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 Decisive Questions

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Decisive Questions
Imperial Examination Board Interactive staying alive studies.

Question One:
You are a group of smugglers looking for gainful employment in a city torn by gang turf wars, drugs, crime and turmoil in the aftermath of a successful but draining war against Skovland scum. The spirits of the departed are a constant threat only rebuffed by the maintenance of a ghost-repelling shield fuelled by the blood of the leviathans continually replenished by the efforts of the Imperium’s huge whaling fleets. How do you go about seeking employment?

Well to be sure my old friend Jul at the O group might be able to help us – He’s a blood broker, a fellow Skovlander and an all-round good egg, even if he does have trouble holding his liquor. With his network of contacts amongst the whaler fleets, Imperial traders and dockers’ guild he must be able to sniff out some employment for us, maybe even legal?


You visited the Group O Building. Known locally as the Bloody Tower. It’s a six story L shaped building in the prosperous suburb of Brightstone, close to but upwind of the docks and guarded by its own hard-nosed private security firm. You were known there and so had no trouble getting in to see your friend but he was not in good spirits. Although he has his own office and affluent surroundings he confided that he is very unhappy and seemed badly stressed. When you pressed him he indicated the only thing to cheer him up would be if he could get hold of a bottle of the fabled Black Sails Rum. He knows exactly where one can be found: In his boss’s drinks cabinet on the fifth floor. The fifth floor is not even accessible from the normal stairways in the building and there are mechanoid defences as well as the heavies of Group 3.4 security. The external fire escape does not appear to serve the floor, and given the circumstances you concluded that there is no obvious benefit to stealing the bottle although it seems you could get 16 coin from Jul for it.

What is Jul’s full Name?

Jul O’ Deniall


Which Pun is worse, this or O’Haggerty’s comment that stealing the rum was quote ‘A Kraken idea?’

O’Deniall which trumped lesser suggestions of Jul Solland and Jul Sverne.


What is the marketing slogan of the O Group?

Positive about Business, Positive about BloodTM


How was O’Deniall when you left him?

Pretty much out of it, if I’d had my breathalyser with me I wouldn’t have risked using it as they overload pretty easy.


How rubbish was your base security?

Very actually. We left at least one Smith on guard but he was faffing about with his ghost studies in the basement and frankly just about anyone could have walked in off the street and done as they pleased.


And who did just that?

Well slightly embarrassingly we found a couple of red sashes in the building when we got back


Why did you not kill them?

Well to be sure we are smugglers not killers and they didn’t appear to be acting aggressively. When we challenged them turned out they wanted to parley.


You were aware that the Red sashes gang is much more powerful than your own and did not wish to risk a war that you would surely lose.

What were the Red Sashes proposing and why?

An alliance against the Lost. Although the lost are only around 12 in number to the sashes 30, they are well armed with repeater pistols and appear well protected in official circles as their operations are not meeting any kind of official interference. They offered us a paltry 6 coin for this and the opportunity for some smuggling.


How did your gang react to this proposal?

Completely decisively.

Astoundingly Incorrect. Would you like to answer that one again?

OK OK, perhaps there were some dissenting voices, but to my mind there is only one way to go here: The Red Sashes are clearly yesterday’s men – Coming to a tiny gang like us for help? Besides, they tried to kill my good friend Tikka Marsala only days ago, and the Lost are fellow Skovlanders, led by the great war hero Ulf IronBorn. The only question here is do we pretend to join them and then betray them at the best possible moment, or as I would prefer, just attack them taking them by surprise whilst they and their leader Nobby Kellog are waiting for our answer. Then we join with the Lost from a position of strength and finish them off. Plus the Red Sashes have more loot for us to take than the Lost. John Smith seemed to think we join both groups and then pick a side; Alan Smith wants to wait it out and let them destroy each other; Korma does not seem to know what to do. Or of course there’s the ridiculous notion that we could actually accept the Sashes proposal. As if.

Correct but deducted half a point, the leader of the Red Sashes is of course Kobb Nobbs.

What/where are the HQs of the two gangs?

The Lochport Inn for the Lost, a Butchers in Slaughterhouse Lane for the sashes.


Did any political considerations come up in your gang’s debate?

Well I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t so. Elynn seemed to think the Lost want to continue the war against the Empire for Skovland. Fine by me.

Final question worth 50 percent of marks: What are you going to do now?

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Decisive Questions
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