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 Final Report

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Final Report Tech Priest Andal on the Die Phage incident

I had attempted to meld with the Titan Pax Macharia and although by the blessed Emperor’s Grace I had succeeded I quickly realised that without the necessary acclimatisation time training simulations and command codes I would be unable to do anything but monitor what the Titan itself decided to do. I estimated that the available time was short of the 18 months training necessary to achieve mastery of basic control functions by some 17 months three weeks 6 days 23 hours and 55 minutes, I therefore decided not to make the attempt.

The Titan was ordering the crew to the guns and I was struck by the alacrity with which my loyal team ran to obey, in fact I was last out of the control room into the cogs yet all there was not well when I arrived.

There had been some remodelling with a post modern librarium look being achieved; bookcases soared floor to ceiling all around. However the commissioning architect was clearly unhappy with the finished project as flames wreathed many of the stacks though not all. A robed figure suddenly ran towards us  entreating us to ‘speak its name’ as he did so some horrific daemonic pursuer blasted him to a fiery end and not a shred of our mysterious friend was left after the curious pink flames consumed him.

We opened fire on the monstrosity but to no avail, shots simply passed through the creature. Donnabelle shouted a few names at it taking the strangers advice, but neither Gustavus nor any of the other names of our slain opponents had any effect.

A fiery blast came at me but I managed to dodge it, Donnabelle was not so lucky though and evaporated in the same manner as the stranger. Unwin and the others had fallen to reading some of the still intact books having noticed that they were all of heretical nature. Perhaps there was one that held the daemon’s true name?
We all searched, those of us who could read any way, everyone left except our new arbiter. It was Unwin who stumbled on the passage in a daemonic lexicon, he called out a name, a name not meant for human tongue, a name that mercifully was so foul that it could not lodge in mortal memory but had to be contained on cursed parchment.

The books afire and not were whipped up in a maelstrom of paper and flame as the library crashed out of existence in a twinkling and we found ourselves including the slain Donnabelle, all whole and well amongst the cogs . The room heaved as the titan strode implacably on accompanied by the remora like die phage.

We raced up to the great hall where the cannon still waited. Looking at it I realised that the barrel was obstructed and began work with the others to clear it. The Emperor lent his strength too and we achieved clearance quickly, we just needed to complete the firing sequence, a shell already was in the breech.

But our trial was still on, a daemon appeared from a warp rift right on top of our position, attacking Gertrude first, nearly taking her leg off bit for a lucky dodge. Donnabelle shot the daemon and Unwin got in a good hit with his staff, less helpfully Ripyah was frozen in terror. Donna got the daemon with her next shot, but as we continued to complete the loading sequence another appeared.

As the fight resumed Donna suddenly appeared to lose her hearing but she did then manage to shoot it again. Ripyah became frozen in terror once more and then Gertrude exploded in a shower of arterial blood as her leg was severed by the creature. I became disorientated at this point and rushing towards or possibly away I’m not really certain, I slipped in the gore of my late comrade.

Unwin had finished the loading sequence and shouted to Donnabelle, our best gunner to take the shot. She ignored him completely and realising her deafness he manged to convey with hand signals what he wanted. After a brief misunderstanding when she slapped him she realised his intent.

She fired and it did not go entirely to plan: The shell, no doubt owing to its age, exploded like a shotgun blast, rending the great weapon asunder in the process, however, although it malfunctioned spectacularly, the die phage had been accurately targeted and took a significant blast. However the chaos spawn had not been utterly destroyed and it now swept in to attack us through the top of the titan that had been blasted open in the process.

Donnabelle fainted and the rest of us realised that such a baleful creature would require holy weaponry to defeat. I had just five rounds left that were sanctified for the purpose, but with a nightmare of psychic power swirling about and disorientating us all, we took turns to fire on the hideous apparition. I missed but Unwin scored a hit then I did too. The creature was attacking us with flaming firestorms and it was one of these that killed the unconscious Donnabelle.

Like Donnabelle earlier, Ripyah took some of the spook drug in an effort to get some power that could help defeat the now badly wounded daemon, unlike her his power was more useful, improving his accuracy but even so we expended the last holy bolt and it still lived.

I remembered my ten psi rounds which should also be effective and second bolt my second bolt pistol and using burst fire the pair finally finished off the beast. But the damage was done, both of our girls were dead. The titan eventually arrived at the gilded cathedral amongst scenes of panic, where it obliterated the building with its plasma annihilator leaving just the original stone chapel at its core, it also revealed an incriminating vid recording that revealed a cult known as the Maledictor’s hand and its plot to infiltrate the Imperial priesthood at the highest level The ringleader: none other than Cardinal Ignato.

Thought for the day:
If the Emperor wants these things cleared up, why doesn’t he get his arse off his golden throne and do it himself?
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Final Report
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