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 Nobb Nobblers Inc

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Nobb Nobblers Incorporated
So our plans began to take shape and if you are a Red Sash fan you might want to look away now. Our first idea was to target Kobb Nobbs, leader of the by now somewhat depleted gang. He’s a butcher and is based in the stone built house in the heart of Barrowcleft that includes his shop and slaughterhouse.

John Smith has a contact who is an information broker and we begin to gather information with a view to a raid. The Red Sashes are now fewer than 20 with the hierarchy made up of half a dozen related top dogs. Apart from Nobbs there is his adopted son Daniel McCallum and a cousin, Paul Logan. Reportedly they are vying to replace Nobbs who is currently seriously ill.

We begin to discuss options for taking out the sash HQ. This will doubtless be difficult: The gang is at war readiness with no doubt carefully prepared defences at their home base. Indications are that there are secret entrances including access to the sewers, and using heavy weaponry in any assault would attract unwelcome attention.

So we hit on another idea: Kidnap one of the leaders and lure out a party to pay a ransom. At that time attack the base, denuded of guards whilst the ransom party is out. The idea is refined further by adding our allies the Lost to the pot: They will ambush and destroy the ransom party.

So that’s simple enough then: Just one problem, our party is currently down to just three: My own good self of course, the curry woman and John. The Red Sashes may be on the back foot but they are still a heavily armed criminal gang. We take over nearby house with a somewhat shaky cover story about the Bluecoats needing to monitor gang activity, aided by my stolen Bluecoat badge.

Several days observation brings a couple of sightings of the lieutenants, sometimes accompanied by as many as five guards. Eventually though we spotted Paul and three thugs going for a stroll and we decided to seize our opportunity.

Marsala followed after they passed our house, Smith and I slipped out the back aiming to overtake the group, head them off and double back on them so we could surprise them from two sides. Unfortunately they turned off, away from us and we had to hurry to catch up and re-join Marsala outside a general store into which our quarry had disappeared.

She followed them in to find them engaged in traditional gang extortion on the luckless shopkeep and they took him into the back room for some heavy duty torture. One of the gang then returned unexpectedly and Marsala coolly bluffed her way out of trouble. She pushed her luck though, rifling the till when left alone again (sure she thinks we don’t know this).

She was nearly caught with her fingers in the till, diving into cover just in time as a brute returned with the very same idea of looting the cash from the register. Realising that they have been robbed, the three guards rushed to pursue the thief, little realising that she lay hidden under their noses. Rushing out, the lead gangster had the misfortune to run his neck through Smith’s knife, causing his instant demise.

Masala meanwhile attacked the rearmost thug, stabbing him from behind and struggling with him as he tried to escape her deadly grasp. I followed in and trained my automatic at the startled middle guy, brandishing my watch badge and conveying that he should be very, very quiet if he wanted to live very much longer.

He wasn’t the agreeable sort though and he went for a weapon. I smashed him across the face with my automatic damaging it, but leaving him a slack-jawed mess on the floor too. Masala was on the floor sharpening her knife on number three’s throat, we heard footsteps from the back and Smith and I charged into the back room.

The merchant’s brutalised body lay on a table, the enemy leader had disappeared upstairs and we pursued. Smith burst out of the top of the stairs into a gunshot, but was saved by his armour and we both piled into our opponent, his capture our aim. After a struggle I knocked him cold with my trusty cosh and dragged him back downstairs.

On our return Masala had been busy, trussing the still live guard and dragging the other two inside and shutting up the shop. We stripped the corpses of their red sashes and I woke the guard telling him that we would require ten coin paid at midnight at dock 17 for the return of his boss. I then kissed him goodnight again with my trusty cosh.

We took the hostage bundled up in a carpet through the streets until we met up with a Lost patrol. Together we returned to their hostelry HQ and met up with their leader. We presented our prisoner from the carpet Cleopatra-like and outlined our plan. The Lost seemed quite happy with our suggestion and were even happier at the news that there were two fewer enemies to worry about.

We had a few celebratory drinks, hard earned at that and returned to base to plot our attack further. Two slight flies in the proverbial did occur though: 1. The Lost decided not to proceed with the plan and continue to hold our prisoner a week later. 2. A very large Bluecoat force came to see us the other day with a view to incarceration of some or all of us and we were forced to part with significant reserves of cash, more than we had earned from our theft and body looting during the successful kidnapping.

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Nobb Nobblers Inc
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