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 In Space No One Can Understand Your Scream

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In Space No one Can Understand Your Scream
Parre (parray): Fifth planet in the system class M34 orbiting G2 type star in sector 214.

Collins Corporation: Interplanetary conglomerate with interests worth an estimated 275 billion. Interests in Mining and commerce on Parre, principally gold mining.

Mission parameters: Research and investigate cause of loss of Contact with Mining operation code name Xann.

Mission Objective: Re-establish production by any means necessary.

Fee agreed: 5000 Credits

Background: Xann installation is based 760 nautical miles out to sea on a class L mining platform typical of the Collins Corporation facilities in the Northern hemisphere.

Defences: (Assumed inactive and or neutralised) Standard Delta class defence grid including latest seeker missiles and isolation systems designed to secure the facility against any successful landing allowing time for assistance to arrive. Nautilus class homing torpedo mines in four defence silos. Class 3 sensor net and proximity web. Personnel are unarmed in accordance with standing protocols following a number of unfortunate instances of mass shootings on isolated long service facilities within the group.

Operatives required: In accordance with standing orders where company personnel are believed lost/ imperilled, mercenary units to be employed if local law enforcement deemed unreliable, ineffective or their use deemed against best interests of the company. Initial contact should be an expendable unit to assess extent of threat with minimum possible expenditure commensurate to initial threat assessment.

Personnel Assigned:
Captain Urid McClanagh. References: Cheap, unpronounceable name suggests origin offworld and therefore eminently expendable.

Weylyn Sloane. Bodyguard to Captain McClanagh. Rumoured to be all talk.

Purple Dragonfly. Thought to be a cover name. Initial assessment suggests a confused personality, early indications of uncontrolled violence. Definite criminal tendencies.

Jedidiah Conroy. Oldest of two brothers in the group. Appears somewhat over protective of him.

Obidiah Conroy. The younger brother. Pilot, can appear to be a halfwit but seems to have an affinity with computers. Affinity with people- Nil. He is known as Garble and this is a reflection of his speech patterns which are unintelligible, even it seems, to his brother.

Collins Corporation Operative assigned:

Patricia Goodkind Class 2 operative with company security clearance to level nine.

Observations on Group Dynamic and actions to date
The Captain appears to have only loose control of the group, Purple Dragonfly in particular appears independently minded. The group met in the Drunken Alpaca but it’s possible that they were unaware of its reputation so let’s be generous and give them the benefit of the doubt. Initial questioning of the mission brief was cursory and superficial, for example they did not ask what type of mining installation involved, levels of personnel, history of any previous problems. They did ask how long the mine had been out of contact, 28 days. Continual inexplicable and irrational references to the presumed involvement of xenomorphs totally unsupported by evidence.

On arrival at the Xann facility they appeared to act without much direction. The pilot’s landing was unimpressive but a scan of the facility search of the command deck and transport were carried out relatively effectively. The bodies of employees found on the landing pad were assessed reasonably efficiently and limited power restoration took place. Looting of the intact planetary transport by Purple Dragonfly suspected.

Monitoring of video logs revealed that the corpses on the landing platform had been killed by giant beetle like creatures. To the party’s credit they did not seem daunted by this, indeed Purple Dragonfly charged ahead of the rest into the mine after the initial scouting failed to locate any hostiles.

The Captain sensibly did negotiate further bounty terms after consultations with AS and agreed 65 credits per beetle plus 25 per survivor rescued. The beetles do not appear capable of flight, indeed it quickly became clear that they were very heavy creatures. AS also was able to give intelligence on previous instances involving these creatures.

Current Tactical Situation
No evidence of survivors anywhere to date, indeed quite the contrary in terms of body parts, fluids and vomit inducing smell of decay. Damage to company assets non critical, Landing platform secure. The main tunnels are extremely large, ten metres square so potentially allows large numbers of attackers to operate together and puts defensible positions for our small group at a premium. Large numbers of undamaged mining vehicles available for our use. Emergency power for three days, main power still functional. Air conditioning system active but also a conduit for beetle attack.

Attack duly took place, Purple was injured after separating from the group but the beetles themselves are vulnerable to all forms of attack. One was entertainingly killed by Mr Sloane with a simple punch but most were victims of more conventional laser weaponry. In an initial skirmish several were killed by the group, in the underground (post bounty) attack eight were destroyed and duly collected with some difficulty and placed in a gravdozer.

The prospect of survivors after a month trapped underground with these things seems unlikely unless personnel have been able to seal off an area with adequate provisions, which certainly are, or were within the complex. Will report further on developments in due course.

PG 31.3.18

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In Space No One Can Understand Your Scream
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