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 The Ballad of Unwin the Daemon Slayer

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The Ballad of Unwin the Daemon Slayer Empty
PostSubject: The Ballad of Unwin the Daemon Slayer   The Ballad of Unwin the Daemon Slayer EmptyMon 8 May - 8:28:11

The Ballad of Unwin the Daemon Slayer
Recovered 75 years later from Inquisitorial archives on Melodious IV which resulted in a full level 6 investigation to identify the author, which remains ongoing. Heretical research has identified only one clue to the tune, believed to be a reference to the occupation of Unwin’s father, something called a ‘dustman’.

So we were all in peril, our nerves were really frayed;
Our mission to discover was disrupted and delayed,
And now the daemons charging, across the high walkways,
Their presence near was causing fear, that this was end of days.

Now our tech priest retreated, cos he’s really not that tough,
And Belle is not the kind of girl you need when things get rough,
But Gerty and our Unwin, trapped far from their comrades,
Said ‘lock and load’ and primed their guns to make a final raid.

With gravity reversing, as daemons warped the world,
We all had started floating, in terror our lips curled,
And horror and corruption, was seeping through our brains,
Death would it seemed be the reward for all our strife and pains.

Now Gerty had a blinding flash of inspiration true;
She thought of grabbing a grenade and with some venom threw,
The bomb went long but still fell close, a demon cursed and fell,
Down the hole the blast made but it wasn’t yet in hell.

Now our girls were on the ceiling as the daemons menaced close;
Gerty blew one away, her carbine made it toast,
Donnabelle was fleeing; she followed our fled priest,
Of everyone involved in this, their glory was the least.

As Psychic power flowed about, to havoc and to rend,
The cogs below mashed up a foe bringing a final end,
To the second daemon, were the odds now getting good?
Not really as our Gertrude too now fled the neighbourhood.

So only stalwart Unwin, trapped twisted and alone,
Was left to face the final pair, enough to bring a groan,
This hero of the empire, with daemons two to face,
Stood tall, resolved and armoured with the blessed Emperor’s grace.

Now Unwin’s sight was failing, corruption seared his soul,
His body had been mangled, alone and in a hole,
At times he was quite helpless, even fainting once in fear,
It seemed to all and sundry that his end was drawing near.

But somewhere in his twisted frame a spark of anger grew,
Inspired he was perhaps by the desertion of his crew,
He even hurt himself again when gravity came back,
But all the same undaunted he decided to attack.

He fell to work with vigour, and blew his foes away,
A vital stand of blood and guts and one that saved the day,
He may be blackened, scarred, deformed, corrupted and insane,
His efforts though ensured that we have everything to gain.

So our servitor was healing, our many wounds quite deep,
And with their great severity we had to go to sleep,
Imagine out surprise then, when from a secret door
Emerged another comrade, to make us five from four.

His Name was Ripyah Basrus, an arbiter by trade,
Belle really didn’t like him, and gave him a tirade,
A source of some suspicion but another gun’s OK,
We need the extra firepower if we’re going to win the day.

With daemons now vacated, we could finally descend,
Into the dormant cogs below we hoped to find an end,
The diaphage remained unfound the object that we sought;
And once we’d gone and grabbed it we’d have closure of a sort.

Now this was unexpected as we entered down below,
A corpse in a control chair who’d died alone solo,
The room was filled with vid screens and panels full of dials,
The techno gear lay all about along with drugs in phials.

Our leader Pickaxe Andal, jacked off the body fast,
And then he jacked-in instead although the task seemed vast,
And sure enough he passed out, but then he came around,
And suddenly the whole damn room, began to fill with sound.

The vid screens all exploded, with images and light,
Computer voices roused up, gave everyone a fright,
Reporting system status of engines and wargear,
The room began to shake about and ramp up all our fear.

It dawned on us as viewports cleared and more screens came alive,
That we were in a titan that was buried like a hive,
Pax Mericana has awoken, risen from its grave,
Imperious Imperator with a new crew oh so brave.

But as power levels trembled, at thirty eight percent,
Something appeared outside us, and nothing heaven sent,
A flapping horror engine, of chaos most malign,
The diaphage confronts us now, it’s final showdown time.

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The Ballad of Unwin the Daemon Slayer
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