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 The Fate of Fools

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The Fate of Fools Empty
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The Fate of Fools
So the box left behind by the evaporation of Corinath leaves behind what looks suspiciously like a key, but a key two thirds missing. We rest up with our handy docbot busy with much fixing up, the observatory looks more like a hospital casualty department.

Standing guard my fellow assassiness hears shuffling noises and cracking the door observes a band of zombies engaged in slow motion marauding through the corridor at the base of the tower. Rather than heroically sacrifice herself in what would have been a magnificent gesture to reduce the party’s assassin surplus, Gertrude chose the cowardly way out and gently closed the door.

Fully refreshed after our allotted healing period we eagerly tooled up for some relaxing zombie hunting, after all what could go wrong? There was no sign initially but as we followed the corridor further it became lined by cell doors, sadly the gaolers were negligent in that the six cell occupants were not locked in.

The lead zombie was clearly Corinath’s sister as she opened a dialogue with us, however this quickly degenerated into attack. Sadly the zombies gave off some kind of fear aura, the first evidence of which was Gertrude vomiting profusely over everything in sight.

No doubt emboldened by the emptiness of her guts the zombies disembowelled her, or did they? In the confusion Pickaxe started laughing uncontrollably, but at least this did not appear to hamper his attacks. Oh wait was that a 95% chance of hitting he just blew with a 99? At least he won't miss with a fortune point I mean it would be just ridiculous if he were to then roll oh, I don’t know, a 96. Ok I’m going to be quiet now.

Unwin is next to succumb to terror, but Toma is made of sterner stuff: He cunningly avoids the effect by simply fainting. I can’t see what the problem is and pull my pistols wounding one creature but with my comrades all inactive I get hit and black out…

Now if things had really been going badly, two of us would already be dead and then Toma and Andal would have been killed too, probably with some spectacular decapitation and limb loss involved… But of course that never happened, instead Andal managed to kill at least one and then Unwin concluded matters with a grenade that he stole from my body.

Searching the cells we discover some impressive drawings of a winged hooded figure and lots of graffiti gouged into the walls. In a locked cell, a zombie artist, with one finger worn away. I kill him. Unwin the human kindle discovers another book to further taint his soul, this one has pictures of feathered angels with decaying features. Nice.
There is also an operating theatre with an autosurgeon unit and some horrific looking tools, plus a vat of nourishing eyeballs which no doubt provided a humorous diet.*
Rat on a stick was also available. I recover a few doses of various drugs.

*One for all you biologists out there

Andal tinkered with the unit and claimed to have fixed it but no one was very keen to try it, he also took a wicked looking power saw unit with a pedigree of who knows what in the carnage stakes. Andal being fantastically clever has recognised that the incomplete key bears the sign of the Adeptus Mechanicus and fits the clock in the main hall. We determine to search the rest of the mansion, trying the other wing where lie presumably living quarters.

We discover a kitchen with a huge oven and a recipe book for Unwin. In it, we learn that the cook apparently enjoyed torturing miscreant servants using sharpened feathers. A decayed servitor in the kitchen showed evidence of this treatment. Despite a thorough search we find little else.

Next in a bedroom containing a skeleton pinned to the bed by a gold pommelled sword, we find a diary. This reveals that Hadria Hecate was suspicious of Gustavus who was it seemed disappearing visiting clergymen, she also mentions a psychic aura of menace in the house; that Bellica is not to be trusted and towards the end fears for her life.

The sword, (now one of my proud possessions) clearly belonged to Gustavus and is a power sword though currently without power though Andal thinks he might be able to do something. He can energise me any time.

Next we discover a study with a hunting rifle and handsome desk, there is a sealed letter which turns out to be from Vorcus, denouncing Corinath to the authorities, even some booze. Adjacent there is a room of portraits with an empty glass case on a plinth. According to a small plaque, this contained a Warrant of trade.

In another area we discover a chest with a pistol and a lot of writing paraphernalia and paperwork including designs for a hidden trapdoor in the oven in the kitchen. There are also a lot of apparently very disturbing human teeth.

Then we find a dining room where a large number of corpses are seated at a grisly banquet – the bodies are all me at various ages right up to my ripe old age of 18! I panic slightly and leave for a bit to change my underwear. Returning I discover that the effect was some sort of mind trick and the bodies are the luckless servants of the house, apparently poisoned.

We find another tower and proceed upstairs, passing empty galleries on several levels, apparently intended as some sort of exhibition halls. At the top we enter a room with polished servitors surrounding another banquet table, the places bear our own names.

Well you can’t say we’re not always ready for the proverbial free lunch so we all take our places like good chaos fodder, Unwin slightly unsteady under the library of congress that he is currently balancing on his head. We all tuck in, only Toma somewhat reluctant but the servitors assist by thoughtfully force feeding him the delicious fare that keeps on coming. Lots of courses, exquisite cuisine, can’t help feel this is somewhat corrupting but then it really is insanely good stuff, probably to die for.
We gradually realise that perhaps this nosh is not the best thing to be eating but the servitors have very firm views about us remaining seated. Then Nikia, another of the fearsome family appears and berates us for not appreciating her hospitality (though Unwin is still tucking in).

She launches a psychic attack on us, but fails it catastrophically – ha! Die bitch!*Well that was easy. Wait is that a daemon materialising from the warp? Do you ever get the feeling that it’s not your day? I flee terrified, whilst Gertrude has ducked under the table firing on the servitors.

*Triple perils

Andal seizes control of the situation, at least that’s what he told me later, although how collapsing sobbing constitutes seizing control I’m not sure as that’s what everyone else told me. Unwin has caught Andal’s earlier laughing problem, Toma now falls, very very seriously injured, Gertrude wounds a servitor then Unwin astonishingly manages to kill the daemon . Toma and Gertrude finish off a couple of servitors before the remaining ones freeze up.

The corpse of Nikia has been replaced by another key chunk. How does this sort of thing happen? No doubt Gustavus awaits us under the oven for the third. Well he can’t be any tougher than what we’ve already faced. Can he?


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The Fate of Fools
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