and battered towers. Driving around it we enter a library in one of the towers, clambering through a window observed (we hope) only by the stone gargoyles hunched under every eave and gable end.

Gertrude searches the top level of the tower whilst Unwin finds and takes three books from a secret compartment. One of the books is green with planetary pictures, another brown leather which makes him feel violent, and a third that makes him feel sick and nauseous. Chaos connoisseurs should feel free to nod knowingly at this point.

We enter the main hallway descending from the library. This is the main chamber of the house with other rooms all leading off it and the main entrance which we had by passed to our left. To the right, a huge loaded cannon points out to sea. We cross to the opposite tower, Unwin looking a bit pasty and staggering occasionally, but I expect those books are heavy.

The opposite tower contains an observatory with a clockwork model of the planetary system, a telescope that takes advantage of an opening roof dome and more books. The planets in the model are represented by skulls and the walls show various constellations. A book by Corinath is found: The Prodigious Occurrences of the System.

It seems that every 5000 years or so a planetary alignment causes an eclipse involving the 7th and 9th planets and this opens Metagalactic prophetic space, whatever that is. Corinath’s writings even appear to link this event to an Imperial saint, Drussus, and he appears regretful that he will miss the next event.

I also find some plays including a well-thumbed copy of Rodrigo and Thumzeldonza, heavily annotated by a fan of the writer, whose name is Solomon. Anyway, back to the more serious writings, more references to the answers in the stars, the stars speak to us yadda yadda. I try to see if the model can be moved to some relevant significant position and searching also turns up some vials of yellow liquid.

Then Corinath materialises in the room with us: From beyond the grave, or another dimension, or the attic, or somewhere anyway. He demands to know what we are doing and scolds us for bringing him back early, being interfering fools/ meddling kids etc etc. He seems to hit it off with Gertrude but I make the mistake of mentioning the play as a way of getting on his good side, but turns out his sister is the Solomon fan.

Then, just to be consistent, he attacks us. A real heavy hit, near fatal on Andal and Unwin but Gertrude blasts him with the inferno pistol that she recently looted (and which should rightfully be mine) and he is separated into his component atoms, replaced by a small metal box, no doubt completely harmless…

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Cathedral City
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