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 A Plan is Born

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A Plan is Born
So welcome back to Doskvol 847 IE. To be sure two long years have passed since the treacherous slaying of our own fair queen that ended the war with these Imperial sluggards. We need to get a plan organised for the smuggling of these foppish Vonds which means taking an interest in the dockly goings on that may be key* to how we get these oiks out of town for their own protection.

*or possibly quay

We have a vague notion about smuggling the brothers under a load of fish in a crate with a false bottom, so Oberon goes to talk to Elynn about the availability of such difficult to search cargoes and magic crates. He finds the good Elynn tearing a luckless crane driver a new one following an accident involving a fragile cargo being offloaded. She has an opening for some machinery so our plans immediately begin to diverge from original concept…

Meanwhile Iyma Drass and possibly John Smith, though he seems a little elusive at present, set off on the Bitter End to scout the route to the Watergate exit from the city. She immediately gets stuck in heavy traffic and lacking much nautical nous settles down to a round of shouting matches with various other boat crews centring on rights of way, the niceties of traffic protocol and rumours of illegitimacy amongst various family members and ancestors of a number of passing ships captains together with colourful anecdotes about possible consequences of not giving way to our sturdy barge. All this gets her nowhere, and eventually she gives up and re-docks in as skilled a parking manoeuvre as you could hope to see.

Meanwhile I have undertaken the most thankless brutal and dangerous assignment for the good of the group because hey, that’s the kind of guy I am. Heedless of my own safety and well-being I trawl through various despicable hostelries and low-brow ale houses in the docks district looking for intelligence. Well obviously I don’t encounter any of that, but I do pick up a lot of valuable information at considerable personal risk.

Apparently there are many many delays at the exit currently, reasons rumoured include a strike by the light field operators, a sinking, ghosts, in fact any reason for a delay that comes to your mind had already come to the mind and lips of the many sozzled and intemperate souls I had occasion to have intercourse with during that afternoon. Some said the delays were several days which seemed quite worrying given our timetable.

Meanwhile Alan Smith and Iyma set off across town on foot. They intend to find brother incapacitating drugs and investigate the train service, which means a visit to the South Eastern tip of the city but soon realise that they are being followed. They split up to see if their pursuer has a particular target. Iyma steps into a hatters on the northern side of the street, Smith hangs back in a cobblers and studies the wares to see if he favours Oxfords over brogues or vice versa.

The red sash, (for such he is) moves in on Drass, blade bare. Our heroine stumbles against him as she tries to screw him up, causing his stab to go wide and Smith rushes to her defence. There is a struggle and Smith slashes the attackers face whilst Drass kicks him where it hurts* and cuts his ankle tendons unwisely left in slicing range. Our team leg it, leaving their would-be murderer howling in pain and bleeding more than a little.

*Just outside the Milners at 34 Floodway Street

After a period lying low and cleaning up, our dynamic duo continue on their journey, making it to the bazaar where drug dealing is both legal and prolific in nature, without further incident. Here they acquire some drugs that we are assured guarantee significant unconsciousness when inhaled, and Drass pockets a couple of bandoliers containing six major doses. They also acquire some first aid type drugs anticipating future needs including painkilling. The vendor is a mysterious slightly otherworldly sounding figure, his face concealed by a stylised mask. He advises not to overdo the dosage or mix the purple powders with alcohol. Slightly paranoid by now, they also evade more red sash gang members, but these appear to be innocent passers-by….they think.

Oberon and I meanwhile have met up and in my case, sobered up, and we set off on the Bitter End to collect the machine parts for Elynn from the Humble Brother premises on the eastern side of town. Being a capable mariner I have no trouble at all at all, pointing the bow in the correct direction and we scoot smoothly through the massed boat traffic that still congests the main waterways. Several occupants of other boats are so impressed by my steerage skills that they shout encouraging remarks to me but unfortunately I cannot hear their shouted praise.

We take possession of a large crate from Jonas Humble and get it aboard. Elynn is running her own scam in terms of this delivery, but the cargo itself is all above board and legal. We do hear some odd knocking from inside and I notice that a watchman appears to take an unhealthy interest in Oberon as we load, but my fears come to naught.

At the station Drass and Smith enquire about train times.* Our thought is that we leave by boat with the brother concealed aboard, then offload and meet the train at a station as close as possible to the river. The map at the station suggests that Donald’s Ridge, a mining station is the best, indeed only candidate fitting the bill, the problem is that they discover that trains do not routinely stop at such places unless they have specific cargo for transport there. Nothing is currently scheduled. They establish it is only about 90 minutes away by train, no doubt longer by boat.

*Have to mention here how impressive a building the station is, infact as someone remarked, we have rarely seen a building so well architected.

Returning by gondola, they note some nifty tricks for swiftly changing course – the gondoliers use boathooks and loops attached to bridges to hook onto and cross waterways at great speed. This hooking skill explains some misunderstandings I had recently when I was out in the red light quarter and asked where I could find some hookers…

After a busy day we meet up at the Hawkers Bubble again. Elynn is back with us having taken delivery of her machinery and a few stray rats that cause the odd noises we had heard in transit. Our basic plan gets further refined as we mull over what we have learned. We are agreed that we drug the brothers and hide them with the machinery; we agree that we need to get the brothers on the train at Donald’s Ridge; Elynn suggests sending some crates ourselves to Donald’s Ridge applying for the paperwork last minute maybe with an emergency as a pretext. Then we can send the crate by boat as a last minute addition that has missed the train.

We further refine the idea by suggesting that rather than sending junk, we send stuff including material that will actually be useful for the brothers in their new lives. They take delivery of the goods at Donald’s Ridge and join the train taking the stuff with them. The plan seems good with a little more work: We need to make sure the cover crates will pass inspection on the train, decide exactly on the story to cover the stuff being sent out, do we need an emergency? I don’t think so.

In passing we witness a member of the Lost shooting a Red Sash stone dead. Now we’re not ones to cry over a fallen scumbag like that but the temperature seems to be rising around here, an open war going on is not conducive to our operation. Later on we get some more heat from the Red Sash and have to spend more hard earned coin buying them off further. The delays at the rivergate remain an issue, we need to explore that further as we cannot miss that train. Also need to modify the crate and make sure we don’t accidentally asphyxiate our passengers whilst keeping them secret, and safe.


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A Plan is Born
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